This Time Is Different

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Chapter 6 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



"What do you think Scott?” I asked
"It looks fine," he said partly paying attention.
"It just looks fine. You know nothing about style,"
"You asked my opinion and I gave it to you,"
"You’re supposed to say you love it," I said at ease.
"Yes, I'll remember for next time. Can we go, get something to eat,"
"Fine, since I don't want to hear you whine any longer," We went to eat. After we were done, I didn't feel like shopping any more. I made Scott carry all my purchases. We drove back to my house. My dad was, home, when we got there. We went inside the house. He approached me at the door.
"You got a letter in the mail," he said handing me a sealed envelope. I handed it to Scott who confusedly accepted.
"Open it and see what it is while I put these away," I demanded. I walked up the stairs and went to my bedroom. Scott stood there staring at the envelope. I arrived back and gave him the evil look, and then I took the envelope and opened it myself. I read it using a few weird expressions.
"What does it day?” Scott asked.
"It says,” I began. "Dear Miss Patuski, we are scheduled for a meeting at the police station on July 5th. We will be discussing the case against Salice Maroo for attempted murder and harassment. A few witnesses have been given appointments too. Names are not being released. You could give us a call at 555-8989 if you have any questions. Signed by the chief of police Frank Gordon,"
"Looks like Salice is getting what she deserves," Scott said.
"She better have a good letter, because she is going down. I'll make sure she pays for assaulting me resulting in me having no hair,"
"Are you madder at her attacking you or the fact that you have no hair," my dad asked.
"That is so simple, defiantly my hair. I spent over half my life growing my hair. I fought you and mom when it came to haircuts. I spent hours doing my hair. I took the most care of it. Salice took something that meant so much to me. Now I'll take something from her, her freedom," I said in anger.
"She will get what is coming to her,"
"Anyway, Scott can you be useful and get me some water," I demanded. He obeyed me and went straight for the kitchen. I hearted my sister Natalie walking out of the bathroom.
"Dad,” she shouted.
"What do you want sweetheart?” he asked.
"Can I go to Jane's house?” she asked
"You can only if you’re back by 8:00pm,"
"Okay," she said then left the room. Scott returned with a glass of water. I drank it before going upstairs. Scott and I or mostly I was looking at the stuff I bought. I held up the black shiny high heels I bought. They go good with the black dress in my closet. Scott was daydreaming while I was matching up outfits to shoes. After a while, I noticed Scott fell asleep on my bed. I looked at him for a minute. I wanted to wake him up but decide let him sleep. I go to lie down beside him. A few minutes later my cell phone rings. I answer it.
"Hello,” I answered it
"Hi Tuscany what you doing,"
"Hi Libby, I'm laying on my bed with Scott who is sleeping,"
'Typical men, that is what Todd does all the time,"
"You are Todd still tight?” I asked her. If you were wondering, Todd is Libby's boyfriend.
"Yup, not as much as you and Scott,"
"SO anyway what's up with you?”
"I was just wandering if you got a letter in the mail. I got one saying I have to leave a statement involving exactly what I saw, go down in the case against Salice,"
"I got one; I wander if obsessed lady got one?”
"Can't answer that Tusk, I'm pretty sure she got one too. She is guilty, I'm the witness and your, the victim,” she said as I hearted Scott wake up.
"Look like Scott woke up.' I said sarcastically.
"Did he get a letter?”
"No, he did not," I said.
"What did I not get?” Scott asked.
"A letter in the mail," I said to him.
"I did get a pretty girl in the mail," he joked. I looked at him giving him the look of not funny. He stopped smiling and looked away. I poked him in the arm.
"I love you Hot stuff," I went back to talking to: Libby.
"I'll talk to you later Tusk. Call you maybe tomorrow or Thursday,"
'Bye Lib's," I said then hanged up. I turned my focus back to Scott.
"I love you Scott,"
"I love you too?” he said back
"Sorry to have to bring this up," I said
"What is it, it must be important,"
"Did you figure out anything else from your mom about the incident? I just know what I told you," "She continues to deny it. Tomorrow she is going out of town for a few days. I'm going to raid her filing cabinet,"
"Thank you for doing this for me, no wander everyone wants to be with you,"
"Ever girl may want me, but I only want one girl and she is sitting in front me," he said, I smiled at him, and I gave him a kiss. I got up from my bed and sat down on the chair, and opened my drawer trying to look for my purple eye shadow when I saw the bag that contained my hair or my chopped off hair. I pulled it out and held it. I began to cry softly again. Scott then took it from me. The flashbacks of seeing the doctors shaving my hair off continued to replay repeatedly. My face began to grow pale.
Scott was calling my name, but I wasn't listening. The flashbacks continued to play repeatedly. I soon broke down and started to cry hysterically. I was letting out a bunch of pain. 10 years of memories were spilling out. I never knew how much my hair meant to me. After I calmed down just enough, I stared at the mirror.
"I learned to deal with that tramp; I tolerated her lusty ways, her smug attitude, and even her groups of friends. There is no way she will get away with causing me to lose my hair. She killed a part of me, and I won't rest until she pays. She will get what's coming to her. That bitch, whore. She is good for nothing-smutty whore. She'll regret the day she ever met me," I said with anger. I could see Scott's hand on my shoulder.
"I wish you would have never seen your hair," Scott tried to make me feel better.
"It's not your fault. It doesn't bother as much that she assaulted me; it bothers me more that her obsession with you caused me my hair. My hair is a huge part of my life. She can't take anything else from me, since I'll make sure she goes down and hard,"
"Salice will get hers since we’ll make sure she is charged as an adult,"
"I forgot she is only 17. If she gets charged as a youth, she'll only get a fine and some community service," I said is a bad mood.
"Can you imagine Salice doing work for free? She is a prissy," Scott tried to say.
"With Salice Maroo anything is possible,"
"Well, I got to be getting, going. I start my first day at my new job," Scott said. I looked at him.
"Call me when you can," I said then I let Scott leave. I headed down stairs to the kitchen. My sister and my mom were eating some porgies and my dad was fixing something in the sink. I sat on a chair, reached over, took one of my mom’s porgies, and ate it. My mom gave me the evil look. I mean the evil look, she has those bright green eyes that can be used to make one look happy and one to look evil. I smiled back at her.
"Tuscany, Tuscany," my mother said. My dad looked up at me.
"What?' I said. "It's only a porgy,"
"So your lover boy went away," my dad asked
"He went to, to work," I said. I hearted a beeping sound coming from my pocket. I pulled out my cell phone. I noticed I got a new text message. I was shocked to learn the message came from Salice. It said:
Meet me at park by your house in 10 if you know what is good for yaw
I smiled, for a second. I thought, Salice is threatening me. She doesn't know the first thing about me. I looked up at my parents.
"I got to run; it's Libby she wants to talk to me in person. It won't take very long,"
"See yaw later sweetheart," I said and exited to go out outside. As I was walking down the street, I made a quick text message to Libby:
Meet me at the park by my house Pronto
A few minutes later Libby tested me back.
Luckily I'm 5 min away from park see yaw then
I reached the park. Standing by the tree was Salice. She was alone, she looked angry when she saw me, but then she showed a smile.
"Surprised you showed," she said.
"How did you know where to text me?” I asked
"I over heard it from some of your friends," she snarled.
"What do you want Salice?” I asked,
"To come to term with you,"
"There nothing to come to term. You assaulted me and I'm going to make sure you are prosecuted. Scott and I can rid ourselves of you,"
"Tuscany, which is where you are wrong. Scott is mine, look at me and the big picture. Scott has been mine since day one. He feels sorry for you; he wants you because you are pregnant. After a while, he'll get tired of a crying baby and leave you for good,"
"You are delusional; Scott didn't want you when you met him and he certainly doesn't want you now. You wasted my time by telling me to come here,"
"You don't understand Tuscany. I love Scott, and I always have. Scott loves me and he feels sorry for you. He is a caring person and you are taking advantage of that. I have everything; I can give him sex, a good image, and a million children if he wanted. I can love him and he can love me,"
"I almost feel sorry for you Salice. You are obsessed, and I don't understand you at all. You are a lunatic. Scott doesn't love you, and he doesn't have any attraction to you. I'm done with this. I'm not going to let go of a man who loves me so. Salice get some help. You are obsessed and it makes you look pathetic. IT isn't loving it's you being delusional. I got to go, and I hope you enjoy your life," I said and left. I could hear Salice speaking.
"Wait and see Tusk, wait and see," she snickered and left her separate ways. I ran into Libby, she was looking at me confused.
"She is crazy Libby. She really is," I told Libby
"Who is crazy?” Libby asked.
"Salice Maroo,"
"That girl pisses me off. So what are you going to do about her?"
"All I know Libby, is she is going down.
"So why you called me?” Libby asked
"Oh if, crazy woman brought some friends. I'd like to have someone I trust around me.
"I'd do anything for yard Tusk," I'm hungry.
"Wanna come back to my house and get something to eat?” I asked
"Sure," she replied and we went back to my house.

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