My dying love.

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Juliet suddenly goes into labour in the back of her husband's work van! Luckily Brett her husband is there to deliver their daughter. But something goes horribly wrong. Read to unvail the panic and desperation of a husband whose loosing his wife. I'm not very good at summaries as you may have gathered, but please give it a read, I always like to know what people think of my work. Also leave a comment.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My dying love.

Submitted: July 01, 2012

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Submitted: July 01, 2012



"Please, she's coming!" I wailed furciously, the grip on Brett's arm was now like a vice as I squeezed his raw knuckles, I pleaded and prayed with every existing second for the pain to subside.

"NOW!" I added as another contraction seethed through my body "She's coming! She can't come here, not in this van, it's not supposed to happen like this" I begged.

"I know darling, I know but we have no choice. We won't make it to the hopsital in time, our daughter is being born here whether we like it or not" Brett soothed, he patted my head with his shirt cuff, he looked so terrifed.

Brett began to level himself between my legs, oh god the pain! It gripped my whole body, leaving me shaking and screaming in pure agony, I couldn't escape it and no amount of pleading would change that. Brett met my gaze for a spilt second, worry and uncertainty etched on his colourless face, something wasn't right.

"What is it? What's wrong" I muttered through gritted teeth. He met my gaze "Nothing, honestly darling, you're doing so well. I'm just so scared" He assured me as he busied himself, I couldn't give him a response because another riffling contraction took hold.

I screamed over and over as I panted then pushed, nothing seemed to be happening. "Why isn't she coming?" I questioned, Brett looked gently at me "She is coming, you're crowning Juliet! I need you to breath slow deep breaths" I could feel her head begin to emerge, the pain consumed me, over writing any previous thought, it tour through my body like a wild bush fire, coursing through my aching muscles, shattering any sense of self control.

"AAAARHH" I shrieked as the baby came away from my body, I held my breath in anticipation for the sound that all mother's prayed to hear, and suddenly my daughter began to cry. Deep powerful wails, I had done it, she was finally born.

Brett placed her into my arms gently, emotion over-whelmed me, it was a feeling I'd never experienced before. This tiny thing in my arms was my daughter, my little girl. The little girl I would love forever, and protect with everything I possessed. I held her so tight as I studied her, I began counting her ten perfect fingers and then her ten tiny toes, she was beautiful. I knew what I wanted to call her from the moment I knew she grew within me.

"Evelyn. I want to call her Evelyn Rose" I spoke suddenly, Brett smiled deeply as he continued to hold us close "I love it, it's a beautiful choice. You did so well, I'm so proud of you, I can't believe we're finally a family. I have my two girls now." Brett said proudly, he planted a kiss to my lips and then onto Evelyn's head, she squirmed as he touched her skin, I couldn't stop smiling.

I continued to cuddle Evelyn as Brett rang to check where the ambulance was, it wasn't safe to stay out here any longer, the weather dropped very low at night. Brett returned a few minutes later "The ambulance will be here very soon Juliet" he said gently as he shut the door behind him.

"Can I hold her?" Brett asked, he looked so cute waiting for my answer, he had been so amazing. When I wasn't feeling so tired and I had gotten my words back, I would tell him how much I loved him and how I couldn't of done it without him. "Of course you can, your her dad remember, she's still half yours" I teased with a cheeky grin.

"She's beautiful" he gushed, tears rolled down his cheeks as he held her close, he kissed her gently and smiled "I love you so much Juliet, you and Evelyn" he added.

As I moved towards them I suddenly felt faint, the colour gently seeped from my face leaving me gasping for air, my lungs seemed so seize as I struggled to breath. A warm sticky liquid began to flow furiously between my trembling legs, blood. I was loosing so much blood and Brett knew it too.

"Look at Evelyn! Look at Evelyn" he ordered as he tired to get his head around the situation "You're going to be alright, just hold on!" Brett screamed as he frantically tired to holt the blood. I could feel myself slipping away. I couldn't leave now, I had my baby and the husband of my dreams, my baby Evelyn I couldn't leave her, I was her mummy. My eyes began to uncontrollably role, I tired to focus, focus on anything. I caught Evelyn's face suddenly, her piercing green eyes bore into mine, she was watching me leave. She was so beautiful, my sweet little angel. Brett began to scream for help, but his attempts were futile, his pleads suddenly became muffled to my ears as it all went black.


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