Something special.

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Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: August 02, 2012

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Submitted: August 02, 2012



*(Sorry this is a short chapter, it's just a little before the next large one! Please keep reading and commenting)*

I spluttered frantically as I tired to make out my surrondings, the black cotton secured around my trembling face made it impossible to see, let alone take substantial breath. It felt like a bad dream, I pleaded every second for it to end. How could of this had happened? A large knot formed in my throat of the thought of Sawyer being behind it, no. He wouldn't, would he?

A muffled cluster of voices were becoming louder and louder as I was dragged into a building, threw the creases of the bag I could make out an run-down building, rust streaked down it's walls, casting of a putrid smell forcing nausea to grip me like a vice, I hurdled violently all over the cold, wet floor as the bag was ripped off.

"Fuck!" Screamed a man I could only presume by the deep, gruff voice.

"I'm sorry, my baby-" I sobbed as I continued to look at the ground, what was going on? So many un-answered questions circulated around my aching mind.

"Baby?" Questioned the un-familiar voice.

"I'm pregnant" I wailed as I protectively cupped my stomach.

"Well that's not going to do" The man snorted, another man chimed in too, making me re-coil into myself. How many were there?

"What am I doing here? What's going on? Please" I pleaded as I gathered the strength to look up, two what only could be described as huge men surronded me, another figure was standing promptly at the exit.

"Well-" Began the biggest of the men, they were very similiar in appearance, they both carried heavy builds, deep set muscles, they looked unbreakable. I gulped and continued to note their appearances, I thought it could maybe help the authorities after I was free, I prayed that moment would be soon. The men's eyes were hazel and deep set shadowed by un-tame brows. Their hair consisted of black hair almost parellel to the skull's shape, they looked all business and no compassion.

"Shut up Jake!" Bellowed the voice from the doorway, my ear's pricked at the sound, I knew that voice, I recongised it!

"Who are you? What am I here?" I asked as I squinted to make out the black silhouette which was moving towards me.

She stopped inch's infront of me, hair covered the face beneath. She rose her head in the most taunting manner "Hello Juliet."

The woman was GRACE! She had kidnapped me, but why? She had already ruined me and Sawyer, what else did she have to gain.

"Why are you doing this Grace? Sawyer will find me" I reinforced more to myself that to her, I needed to know there was hope.

"Oh no he won't, that I can assure you. What I need from you is to sit tight and look pretty, whilst I make my move to get millions for your randsome, and I may even make my move on Sawyer, now that your out the way and all that." Grace snarled.

"You can't do this! Please Grace I'm pregnant!" I cried as I pulled away from the restraints binding my legs.


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