Trix Best Served Cold

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Twilight Sparkle finds herself invited to a meeting of the most powerful unicorns in Equestria, but not everything is what it seems. A certain magician has plans for Twilight, and it's up to Rarity and Spike to save her!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Trix Best Served Cold

Submitted: July 19, 2012

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Submitted: July 19, 2012



As Spike yawned and stretched his tiny dragon arms and looked up to see that Twilight Sparkle had risen before the sun, yet again. As the little dragon wandered out of the bedroom he saw Twilight reading another thick book.

“Morning Twilight,” he said as he wiped the sleep from his eyes.

“Oh, good morning, Spike,” Twilight answered, looking up from her book. “Did you sleep well?”

“I dreamed I ate a swimming pool of ice cream!” Spike burped as he remembered the magical dream and Twilight laughed.

“Well, I hope that doesn’t lead to a tummy ache! Remember, we’re going to see Rarity this morning for brunch.” Spike blushed when Twilight reminded him that he was going to go see his second favourite unicorn. “Brush your teeth and we’ll get going, okay?” Spike nodded and ran to clean himself up, wanting to look his absolute best for Rarity.

Suddenly there was a knocking at the door. “I wonder who that could be this early in the morning,” Twilight thought out loud. It was odd to be getting mail this early in the morning.

“Delivery!” a chipper voice called from outside. Twilight opened the front door of the library to find Derpy Hooves holding a fancy looking envelope in her mouth. “Here you go, Twilight Sparkle!” Derpy mumbled, her words getting caught on the envelope in her mouth. Derpy giggled when she realized she couldn’t talk with her mouth full, and Twilight giggled with her.

“Thanks, Derpy!” Twilight said. “Have a great day!”

Derpy gave her a salute. “Derpy is the best malemare!” she said as she happily trotted away.

“What’s that?” Spike said as he looked up at Twilight’s delivery.

“It’s a letter from Princess Celestia!” Twilight replied happily. “I hope all his well in Canterlot!”

Spike smiled, but then realized something. “Why did she have it mailed? Why not use my firebreath?”

“It looks like an invitation, she probably wanted it delivered special, Spike. Don’t worry!” Spike crossed his arms, he didn’t like being left out! “Let me read it and see, okay?” Twilight said, trying to reassure the baby dragon.

“Dear Twilight Sparkle,” the letter read. “I request that you would honour me with your presence for a meeting of the most powerful unicorns in Equestria for an afternoon of discussion and research. Yours truly, Princess Celestia.” Attached was a map to the location of the meeting, what looked like a small manor not far from Ponyville.

“I’ll be meeting with all the most powerful unicorns in Equestria?” Twilight gushed. “How exciting! And I’ll have to leave as soon as possible!” Spike sulked off to the corner, upset there was no mention of him coming to this meeting of the unicorns. “Come on, let’s go see Rarity!” Twilight said, cheering Spike up at the idea of seeing his long time crush.

“Oh Darlings, good morning!” Rarity gushed when the two arrived. “I’ve set out crumpets, I’ll get you some tea.” Rarity, always the good hostess, dashed off to the kitchen to get things for her friends.

“I’m afraid I can’t stay too long,” Twilight said as she munched on a crumpet. “I’ve gotten word from Princess Celestia that we have an important meeting with some of the most powerful unicorns in all Equestria this afternoon, I can’t be late.”

“Oh that’s silly,” Rarity said. “It can’t be that important, I didn’t get an invitation.” Twilight bit her lip, realizing she’d put her hoof in her mouth a little bit. Rarity hadn’t been invited, and now Twilight felt guilty for bringing it up.

Trying to cover up for herself Twilight gave a nervous giggle and said “no no, I think it’s selected at random. Like a lottery.” She gave an awkward smile and stared into her tea, waiting for someone to say something. Rarity gave her a bit of a look, but told Twilight not to worry about it, these things happen.

“I hate to cut brunch short, but I really must get going,” Twilight said after eating a muffin and another crumpet. “I don’t want to be late.”

“That’s fine, darling,” Rarity said. “I hope you have a marvellous time.”

“Wow, Rarity. Thank you for being so understanding!” Twilight flashed a happy smile and was out the door. Spike was about to follow after her when Rarity put a hoof on his tail.

“Wait until she reaches the edge of town,” Rarity whispered, her eyes narrowed. “Something smells rotten in Ponyville.”

“Are we going to follow her?” Spike asked as he stuffed another muffin in his mouth.

“Oh yes, Spikey-wikey, follow her we must!” Rarity and Spike watched as Twilight Sparkle happily trotted towards the edge of Ponyville, finally giving chase as Twilight reached the edge of town.

“One more for the road!” Spike said as he grabbed an armful of breakfast treats and followed close on Rarity’s hooves.

The duo followed Twilight for several miles, all the while Spike was happily munching on muffins. They spoke in hushed tones, not wanting Twilight to realize she was being followed. Rarity would never admit it, but she was jealous that Twilight had been invited to this meeting and she hadn’t. She tried to push the jealousy out of her mind because a bigger part of her had a bad feeling that something was wrong.

Twilight trotted down the road thinking of all the questions she had for the other unicorns. What spells they knew, the best ways to conserve magic. It had been a while since she and Princess Celestia had been able to talk in person, and she wondered if Cadance would be there as well. Oh how exciting it would be to meet all sorts of unicorns and to learn new spells and meet everypony!

Twilight finally approached the manor after following the map for over an hour. She was a little disappointed to see that the manor looked like it could use a little love. The paint was peeling and some of the windows had been boarded up. “Well, it’s not the greatest thing,” Twilight thought out loud. Then she realized that if this was a meeting of the most powerful unicorns Princess Celestia would probably want it to be somewhere inconspicuous so that they weren’t interrupted!

Twilight knocked on the door. After the third knock the door swung open on its own. Twilight peaked her head inside the door. “Hello?” she called.

“Twilight Sparkle, is that you?” Princess Celestia’s familiar voice replied.

“Yes!” Twilight called out. “Where are you?”

“We’re in the study, come join us!” Princess Celestia responded. Twilight trotted into the manor to see  that it wasn’t much better kept on the inside. The main entrance was bright and cheery, it was filled from the sunlight coming in from outside, but there was a thick coating of dust on everything. She thought she’d heard Princess Celestia’s voice coming from up the stairs, so Twilight made her way in that direction.

“Hello? Princess?” Twilight called when she reached the top of the stairs. This time there was no reply. “That’s odd. Maybe she’s in the middle of a discussion,” Twilight wondered aloud.  The upstairs portion of the manor was dark, there was only the boarded up window which didn’t let in any light. Twilight cast a spell so that she could see her way down the hall. She was startled to find a long row of closed doors. “Which one is the study?” Twilight asked herself, poking her nose into rooms as she walked down the hall. Every room was almost identical, dark with furniture that was covered in sheets. Every room was covered in a thick layer of dust. “Where is everypony?“ Twilight could start to feel nagging doubt in the pit of her stomach, but then Princess Celestia called for her again. The voice came from the end of the hall and Twilight trotted there as fast as she could, wanting to get away from the dark hallway.

“Princess, I’m so glad to see you!” Twilight said as she entered the study. Princess Celestia smiled, but something seemed off. The room seemed foggy, and the Princess’s movements seemed jagged, weird. “Princess, is everything okay?” Twilight asked as that gnawing doubt returned to her stomach.

“Of course it is, Twilight Sparkle,” the Princess said. “Why would you assssssk tttttthhhaaaat?”

“What’s going on?” Twilight cried in alarm. “Princess are you okay?”

“Yessssss Twiiiiiiiiilight Sssssparkle,” the Princess mumbles and hissed as the fog grew thicker. Everything started moving very quickly, images fading in and out and suddenly there was a loud pop. Twilight shielded her eyes and after a moment she looked up. The room was completely bare and small. All around her were mirrors, her own face staring back at her from all four walls. Even the floor and ceiling were mirrored

“What’s going on?” Twilight called out as she tapped on the mirrored wall.

“Drat, I thought I had that spell down,” a familiar voice echoed through the mirrored room.

“Trixie!” Twilight cried with a sudden realization. “What are you doing?” Twilight easily recognized Trixie’s voice and her exaggerated tone. The traveling magician was up to something big!

One of the mirrors faded to revealed The Great and Powerful Trixie had been hiding out this entire time. Twilight readied a spell to break the glass and shot it right at Trixie. Trixie didn’t even flinch as the bolt of energy flew towards it. As it hit the glass it bounced upwards towards a small sphere hanging from the ceiling. When the magic energy hit the sphere it glowed green and grew just a little.

“What in Equestria?” Twilight murmured, looking up at the glowing green sphere.

“That’s a Magic Trap,” Trixie explained as she flipped her silvery blue mane. “Every time you use your magic the power bounces off these mirrors right to the Magic Trap and it gets bigger. Once it’s big enough I’ll perform the greatest magic trick known to pony from Princess Celestia herself!”

“But why me?” Twilight asked as she paced across the mirrored room.

Trixie scoffed. “Because you foiled The Great and Powerful Trixie! Your magic was strong enough to defeat that dreaded Ursa Major and make me look like a fool. I’ll show all of Equestria when I use your magic to impress Princess Celestia herself when I make a baby dragon grow to its full size right before the Princess’s eyes and then I will make it disappear!” Trixie let out a long laugh and the reflection of the mirror faded back to show Twilight looking back at herself in horror. The realization that the baby dragon Trixie spoke of was probably Spike hit Twilight right in the gut.

Twilight didn’t know what to do. If she used her magic, Trixie would steal it for her own fiendish gains. But how would she escaped? There was no other choice, she just had to hope someone heard her when she screamed, “HELP!”


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