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HI viewer this is my true story which is happened to me last year... It is mixed with love happiness and break up... NET_LOVE

Chapter 1 (v.1) - ME AND MY RAJ

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012




I was a school gal on 2010 april. I were enjoying  my holidays and roaming in chennai. I never that my life will be changed because of a guy.... I remember the day i met him on chat

He was businessman in chennai ..from my childhood i wer alone nd i didnt get anyone to love me, or show affection except my sister but eloped wit her lover. ********LOVE DON'T HAVE COLOR AS WELL AS AGE************* and in our love also... HE WHERE MY PRECIOUS AND TREASURe

The day is 23rd april 2010.

I registered in private chat site on 22nd nite.. next day i got friendly mail from him at 12.30pm. I saw that mail at 2.30pm. Later i gave him my mail'

id. We chatted for one hour nearly, something made us close i dont knw made us so.. when we end up the chat i really felt to talk with him. He gave me his number. 

Day 24th april 2010,

then today i was coming to my hometown with my brother. I felt bore and so i texted him from my number. He replied. He where eager to listen my voice. but i didnt allow  for that at first. Because i where scared how can i  trust a guy who is unknow to me? so i said i ll cal u on 26th april

Day 25th april 2010,

Just for a fun he used the word "i love u" but i was stupid i didnt mind him. the whole we texted each other.

Day 26th april 2010,

At morning i wished him. He came to office at 9 am. Later i cal'd him at 9.30 or 10.30 am.. at first he didnt pick up later, he pick up.. we talked he said my voice sweet. He told many things about in right way. i was able to guess how he was right? yet i dont understand.... 

we used to talk daily wit love. he never get angry on me. later on jun 4 i was in some problem he helped me and gave me his shoulder for my worries.. in month may and june i started to love in him. but on june 6th he told that he was married, i was mad at him. after that i thought not text /cal him.. But i cant be control.. Later i told him I need u i dont mind that ur married just be with me forever  just need ur love forever.. on sep 8 he asked some picture. i didnt send and so i thought he was in angry. but really he didnt.. He was very kind to me.. \"wink\" i felt i was I AM LUCKY TO GET HIM.. we both had a good understanding.. we behaved like husband and wife, without marrying him i dreamed wit him in romantic. But the thing is we DIDN'T MEET EACH OTHER, he saw only my picture and i saw him in picture. Only our love grow up day by day. I was eager to meet him but i often made to feel for me, i didn't get any chance to meet him.. On my birthday he wished me with love... he went to temple for me!  After 5 days his birthday i went to temple for him. Sometimes i used to ask him will u leave me? he said never dear i ll be there for u forever, By chance if u get marry to someone also i will there for u... thats y i loved him a lot.. we have discussed a lot about future. That was the period  i am joining the college.. i asked him what should i studying he told me to do BE. But i was interested in medical. He searched for that also. But my bad luck i didn't get.. so i joined BE.. But not in chennai.. i often disappointed him but he didn't blame.. sometimes i used to think his wife and daughter but i need him also... I thought not hurt to them and be with him forever. i was strong in my point and he too.. he told he convice her(wife)... On diwali i talked with her(his wife) as a friend. she too talked with me.. He went to srilanka for business trip and spoke to me... i saw my child too(i wiln't say:-) i was his angel, treasure nd precious.. and i am his 

JAN 1 2011...

I was in temple.. me and raj wished each other.. successfully i joined in college and he was with me.. gave me happiness... 

I was supposed to meet him on 26th but i didn't meet.. 

we celebrated our first valentine day feb 14...

later he told me to concenrate on my studies.. so he talked once week.. sometimes i cant tolerate... so i concentrated on my study.. then sometimes he left me alone ..

The love want he gave on me "o god cant express"  i was very happy for that from apr 23...

but this birthday he wished and gave msg... we didn't get any problem but i can feel the distance that he gave!

many times i cried to my friend by asking why did he came in my life? and made me abandon? 

finally on DEC 6TH  i met HIM. he wored  blue and white t-shirt  and black pant.. he was bubbly. He was worried about my health.. i beat him because he cal'd  me as drumstrick. he laughed yet i remember.. i stayed within him only for 10 mints.. but that was precious moment  i loved that moment.. then i came home.. 

from DEC 7 our problem begins, i was misunderstood with him. and so he didn't talk with me for one day. it was hell to me..!! 

DEC 9: he told me not to cal him until he cal me.. just asked me to msg him.. i did.

but my cousin mailed him  and made the problem large... he didnt talk with me from DEC 9 to 29.. on DEC 30 i cal'd him at last he pick up and told that "his daughter saw my msg's  and asked who is roja(me)", she said to her mom too.. but how ever raj managed it.. how i supposed to know this yar? he told me strictly not msg or cal him... after that i didnt cal or msg him.. when ever i miss him i used to see his picture and msg... yet i love him..


I know he will back to me and say i am here for u roja... only with that hope i  am living 


i am his roja no matter what happens i wil be there for him.. yet i dont understand why i am crazy on him.. i miss u raj i need u...


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