Chapter 6:

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

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**Cordi's POV**
I gave up banging on the doors two hours ago. The isolation room pretty much speaks for itself. You're isolated. It's a white empty cell with no windows except for a tiny one in the door with a little slot to put food in and the lights are way too bright. I've been in here more times than I can count. The longest has been 3 days. They know not to leave me in here longer than that. I heard what sounded like people outside talking. I got up off the floor and quietly sat down by the tiny opening in the door. It was that detective guy I always see around here and a woman police officer.

"So the judge is finally gonna go through with it?" She asked him.

"Yeah, sadly. All I'm saying is that Larain better not fuck his only chance of
leaving up. At least his only chance while I'm around."

"Wait, Larain? Tony Larain?" TONY. What does Tony have to do with the judge? Wait. He better not be leaving. No he can't go. Not yet.

"Yes. He's finally gonna do it. But it's not only Larain. They're bringing kids over tomorrow from the delinquent center for him, with help from the judge, to choose from to help him." Help him with what? WHAT IS GOING ON?!!

"Wow that's big. Does the kid get to go free afterwards too?"

"Depends on who he chooses. But there is one kid we cannot let him pick and it's going to be hard because I can tell they're already getting close."


"Cordaline Montgomery. She goes by Cordi. To my knowledge, she's in the isolation cell and is going to be until this process is over. No matter what happens, do NOT let her out. It's happening in the recreation room tomorrow at noon. Just act like it's a normal day."

"Yes sir."

"Which one is her cell anyway?"

"Number 6. Right down here." I quickly backed away and say back in my normal spot. They stopped in front of my cell and I saw a face in my window. It was the detective. He gave me a small smirk and I returned it with my middle finger up.

"Have fun in here, Cordi. You'll be in here a while." He told me while smiling.

"Oh, don't you worry. I will. What you should worry about it how you're letting
a new officer babysit me tomorrow at noon."

"How do you know about that?"

"Honey, I am the eyes and ears of this facility. I know everyone and everything. Tell Tony I said hi and that I'll be waiting for him to pick me tomorrow." I yelled at him as he started to walk away from my cell with the officer.


"Eat Cordi."

"No. I'm gonna starve myself until you let me out of here."

"You are not going to starve yourself."

"How do you know?"

"Detective Holton was right. You are stubborn."

"Wait, that's his name? Holton?"

"Yes. And I'm also the officer that's going to be watching you tomorrow so don't
try anything."

"No promises."

"Come get the tray now." I was currently laying on the ground trying to attempt to a hunger strike. I gave up and, still laying down, rolled across the cell floor to the door. I lifted my arm up and grabbed the tray bringing it next to me on the floor. "Ooo, chicken nuggets and macaroni and cheese. To think I almost passed this up." I heard the officer laugh at my comment. "Can I ask you a question?"


"Why does everyone hate me here?"

"No one hates you, Cordi. You're just difficult sometimes."

"And by sometimes you mean all the time."

"If you want my honest opinion, I think it's mostly your mental stability that makes you act this way. But as for Holton, he thinks you're just a punk because you can be."

"Fuck that loser. And I'm not that crazy. The voices barely talk to me because of my medicine okay?" She laughed. "What's your name?"

"Officer O'Brian."

"No. Your first name. I'm on first name basis with almost everyone here."

"Cassandra. Cassandra O'Brien."

"Well Cass, my name is Cordi Montgomery.”

"I know that." She said smiling. I smiled too.

"Why am I not allowed out tomorrow?"

"Because they think you're a threat."

"A threat? Why? Just because I attacked Bridgett today doesn't make me a threat."

"Not a threat to them. A threat to the outside world. Cordi, don't you understand? Here at this facility you're given the best treatment possible. You're the youngest prisoner we've ever had here. No kid has ever been moved to this place from the center for kids you used to be at."

"What? I'm the first? Wow. Why didn't I get a party or anything? That's bull."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you." I slipped my tray into the slot and she took it.

"I just wanna get out of here. Everyone deserves a second chance right? I'm only 16. I need to experience life. Tony could use my help."

"Well you should've thought of that before you killed your family. Let’s go, O'Brian." Said Holton as he appeared out of nowhere. She looked at me sadly as he pulled her away from my cell.

"BELIEVE ME. I NEED THIS, CASS. HELP ME!" I yelled. The only response I got was the guard telling me to shut up.


"What time is it? I shouted out the slot.

"Time for you to get a watch."

"No seriously, Marcus. What time is it?" The stocky guard looked at his watch.

"It's 10:30." Oh no. "Marcus. Did anyone give you any medication for me to take?"

"No. Why? Just go to sleep."


I laid there trying to plug my ears with my hands trying to make the voices stop. I should know by now that that doesn't work. The voices are inside my head. They can't be stopped unless I take my medicine which I should've taken at dinner. But because I have a new officer that didn't happen.

It didn't happen because you deserve to suffer

"Stop stop stop. I never did anything wrong to deserve this!"

Of course you did. You killed your family and an innocent girl at school.

"She was not innocent! She harassed me every day of my life!"

You deserved it. You deserve all the pain and suffering you receive.

**Mel's POV**
"Officer O'Brien, one of your inmates is having trouble sleeping. She said something earlier about needing some medication?" I heard one of the guards say to an officer who I'm assuming is named O'Brien. Wait.

"Are you talking about Cordi? I didn't know she took medicine."

"CORDI! Oh my god! She has schizophrenia. You mean no one told you about this?!" I shouted from my cell.

"Well I knew but I didn't know she needed-"

"Go find a nurse or something!! Go!" I yelled at her. She ran off in the direction of Cordi's cell.

"Sir! Let me out of this cell. I promise I'll let you bring me back!"

"I don't know if I'm allowed to-"

"Shut up! Just do it!" He unlocked the door and I ran out past him.

"Wait! Miss!" I ignored him and kept running towards the isolation area. I could hear screams coming from cell number 6. "Cordi!!"

"Make it stop please please make it stop!!" She was sitting in a corner with her hands covering her ears. I could tell she was pulling her hair because it was a mess. She had tears running down her face.

"Cordi stop screaming! Remember that they don't control you! You control them!" She kept crying. The police officer ran over to us with the medicine and water.

"Let me in her cell."

"I don't think Im allowed to do that..."

"Just do it! Please?" She unlocked the door and I slowly went in. "Shut it behind me." She shut the door. I walked over to Cordi and bent down on one knee. "Cordi, here." I handed the pills and water to her and she took them. "Now just lay down and try to sleep, okay?" She nodded and leaned back against the wall. The officer opened the door and let me out. "You know she shouldn't be in here."

"It's their orders. I'll lose my job if I put her in another cell." I nodded and made my way back to my cell.

Submitted: June 21, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Lauren Risley. All rights reserved.


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