Something special.

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Chapter 5 (v.1)

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Submitted: August 11, 2012



Juliet uttered a protest as she tired to move, every inch of her body ached. Her muscles felt like lead as she rose her arms to touch her swollen face, she winced as she traced what she presumed to be a bruise, how did she get into this state? How or who did this to her.

She wanted nothing more than to fall back into a deep sleep, forgetting the nightmare which she was consumed in. Her life was just one black hole of complete nothingness, not one single thing seemed to render her memory, all she could muster was her name and the baby which grew within her. She cupped her stomach gently as the baby began to kick her.

Her past lay before her scattered across a barren wasteland, she tried to grasp more but it was impossible, she was mentally and physically exhausted. The realisation of how tired she was hit her like a train, her eyelids fluttered as she struggled to keep them open. What had she been through, from the wounds she suspected a car accident maybe.

"Juliet." A husky voice whispered as they took her hand into their's, fear sulked up her spine, coursing her hair to stand to attention. This person knew her name, maybe it was one of the doctor's who had been treating her. Still Juliet yanked her hand away as her chest rose and fell with her quick breaths.

She looked up slowly, the man before her was of great stature, he was tall, very tall. He wore plain clothes consisting of black slacks, a shirt which was opened slightly at the hem revealing a cluster of small dark hairs and loather's. He sure as hell didn't look like a doctor, who was he? Was he the father of her child? One thing rendered odd to Juliet, he was obviously a neat man but his eyes bore something unexplainable within them, guilt maybe. His chocolate hair was ruffled, dark black bags resided under his eyes, he must of been awake for hours, why?

"I'm your fiance, Sawyer Lincoln."

The words knocked her for six, she let out a long breath 'fiance' she was engaged? That did explain her baby she mused as she protectivelylaid a hand over her swollen abdomen, she felt such a strong bond to the child nestled beneath her heart it was frightening, maybe all expectant mothers felt like she did, somehow she thought different.

"Our baby is fine." Sawyer spoke

"I- I don't remember." Juliet mumbled biting on her trembling lower lip, her expression was bleak, her eyebrows were furrowed into a scowl like she was mulling something over.

"You will, oh you will." Sawyer soothed as he smoothed a hand over her forehead, leaving a trail of heat in it's wake, his touch didn't feel unfamiliar, she felt an odd connection to this man.

"The doctors have told me my memory will return to me, but for now I don't remember anyone or anything. I barely know my own name, Sawyer." she tested his name on her tongue, it's felt strangely normal "I just want to feel safe." she added with a low sigh.

"I know your scared and I would be to, but you've got to trust me. I know you can't remember me but please let me take care of you, of you both. That's our baby you're carrying. Please you've been through enough." Sawyer pressured gently.

"How do I know your who you say you are?" Juliet questioned.

Sawyer recoiled Juliet's words had stung. He presumed she couldn't know any better, she was scared and frustrated, he presumed he'd be the same in her situation. She was in this mess because of him.

"I can't imagine how you feel, I don't know what to say, but I am your fiance Juliet and I do love you. Here-" Sawyer spoke gently.

"What is it?"

"When you were unconscious they needed to perform an ultrasound, you've been through a lot so they neeeded to ensure the baby hadn't come to any harm and it was developing as it should be. They gave me this photo, why would they give it to me unless they knew who I am and who I was to you? Please Juliet, you have to trust me." Sawyer tired to make her realise he was who he said.

Fear and uncertainty etched across her pale face "How is the baby? What have Ibeen through, no-one will tell me." She breathed as she sat forward waitingfor a reply.

"The baby's fine Juliet, your a good mother keeping her safe. As for what you've been through, the doctor's have warned me not to cram you with information, but I promise you I will tell you, soon." Sawyer regretted the words as they left his lips, he didn't want to tell her anything of the captivity, he couldn't bare to see the fear etched in her eyes at what she had been through.

"I must of been through a lot then." She breathed as she sat back relieved, she placed her hands to her stomach "I'm so glad the baby's okay-wait her?" Juliet whispered.

"I shouldn't have said that, I'm sorry."

"It's a girl?" A smile caressed her cheeks, she looked so beautiful andin that moment she was how she'd always been, full of life and spirit.

"Yes, it's a girl, they told me before, I shouldn't have said anything, but I guess it's a bit late now." Sawyer added as he took her in his arms.

Juliet fell into his arms exhausted, she realised not telling her everything was a good idea right now, she already felt faint from what she'd just been told. Sawyer's musclar framed wrapped around hers, tightening her to him. Juliet flinched as Sawyer placed a hand to her stomach rubbing gently with his thumb "I cannot believe she's safe." Sawyer breathed, relief washed through him.

"Me too." Juliet breathed as she shut her eyes and let herself become carried away in the movement of Sawyer's arms.


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