This Time Is Different

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Chapter 7 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



The rest of the week went by fast. Earlier this week after my visit with Salice in the park. Salice once again tried to get Scott, this time showing up to his door in a mini skirt and a bra and began to strip. The police eventually picked up Salice, the sad thing are she didn't stay in their very long. The sad thing is she didn’t' stay there very long.
It was 6 hours until my graduation. I finally chose my graduation dress. A size 12 dress, it was blue and strapless. My dad said, he didn't really like it but Scott loved it. Around 2:30pm that afternoon I went to the makeup place and got my makeup did. There was any other available time. I spent the previous three hours doing my Whig so it looked nice. It had long curls and pretty French Betts attached to.
At about 5:30pm, about a half hours before I was to leave, I got Libby to help me put on my dress and I did the same to her. I put the wig on and Libby and I left the house. I was going to meet my parents at the ceremony.
When Libby and I arrived, we noticed Salice there. She was wearing a skimpy hooker red dress, with thick blue eye make up. She looked more as if she was going out prostituting then her graduation. I walked past her when I noticed Scott. I ran up to him and he looked at me.
"Hey Love heart?” he smiled at me
"You look sexy tonight," I said. He was wearing a black suit, with a pale white shirt and a green tie that I picked out. He was clean-shaven, and he still had his long wavy brown hair, which I find very sexy.
"You look fantastic tonight," he said, when I noticed my parents walk in.
"I'll be right back, I'm going to greet my parents,” I said and ran off, before Scott could say anything. My mom and dad looked at me.
"You look nice sweetheart," my mom said.
"I'd look better if I had my natural hair," I said.
"You look nice no matter how your hair is?” my dad said. I spent the next few minutes trying to figure out what to do next. I then hearted the announcement that all the graduates had to head for the stage.
The entire grade twelve's headed into the building. They sat down on the chairs that were laid out on the stage. I was scheduled to sit third row sixth chair. After everyone was
seated, I ended upbeside Frank Pane and Mia Preened on my other side. I noticed Libby was seated just above me three rows and Scott was in the front row. I stared into the audience as they began coming into be seated. I noticed my parents walk in and sat down.
A few minutes later the ceremony was about to began.
The principle Misses Jane walked in, but I usually just call her Chandelle. I soda envied Miss Jane, because she was so much more then I am. She has bright brown eyes compared to my boring shapeless brown eyes. She has light brown hair that is curly. She had the facial features I wanted, but overtime I look in the mirror I just see me, a plain Jane me. There is nothing unique about me. I'd even call myself ugly. I sometimes wander if Salice is right about me. She is a million times prettier then me. What does Scott see in me, I keep asking my self the same question? Miss Jane stood in front of the microphone in front of about a thousand people.
"Good evening everyone and welcome to the Graduation class of 2006/2007," she said. I even envied her sweet voice. The music began to play softly and the speeches began to come from some of my fellow classmates. I waited anxiously through the boring speeches.
The awards came next. I could see I wasn't the only one that wanted this to end. Miss Jane stood once again in front of the crowd. This time to hand out the rewards. The first three rewards I didn't receive.
"This reward is for English 30 B, with a grade of 92% this award goes out to," she pauses. “Tuscany Patuski," I got up cheerfully and went a happily accepted my reward. I shook about three peoples hand, got my picture taken, and went to sit down. I got up for three other awards in Math 30 AC, Calculus, and Physics. A bunch of other awards was given out when they got to the boys Phys Ed award.
"This reward is for Boys Phys Ed 30, with a grade of 89% this award goes out to," she pauses. “Scott Rice," Scott stood up in almost shock. He walked over and got his picture taken.
The rest of the ceremony went by; I got a scholarship for $500.00. I talked to my parents and the congratulated me and I hugged him. They gave me a present. They got me heart necklace, with five one-karat diamonds.
I thought it must have coasted a fortune; it must have coasted least $300.00. Scott and I went with the others towards the back of the stage. I noticed Salice staring straight at me. My only impression was that she looked like a hooker. She then looked away. I looked back at Scott and we kissed. We spent the rest of the night celebrating.

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