Night Spell - Dark Depths

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A story of two lovers from different worlds. One lives in Cornwall and the other lives in Arascarna, a underwater kingdom. Will the couple find love or will they drift wawy, as their problems continue.

This is for Forever Dreaming's contest :D

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Night Spell - Dark Depths

Submitted: January 22, 2011

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Submitted: January 22, 2011



Dark Depths
Chapter One: Arascarna
Alexander’s POV:::
My head was throbbing which is very strange, as I swam out of bed. This was strange, because, merpeople normally don’t hurt or suffer pain. Well, I guess I am not a normal merman then. I have been like this for five thousand years. Yes, I know it’s a very long time, but can I help that? No. Sometimes life becomes pointless for me and I swim around, not knowing where I’m going or when I’ll get back home. I think life gets worse everyday; my brain is slowly, very slightly. Also I am not able to repel other creatures away from me as well as I used to. Especially humans, it is merpeople law, that we keep our existence a secret, as do all other Night Spell creatures.
Night Spell is a very secret society of merpeople, vampires, werewolves, witches and many other beasts, that humans haven’t even made myths about, yet. But at the moment they aren’t my worry. I am on the run from Larnos, a merman that is, my father. It is from him that I got the immortal gene. For that, is why I hate him. All I have ever longed for is that, I could have a life, as close to human normal as mermanly possible. That when I was younger proved to be a big problem, as I am the son of King Larnos, and he is King of Arascarna.
In my childhood, I grew and grew not knowing that my father planned to use my as. When I was thirteen, I overheard him talking to my mother, whom I loved dearly. He was telling her that, she would soon die, but that he would live on forever, as would I.
When she discover this news, it broke her heart and that my father knew would cause problem, as when a mermaid screams, she can control other sea creature and make them attack others. But this is a gift that sometimes, is uncontrollable. When she regained her feelings and control, half the city of Arascarna had been killed, but not by animals like dolphins or sharks. They had been killed by an unknown monster, a creature that today is known as Manglesa or ‘demon of the sea’ in our merpeople’s language.
After this catastrophe, my mother tried to take my away, but my father caught up with her, and it was to late for her. Her dying wish was that I would live a free and happy life and as the night drew closed, I thought that maybe, her wish may come true. But hers and my dreams were shattered, as my father awoke me, saying that I would soon be King of Arascarna, after him. After that I under went endless training and it soon became clear he was not only trying to make me worthy of being a King. He was hoping that I could overthrow the leader of the Night Spell world, Karnof.
And with that, I woke; apparently I had once again drifted to sleep. My head was continuing to throb, as I swam through the coral archway. I reached the edge of the cliff that separated the coral reefs from the open ocean and made my way deeper down into the sea. I could sense a human nearby, probably just scuba-diving. Sometimes I wish I could come out of the water and experience things I have never experienced before, I even wish that I could be a human, and they were considered scum.
My mind buzzed as I thought about all the things I could do under the water. But my thoughts ended at the sound of a human coming deeper and deeper. They never have come this deep before. I glanced up to see a women or young adult girl, swimming down towards me. At first I worried that she had spotted my, but she turned away and started photographing a group of dolphins. She looked relaxed and confident. I made the mistake of swimming closer, as she turned the camera on me.
Rose’s POV:::
I stared ahead of me, what was it? It was surely nothing I’d ever seen before. I swam forward slowly, but it was moving back into the shadows. Then suddenly, it moved into the light, I lifted my camera and snapped many shots simultaneously. The creature seemed scared and dazed, but I moved away.
I looked over and over the pictures and only one word sprang to mind. Merman. I was shocked, they were mythical. Weren’t they? What was even more surprising was when it zoomed over towards me, in superhuman speed. It froze in front of me for a second, and then grabbed my shoulders and shook, violently. Surly in would not harm me, I thought as my panicked thoughts echoed in my head. It stopped shaking me and looked my in the eyes.
I then stopped struggling and pushed my way towards him in the water. His eyes were crystal blue. They were clear, open and honest. He looked at me longer and I could feel the time passing. He opened his mouthed and shut it, unsure, probably, that I wouldn’t freak and swim away. I decided to speak. I opened my mouth but then realised I couldn’t speak underwater. But he cut in and added something, but I didn’t hear it where I expected to; I heard it in my head. A clear voice and a beautiful one.
“Don’t be afraid of me please” He begged sounding sad. “Yes, I can talk with you using my mind. But I’m not completely sure how.”
“Can I talk back” I wonder, but realised I could. “Where have you come from” I asked, trying to discover whether this was a dream or not.
“It’s not a dream” He said “Believe me”
I became agitated. He could apparently read my thoughts.
“Yes, I can and that too is not normal”
I pushed the thought aside and struck back. “You didn’t answer my question” I said impatient.
“Well technically, I live here, so my questions to you is now, why are you so far down here and my question to myself is why haven’t I killed this nosey human yet?” he smiled slightly and I my mind terror pricked. He could and might still kill me.
“You wouldn’t h-hurt me…would you?” my voice was panicky.  
“Of course not, well I might, but I seem…unable to” he sighed “I do wonder why?”
“I think I may know” I replied slowly. “I love you”
I leaned forward and hugged him as tightly as I could. But he flung me back, and then in that second, I was sure he was going to kill me.
“Please” I whisper, but it was suddenly dark.

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