Time of Recognition

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Kylee is a troubled, heroin addict. She was abandoned by her father, became a prositute, and became addicted to heroin. She has a kid who is trapped in her chaotic life. The day her father comes back into the picture, was the day Kylee's life changed.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Time of Recognition

Submitted: January 29, 2009

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Submitted: January 29, 2009



Kylee was sitting in the diner, shaking, in front of her mother. The skinny, pale, twenty two year old girl was slowly, chewing on a French fry while the rest of her food got cold. Mayella stared at the once beautiful daughter. The daughter who had incandescent brown eyes, and light brown curly hair no longer existed. Now she was a pale, girl with stringy blonde hair, a blimp is what she thought of her. She was wearing a long sleeve shirt, and black sweats. Kylee eyes shifted when she saw the front door to the diner open; Mayella’s eyes shifted when she saw him and a young teenage girl walk in.

Kylee glared, her eyes felt like stone. She recognized this man; she looked at him, her mind in a haze. She thought maybe it was one of her mothers many boyfriends after her father ditched the family. She looked at him and remembered seeing a photograph of him before. She looked at the girl; she must have been about fourteen or fifteen, at least Kylee thinksshe did. The man stared at Kylee and Mayella for a second; he looked away and went to head for the door.

"Thomas!" Mayella shouted. Kylee memory hit; this was her father. It all came rushing back. The man who abandoned her was in front of her. The guy who she remembered when she was a mere five years old that he'd never leave her but just short of her sixth birthday he left her and her mother. He didn't look back as he exited the door. Kylee got up from the chair and headed for the door; Mayella got up and went to follow her. She left a twenty on the table as she hurried to follow her storming daughter.
Kylee caught up to him, went, and charged him; he took it by surprise and almost fell over. He looked over at her his eyes were solid. He didn’t say anything; he was emotionless.

“Kylee, “Mayella cried.

“How dare you show your face?” Kylee asked her voice on the verge of tears.

“Mayella, I can’t deal with this.”

“Who is this dad?” the girl asked.

“Jade, she is just someone I knew.”

“Don’t lie to her,” Kylee yelled. “Tell her who I am.”

“Sorry I don’t know you,” he said choking on his words.

Kylee stopped in her tracks, staring at him. Those words cut her to the core. Drops of sweat, went down her face, tears were forming. She was shaking, her fist were clenched.

“You are a fucking liar.”

“God, Thomas.”

“Mayella, I got to go.”

“You are running away from your problems. You are a coward.” Mayella said when she saw Thomas leave for the car.

“Jade, go to the truck I’ll be there in a minute.” Jade did as she was told and headed for the door of the truck. Thomas stood put for a second.

“You ditched responsibility.”

“Mayella, you got to let go.”

“You expect me to forget the fact that you ditched your daughter.”

She was unrecognizable. She wasn’t the cute little girl with the cute pink tails that he last remembered. She reminded him of a sex object, a whore no less. He felt uneasy.

“I moved on and I suggest you do too.”

Kylee sat down, shaking, rummaging through her purse. She was getting really agitated when she pulled out a small bag that contained a needle. Mayella looked back.

“Kylee put it away.”

Kylee closed her eyes; tears were running down her face. Her face was white as snow, and her feet were heavy. She injected the substance into her arm. She looked down at the ground; huffing and a smile overcame her slender cheeks. She looked up at Mayella and then her father.

“What is that stuff?”

“Heroin. Your child is addicted to heroin.”

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