This Time Is Different

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Chapter 9 (v.1)

Submitted: March 29, 2011

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Submitted: March 29, 2011



Chapter 9~ The Trial

I was still in shock over hearing about the rest of the story about that one night. My dad told my mom the rest of the story and he's been acting strange lately. Scott had been acting over protected lately. I've been with him almost all the time now, which is great
doing get me wrong. I'm in my living room waiting for Scott to come. It has been safe so far to go out those, since we haven't seen any of Simon lately. I guess Scott is just overprotective. I just found out they are going forward with the charges for Salice
assaulting me. Scott walked in the room and smiled at me.
"Ready to go Scott?” I asked
"What exactly are we buying?” he asked
"Baby stuff, the baby is due in 5 months. We got to prepare,"
"We already got a high chair, and crib," he said
"Yes, but we need, comforters, car seat, clothing, jolly jumper, bottles, and change table,"
"We don't even know the gender of the baby yet?”
"That is why we are getting stuff that suits both male and female. I got an appointment for tomorrow to detect the gender of the baby," I explained. Soon we were in the car on the way to the store, where we went shopping. We came back three hours later, with only two yellow comforters and jolly jumper. I sat them carefully in my closet. Scott and I lay on my bed bored. At about 3:30pm I got up and got ready to go to work. I recently cut
back my hours at work, and only work 10 - 15 hours a week since it puts a stress on me.
Scott drove with me in my car to my work, where he then took the bus home. I did my shift and at 10:00 p.m., Scott was waiting outside for me to come out. I drove him home and then I went to my house, which Scott didn't want me to go alone. I went to sleep waiting for a new day to come.
The next day, I went to the doctor to get an ultrasound to determine the gender of my baby. Scott and I were anxiously waiting in the room while the woman to ready to give the ultra sound. She applied a gel to my stomach and then checked. She moved it around for a few minutes.
"What is it doc?” I asked
"We got a gender?” she said
"Tell us?” I said excited.
"Congratulation on being pregnant with a baby girl," she said. "Your baby is also doing very well,"
We left the hospital happy. I was going to go home and tell everyone the gender of my baby. When I told my parents and sisters the news, my mom commented to my dad that all his family includes females. He replied that a family full of females is a good thing. I smiled.
The next three days went by when the day of the trial came. Scott and I went to the courthouse where we saw Libby. She was my witness. Even if she wasn’t, all the evidence leads to Salice anyway. Salice meanwhile was already there with her lawyer. I went to sit by the DA. Scott sat in the audience. My mom and dad showed up and sat in the audience. A few minutes latter’s judge arrived.
"All rise," the judge said. The jury, which both sides chose rised, and both the plaintiff and dependence sides rose. We then sat down when we were told too.
"We're here on the charge of attempted murder and of the plaintiff Miss Tuscany Patuski. Will the defending side please rise and make their opening statement please," the judge said as Salice lawyer stood up and stepped forward.
"During this time, I'm going to convince you people that Miss Maroo here assaulted Miss Patuski because she was scared for her life and it was just a tragic accident on both sides," he said and sat down.
"Will the plaintiff please rise and make your opening statement," he said as the DA rinsed to make his statement,"
"Hello to you all, I'm here to convince all you intelligent people that the very tragic assault on Miss Patuski was no accident. I'll prove to you all that Miss Maroo is guilty of assault," he said and sat down.
"Will the plaintiff call their first witness,"
"I'll call Libby Mockerwood to the stand," Libby got up and went to stand. The plaintiff got up and went to the stand.
“Can you state your name and address,”
“Elizabeth Mockerwood, at 111 Main street.
"So tell me Miss Mockerwood, how long have you known Miss Patuski?” he asked,
"I knew her since we started kindergarten 13 years ago," Libby replied.
"Are you aware of any one previous to Miss Maroo that had a major issue with Miss Patuski?"
"No I'm not aware of any," she said
"Why don't we get to the point, did you see Miss Maroo assault Miss Patuski," he asked
"Objection,” Salice lawyer said.
"Overruled," The judge, said. "Please answer the question Miss Mockerwood,"
"Yes I saw her knock the bottle of her head,"
"I have no further questions for this witness," the DA. Say. Salice's lawyer got up.
"So Miss Mockerwood, do you know what was said before the attack?” he asked
"No, but," she was interrupted.
"If Miss Mockerwood didn't hear what was said how she know what caused the attack,” he said,” I have no farther questions,"
"Will the plaintiff call up your next witness?"
"I will call up Miss Patuski,” he said and I got up and went to the stand.
"So Miss Patuski! Why don't you tell everyone what you and Miss Maroo were talking about before the attack?"
"Salice approached me demanding that I break up with my boyfriend, since she wants him all to herself, and told her that I wasn't going to break up with my boyfriend. She said that she would get him and then that's when I told her I was pregnant and that alone would keep him with me. I turned to leave and she ran after me. Libby screamed for me to watch out and then that's when Salice attacked me,"
"No further questions,” he said. The others approached the stand.
"How was your relationship with Salice Maroo when you first met her?"
"Not good,"
"Is it true that you built a hatred for her over a period of time?"
"Yes in away,"
"One more thing. Is it possible that you could have hated her so much that you could have threatened her life?"
"But I."
"Yes or no," the lawyer said.
"Yes it's possible," I said.
"No further questions,"
"Do you have any more witnesses?” the judge asked.
"I'm going to call up Mr. Rice," the DA said, Scott got up and went to the stand and sat their.
"So, Mr. Rice, how long has you known Miss Patuski?”
"About three years,"
"How long have you known Miss Maroo?”
"She came to my school at the beginning of my grade twelve year, so that makes it one year,"
"Do you have any feelings for her?” he asked
"Objection, irrelevant," the lawyer screamed
"Overruled, please answer the question," the judge ordered
"I only feel pity for her," he said
"Why do you feel pity for her?”
"Objection" The lawyer said
"Overruled," he said, telling Scott to answer the question,
"She got it wrapped up in her head, that she is in love, with me and I love her back,"
"Did you at any given time have any feelings for her?”
"That shows you folks, that Salice is unstable, and wants a relationship she can't have. Therefore, she did the unthinkable and assaulted an innocent woman who just wanted a relationship
with her boyfriend. I have no further questions for this witness," The DA said sitting down only to be approached by the defense lawyer.
"So Mr. Rice, where were you when this whole conflict was taken place?”
"I was at the hospital," he said
"I have no further questions.'
Finally, the last witness to the stand was Salice herself. The DA. Approached her.
"So Miss Maroo, were you aware of Tuscany Patuski being pregnant before the attack?”
"She . . .,"
"Yes or No?”
"Yes, she told me," she said
"Is it true that you assaulted Miss Patuski?”
"Yes, but it was an accident, she was threatening my life with a knife,"
"So, was her baby threatening you too?”
"We have the victim and a witness telling us that their was no evidence of anyone threatening you. So what can you tell everyone that could make us believe that Miss Patuski even had a knife in her procession to threatened you with,"
"It fell in the river, it was an accident,"
"I have no further questions," The nervous lawyer stood up and faced the folks.
"Hello, Salice. Can you tell everyone what you happened,"
"We were talking about Scott, and I told her that I loved him. I never said anything about him loving me back or me going after him. She told me she was pregnant and I told her that I felt sorry for her baby, since she can't keep her emotions under control. She lost it pulling out knife saying that their was nothing that could prevent her from being him. I had an empty bottle on me luckily, so I struck her before she could do anything to me. It was instinct. It was an accident, and am so very sorry it happened,"
"Thank you, I have no further questions.
After she was done and after some evidence was shown. The jury went into a different room to make their verdict. Everyone was waiting anxiously. I even saw Salice looking very
scared and worried. The DA told me that the case was very strong and the chances of Salice getting off with self-defense is very slim. The jury soon came back in, and settled in.
"What is you verdict?” the judge asked.
"On the charges of Attempted Murder we find the defendant Guilty," the jury said. I smiled, and I could see the look on Salice's face it was priceless.
"Take Miss Maroo into custody. Her sentencing will be at a further date," he said. Salice was in shock when two officers approached her and put her in handcuffs. The look on her face was priceless. We left the courtroom.
Two weeks later after appeals were made and many negotiations were made the sentencing for Salice was to occur. I was sitting in the court room for the hearing. The judge made
its calling.
"On the charges, I sentence you to two years in prison," he said and for once in my whole life of knowing Salice, I never seen her cry until now. Tears were running down her face. I left to go home and couldn't get the images of Salice out of my mind.

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