This Time Is Different

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Chapter 8 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



Two weeks went past since high school ended. It was beginning to get very hot outside, and the sunlight was remaining outside longer. I was also getting more and more morning sickness. I about 15 weeks pregnant now and I recently had an ultrasound, which Scott just loved. In about two weeks, we will be able to see the gender of the baby. We think it is a boy, since all the symptoms say it is. We haven't any problems.

The days seem to be doing fine. There haven’t been any major issues with Salice lately. Especially since the meeting. Salice is looking towards possible jail time. Lately I've been thinking a lot about what I'm going to do with my future; I know my baby has something to do with it. Soon the phone rings. I answer it.

"Hello?” I said

"Hi Sexy,” Scott replied.

"How you doing Scott?”

"Alright and you,"

"Fine,” I said in a low voice.

"Is something wrong Tusk?” he asked

"No?' I said

"I know when something is bothering you. Why don't you tell me?"

"It's just something is wrong. I'm just don't know what do with myself and the future,"

"Tusk, honey. Don't worry about that. You have a lot of time to worry about it. Right now you need to stop worrying because it is not good for the baby,"

"Are you busy?”

"Never too busy for you,"

"Can you come over and stay with me. I just need someone close to me,"

"I'll be right over," he said. Soon our conversation ended. I got up and went to look out the window. I was clueless to the world, and everything and everyone in it.

It makes me remember back to just over a month ago, when the reason my dad hated Scott so much was revealed. Who was that woman that Scott's father hit? I can't see Scott having two evil parents. What if this entire lie so my dad can cover up the truth. What if my dad is guilty? What if this is all just a big giant lie to protect himself someway. I didn't know what to think, and why am I accusing my dad of such things. A part of me thought that it was a sign of revenge for all that he did.

I still haven't forgotten about his attack on Scott. It was minutes after him found out I was pregnant. I remember the image of my dad punching and kicking Scott. I saw blood
and I screamed and was freaking out. My dad almost assaulted me if it wasn't for the police coming. As much as I hated my dad now, I still forgave him. Was I being unfaithful to Scott? Maybe Salice was right; Scott doesn't truly love me but felt sorry for me, for having such a mean vindictive father. I began to feel horrible, that I thought such horrible things.

Soon I notice Scott walking up the sidewalk. I hurried downstairs ran to him and gave
him a huge hug. He holds onto me.

"Too bad I didn't get a hug like that ever time I come over," he said in a sarcastic voice, almost laughing.

"It's not funny," I snapped at him.

"Sorry, what is wrong? Now?” he asked as I began to cry.

"Was it something I said?” Scott asked alarmed

"No, I'm just in a bad mood," I said

"Do you mind telling me what is bothering you?”

"I'm just worrying and thinking bad thoughts about things. I can't get the image of you lying on the ground bleeding out of my mind,"

"Come here,” he said giving me a hug. "Why don't you and I head back to my house?"

"Okay,” I said, I really wasn't too keen on going to his house but I didn't want to lead on that I didn't want too. Scott and I began to walk down the street. We head onto the main road and walk towards east until we reach his street. We kept on walking until Scott stopped for a moment and then kept on walking.

"I wander who is here?” Scott said. "My mom didn't say anything about having company. At the house, Molly is screaming.

"How dare you come back and try to get back in my life,"

"I control you Molly. You are nothing without me," he snickered. Molly then looked out the window and saw Scott and me coming,"

"Oh no,” she said.

"What Molly,” he snapped.

"Scott is coming," she paused. "With his girlfriend," she said. He looked out the window.

"That's him, and what is wrong with the girl,"

"That's Kevin Patuski’s daughter,"

"Why are you letting him date her then?”

"Right now I don't really have a choice. She is pregnant, so she is holding all the cards,"

"Damn, I can never get rid of those Patuski’s. Who is the father of the baby anyway?” he asked.

"Who do you think?” she asked. "Well prepare, because he is about to enter the house,"

Scott and I reached his doorstep, and went inside. When we entered, Scott's expression turned from happy to indifferent and shocked.

"Scott, how has it been?” he asked

"I could ask you the same thing," Scott replied. I stood there staring at the two of them; there was awkward moment of science before I spoke up.

"Who is this Scott?” I asked

"This is my dad,” he replied in a low voice. I stood they're frozen for a second.

"I'll be right back, I need to use the bathroom," I said and headed for the bathroom. I went in Scott's bathroom and closed the door. I called home on my cell phone. Natalie answered the phone.

"Hello,” she said

"Put dad on the phone," I said quickly

"He is sleeping," Natalie said.

'Wake him up, this is urgent. I'm not in the mood to argue with you," I said,

"Fine! I'll get him, if he gets mad at you, it’s not my fault," she said and left. I waited anxiously until I hearted a tired voice.

"What do you want Tuscany?” he growled

"He is here," I said

"Who is here? What you talking about? Where are you?” he asked

"I'm at Scott's house. When we showed up he was here,"

"Who?” he asked

"His dad, that Simon guy. He is here,"

"What is he doing there for?”

"I'm not sure, all I know is he is here. I just wanted to call you and let you know,"

"I'm coming over," he said

"Don't, you remember what that officer said. If you step foot on this property you will be arrested,"

"Tell you what, If he does anything to you, you call me, because I will attack the guy,"

"Okay, I just hope it doesn't come to that. Scott keeps telling me to keep relax since it is not good for the baby. Well I need to go," I said and hanged up the phone. I headed back to the living room where Scott and the rest of them were. Scott and his dad were in an intense argument.

“You can fucking leave.' I hearted Scott yell
"I'll do as I want boy. I won't let you get away with disrespecting me," he said striking Scott across the head. Scott went to punch his dad across the side of the jaw.

'What is going on?” I cried

"Nothing, Love heart" he said, "We are leaving now," he said.

"Running away from your problems weak boy," his father said to him.

"No, I'm leaving because your presents is depressing everyone,"

"So you’re running off with the Patuski whore,” he said, when Scott went to crack him in the face. He smiled then pushed Scott into a wall.

"So I hit a nerve. You are attractive to a whore, no figures, Molly did a crappy job in keeping you away from trash," He let Scott go; I put my hand on his shoulder.

"Scott lets, go out for something to eat I'm hungry," I said

"When was the last time you ate?” he asked

"Before we left my house,"

"Where do you want to go, since the bus comes in like 20 minutes?"

"The doctor told me to eat many fruits and vegetables,"

"Is there something wrong with our baby," Scott asked

"You’re having a baby with her," Scott's dad screamed.

"Simon, can't you be happy for him," Molly said

"Shut up Woman," he snapped. "Don't you make me do to what I did to whoever made me mad many years ago?"

"You talking about your assault on that woman, at that night club," Scott brought up.

"Where did you hear about that?” he snapped

"It doesn't matter how I know. Oh and mom didn't tell me, I have ways of figuring out the truth. Tell me why you hurt her? Do you enjoy hurting women?”

"You disrespectful little whelp, what I do is my business," he punched Scott in the face.

Scott jarred backwards hitting his temple on the kitchen table. After a few minutes Scott got up, blood was dripping from the side of his face. He was smiling.

"Now I hit a nerve," he snickered.

"Scott, are you okay?” I cried

"I'm fine Love heart, I'm enjoying, seeing this guy squirm.'

"You don't want me to crack you again," he shouted.

"I'm not talking to you as you can see," Scott said, he noticed his dad getting very angry.

"Scott, honey, just quit trying to make him madder then he already is,"

"Mom, why are you letting him push you around. This is your house, and if he does anything to you or your property, you can charge him. You have nothing to worry about,"

Scott said when the front door opened, I saw Scott's sister Sarah walk in, and she nearly fainted when she saw her father.

"What are you doing here?” Molly asked

"I came to have a shower. My heat was cut off," she said then looked at her father. "Why are you here, to continue to abuse mom?” she said in anger.

"I never hit your mom in my life," he shouted at her.

"Yup, before abandon your family, mom would try to hide bruises and black eyes with makeup. I'm not too sure if Scott or Michelle knew or not, but I knew,"

"Don't make me hit you Sarah like I did your brother for disrespecting me,"

"Go ahead hit me, if you do you will be sitting in a jail cell when I charge you with assault," she said. “Too bad you won't be going to jail with assaulting Scott, since he won't do it,"

"You are bluffing. I know how you are, your sister Michelle is, your brother and your pathetic excuse of a mother," he said. "Well since I have seen how pathetic my oldest and
youngest is, I just want to know how pathetic my middle daughter is, where can I find her?”

"Your guess is good as mine. Haven't seen her for 7 years now," Molly said

"Why is that you bitch?” he ask. Before she could answer, Scott's cell phone rang. He picked it up and I knew by his expression that he didn't want to talk to whoever was calling. He answered and that when I realized who is.

"Stop fucking calling me; I don't want to be with you. God you fucking bitch don't you have anything better to do," he said and hanged up. "It was Salice again; she won't leave
me alone,"

"Scott, I'm going to go home now," I said and began to leave. Simon then went to stop me.

"You are not going anywhere," he said

"Tell me why not, if it is not a good reason then I'm leaving," I said.

"Since everyone in this room understands that night in the nightclub. No one is leaving, especially you bitch,"

"What does that have to do with me?” I asked knowing that it had to do with me being a Patuski.

"If you must know, I can't be letting this news get out,"

"It doesn't matter because I know my dad overheard the whole thing. Was the woman you hit Molly? You are one sick son of a bitch," I said, he came over and hit me after my comment. That infuriated Scott, since he came to punch him in the face, "Don't you ever hit her again,"

"Oh I won't hit her again boy, because she won't be around next time," he said. "I got to run," he left the house. Scott looked at his mother.

"Mom tells me all that happened, what has been going on?” he asked, almost begging.

"I can't tell you honey?” she said almost crying

"If you care about me, you'll tell me. I need to know because this is much bigger then him assaulting you,"

“Fine I'll tell you the story honey, but don't do anything you'll regret," she said,

"Kevin wasn't the only one who overheard the fight. He heard a woman scream, it wasn't I, and it was the stripper from the nightclub. He knocked her over the head with a beer bottle and through her body in a fire pit," Molly said and began to cry.

"So all my life, I've had a father who is a murderer," he said. "Tuscany,”

"What?” I said almost in shock.

"I'm going to get Sarah to take you home," he said. "I care about you too much to put your life in danger,"

I didn't argue and 10 minutes later Sarah gave me a ride home and I walked inside. My dad was watching television.

"Where is everyone?” I asked.

"Rachel is at a friend house, Natalie and mom went out," he said then turned to look at me. He noticed the red handspring on my face. His expression turned mad. "What happened to you? What did that son of a bitch do to you?"

"He hit me when I was trying to leave to come home

and he wouldn't let me so I hit a nerve," I said.

"I'm going to make sure that mother fucker wish he was never born,"

"Scott already punched him in the face," I said, "That is the least of my worries. It's what I figured out by Molly about that night at the nightclub that worries the hell out of me," I said

"Did you figure out who he hit?” he asked

"I found out that he was abusing his wife. It explained why Molly is the way she is," I began. "She was the one that he hit. She wasn't the one that screamed,"

"Who screamed?” he asked

'The woman- that screamed was the woman he through into a fire pit because she witnesses the assault," I said, and looked at my dad, he was looking at the floor in disgust. I put
my hand on the middle of his back and we stood there.


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