Something special.

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 04, 2012



As Sawyer rolled up to the hospital fear of the unknown suffocated him. What ifJuliet had been hurt by those thugs, what if they had raped her? Struggling for breath Sawyer imagined them beating her as she pleaded for them to stop. What if she had lost the baby?


"Her physical condition is satisfactory, but I'm afraid it's her emotional state that worries me." Doctor Atticus informed Sawyer wearily.

Sawyer clenched his jaw as his blood slowed to a simmer, he had waited almost four hours to be told a single thing. The physician had to complete an extensive report on Juliet's condition, ensuring her and the baby were okay. Only when Sawyer had mentioned he was her fiance he was told something.

Once established her was her fiance he had been immediately led to a private room where Doctor Atticus had met him and explained what the specialist was going o do, he was going to evaluate her physical and emotional condition. He had then spent numerous minutes understanding the doctor's assessment.

Sawyer shifted on his aching legs "So she hasn't been harmed, physically I mean." Sawyer questioned, dreading the reply.

"No. Not physically no, but there are other problems." Doctor Atticus said dryly.

"Other problems?" Sawyer barked in frustration.

"Juliet has suffered a great deal of stress whilst being in captivity. I cannot exactly tell you how great Mr Lincoln because I'm afraid Juliet cannot remember a thing." He explained gently.

"What?" Sawyer stared at the doctor in stunned disbelief.

"I'm sorry Sawyer, but there is something else, she doesn't remember anything of her previous life either."

Sawyer munched on his lip, so that means she doesn't remember what had happened that night, how he threw her out without allowing her an explaination of any kind. She didn't remember the accusations of her and Alexander. Sawyer swallowed hard, his mind re-traced the conversation that night she had said she had something important to tell him, that was obviously the baby.

"I'm very sorry Sawyer, but you must know she is extremely fragile. Her current state of mind isn't satisfactory. She has been through so much, I advise you very strongly to not upset her, speak minimally of her captivity to her, her mind has shut down in a state of shock. She doesn't want to remember that experience so she's simply blocking it out. One thing I can promise you Sawyer is her mind will return to her." Doctor Atticus spoke clearly.

Sawyer nodded as he turned towards Juliet's door as Doctor Atticus spoke.

"One more thing, she seems to be very protective of the baby. We believe there may have been plans to remove it from her." Atticus muttered before walking down the corridor.

"What do you mean?" Sawyer questioned.

"When she became conscious she had repeated to the nurses, don't take my baby, please, my baby." Atticus replied.

Sawyer inhaled, poor Juliet. Not only had she been fighting for her life but for her baby's too.


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