Love Stories (Book 1)

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Teardrops on My Guitar

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Book 1: Taylor

Chapter 2: Teardrops on My Guitar

Author: Bree

¸„ø¤º°¨I'll put his picture down and maybe get some sleep tonight¨°º¤ø„¸


My alarm began to let out an irritating shrill. I moaned and covered my ears with my pillow. When the insistent ringing continued, I sighed and sat up on my bed. I turned off the aggravating alarm and started to get dressed.

Andrew had already sent me my assignment sheet. It was the same assignment as the one from last night at the party but this time, I was supposed to go to college. I frowned. College somewhere where I was always patronised because of my age. I finished a law degree when I was sixteen, three years ago. Almost everybody criticised me but I didn't care. At least I'm the right age for college now. I remembered that Melody was doing a college degree for dance. I sent her a text saying that I would be seeing her. I didn't explain why.

Even though Melody knew I was a spy, I had to be cautious. I couldn't give her any details about the mission.

My assignment package hadn't arrived yet so I had a quick shower to pass the time.

By the time I stepped out of the shower, the package stood beside my bed. It was actually creepy to think that the delivery tubes that were connected to every inch of my room could allow a package as big as a full grown man into my room, without my permission.

Luckily for me, nobody had ever taken the tubes as their means of transportation. I opened up the brown parcel to see that Andrew had even chosen my clothes for the day.

I pulled out a pair of skinny jeans that looked way too small to fit me. "I swear I'm going to die if he keeps giving me clothes like this…" I muttered darkly under my breath. As I pushed the pair of jeans away, I realised that the tag was still attached. I read it. "Skinny jeans tailored to suit a spy's every need - flexible, fashionable and fireproof." I rolled my eyes. It was pretty stupid…

I was surprised that the jeans did actually fit. Flexible indeed...

I found a belt that could double as a whip. Nice. Also, a small stun gun was wrapped up in bubble wrap. It was as if the bubble wrap could protect someone from a gun. I noticed that there was a tiny 'disintegrate' button. I guess it was so that if somebody searched me, they wouldn't find anything.

Ten minutes later, I was dressed in the typical college student outfit. I had a large, beige overcoat to disguise the bulge of the gun at my hip. I grumbled at the converse shoes he'd given me. The soles had been coated in some sort of liquid that made them springier but the tops were still the same weak material. I knew I would be unscathed but it was always better to be over-prepared than being defenceless.

I noticed that there was a piece of paper and a picture within a frame. The piece of paper had the information of the person I was supposed to be spying on. I read the name and froze. Kane Winters. It was the stranger from last night. When I thought about it, it did make a bit of sense. My assignment yesterday was to look for someone who was supplying money to terrorists at the party. Kane was there. Today, my assignment is practically the same but at college and according to this piece of paper, Kane will be there as well.

I could feel a turmoil of feelings rolling around inside my head. Kane was the mysterious stranger who had kissed me. He's also my target, a potential supplier for terrorists. Whoop-dee-doo... I thought, sarcastically.

I force myself to focus as I drive to the university. The mere sight of the university buildings churn my stomach as I parallel park against the curb. I pulled the many textbooks out from the trunk and haul them towards the campus. The sight of the ominous clouds looming menacingly over my head made me quicken my pace.

My first lecture is in the lecture theatre and I'm glad that it's a lecture on law. This is going to be dead easy... I cross my legs and idly tap the end of my pencil against the lecture table while I wait for the course to begin. The table I sat at was like the table I had at home. You could stow it under the hand rest.

At some point, the rain began to boom down on everything, drowning the sound of almost everthing out.

I was thinking inside my little bubble of personal space, being oblivious to everybody in the theatre, when a voice to my left startled me. All I could hear was my rushing thoughts and the thundering rain outside. My spy reflex made me want to stand up but the lecture table was there. It was like a vice, a cage. I growled at myself for letting my guard down. I could've been ambushed or something. Not the first time that's happened, I tsked at my carelessness.


I turned my head 100 degrees to my left. There he was, Kane, looking like he'd just ran through a carwash. I giggled at the sight of him, "what happened to you?"

Kane sighed and collapsed into the seat beside me. "It was pouring and I lost my car keys. Had to walk." He shook his head and drops of water flew everywhere.

"Eww…" I cried as the raindrops flew into my hair.

Kane pulled out his table and turned to face me again. "Hmm… Maybe I shouldn't have kissed you last night. We may have seen each other before…" I watched his face twist into a grimace of apology.

To save him from his misery, I said, "Nah, it's my first day."

Kane stared at me incredulously. "Seriously? How'd you figure out the table?"

I glanced down at the wooden surface of the desk. "What do you mean?"

Kane looked very confused. It was pretty cute. "Well, how did you work out how to open the table?"

Slight panic bubbled in my stomach. Maybe he knows I'm not some new college student. "Oh," I formed a lie in my head. "It's the same as another uni I was going to…" I turned away from him to face the front of the room. The lecturer walked in and began his talk about law. I'd heard everything before and to my disappointment, I'd begun to tune out.

Before I knew it, the lecture was over. Kane had already been ready to leave 10 minutes before the lecture was even over. He stood up and waited for me. I rose out of my chair and began to follow him out of the theatre. Once outside, a girl with tawny brown hair and a skirt which was way too short, bounded towards us. She obliviously bowled me over in her quest to reach Kane.

"Kane!" she beamed. "I've missed you so much, baby!" She immediately began jamming her tongue down his throat, making up for lost time. It looks like she's trying to eat his face...

Kane pulled away and nervously cleared his throat. "I'd like to introduce you guys. Veronica, this is Taylor. Taylor, this is Veronica, my girlfriend." I’d already guessed she was his girlfriend because of the way she was lapping up his saliva but I didn't expect to feel a sudden pang of loneliness when he informed me. Something was very wrong with me. I was crushing on a him.

I drove home and I felt a strong pounding rage wrap around me like a cocoon. I pressed the deflector button so that my car wouldn't be picked up by the speed cameras and pressed the acceleration pedal to its limit.

Home arriveda few moments later. I took outmy belt and gun and put them onto the bedside table. I didn't even bother to get changed as I dumped myself onto my bed.

I twisted and turned. I sat up knowing that sleep wasn't going to arrive soon. I glanced around the room and noticed why. On my work table, the picture of Kane stared at me through the frame with a handsome smile stretched across his face.

I shuffled across the room and sat in front of his portrait for a while. I sighed, "I'll put his picture down and maybe get some sleep tonight."

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