Something special.

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Chapter 3 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 03, 2012



(Sawyer's POV)

Three months later.

Sawyer sat deathly silent at the kitchen's counter, it was cold under his arms. The same question circulated his mind; what had he done? He hadn't seen Juliet in over three months yet it felt like an eternity. Something didn't render quite right., he had seen the undoubtful pain and anger in her eyes that night, if he knew Juliet as well as he thought he did she would have come back to plead her innocence. She would have come back and made him realise the truth. But it wouldn't of mattered either way, he had to act on hard evidence, and he had it, however he hadn't even given her a chance.He stared in disgust at the pile of documents sprawled randomly in front of him as the evening news continued in the background.

The house was still riddled with her belongings, constant reminders of what he had lost, that beautiful, tantalising woman. He'd assumed she'd return to collect them, and maybe then he thought he could face her once more. He needed her out of his mind completely, but that was already a lost battle.

When he heard her name amidst the confusion of his thoughts, he thought he'd merely conjured it from his dark musings, but when he heard Juliet Lambert's name yet again, he focused his angry attention on the television.

A news reporter, who looked old enough to be Sawyer's daughter stood outside the town's local hospital. Why was Juliet's name coming up at this shot? Sawyer clamped his fists around his ears andreleased themto try andsubside the persistant buzz to comprehend what was being said. The images appeared and then disappeared, making out a rolling scene. A woman being taken out of a run-down building on a stretcher was being shown, the woman's face was ghosly pale, she looked scared to death. That poor woman. Then Sawyer realised that woman was Juliet, his face twistsed in disbelief, oh god!

Sawyer ran from the kitchen to Jacob sat scruffily in the living room and changed the channel, he pushed the volume button up until physically possible.

Juliet had been kidnapped and now rescued, that explained so much. Why she hadn't come back to explain, why she didn't collect her things. The details of her captors were few and far between, there had been no arrests as of yet. They had abandoned her in that building, those bastards Sawyer cursed. This whole time he'd thought she was being stubborn when really she was being held captive.

Juliet had endured a long period of captivity. She had been kept for several months. What had she been through? The image of her frightened face played again in Sawyer's mind, something inside him twisted painfully as he looked at her vulnerable face.The reporter continued on with sketchy details, however what she said next stopped Sawyer cold. She reported that both mother and baby were in a stable condition. Baby? She seemed to be around five months along. Juliet was pregnant?

"Jacob, take me to the hopsital. Now." Sawyer ordered as he ripped his coat from the neatly lined pegs.

"Certainly sir, would you like me to call ahead to the hopsital to?" Jacob mused.

"Please do." Sawyer muttered lost in his own confusion and fear.

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