SLAINTE! The Bar is Open

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This describes what are the activities in a bar and what could be the discussions about the day-to-day life of the customers.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - SLAINTE! The Bar is Open

Submitted: July 11, 2012

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Submitted: July 11, 2012






Dornoch is a quite and small historic town, a Royal Burgh, on the edge of the Dornoch Firth, in the Highlands of Scotland. The spirituality of the old burgh (capital of Sutherland), and the view of the independence of the country conducted by the SNP (Scottish National Party) is a base of these stories, together with the day-to-day life with its ups and downs, dreams, hopes and fears.

The climate in Scotland is more rain than sun, and it is a custom for the locals to meet in a bar or pub to discuss about their concern or politics. Each village of Scotland, I believe it is the same all over the world, has this kind of “meeting point”, but there is something special about the Scottish bars: it is the cordial atmosphere with a touch of music, humour, strong voices, and plays of darts or snooker.

The most served drink is the “pint” (of beer) however on the shelves a various alcohols are displayed and above all a variety of whiskies. There are elixirs for any taste: harsh, sweet, dry, herbal and of any colour: ochre, white, blue, red and green. Depending on the mood of the customers, there are even coffees and teas!

The bar is old oak, solid with old style chairs. The tables are also made of the same timber, and on the floor of the main room there is a tartan carpet. On the wall there are old pictures of the town and some heads of deer and fishes hunted by the best angler of the region. In a corner, a jukebox is playing old songs from time to time. On almost every Saturdays a band is invited and plays Celtic music.

The Bar is Open has no particular waiter… all the customers can be waiter or waitress in turn.

The regulars know each other very well, their weaknesses or their strengths. They like to tease or joke, to write poems, to talk about everything or anything, they like to play accordion or guitar, or needle work in a warm ambiance. It is almost a second home. Being with friends means if one of them needs help, he will get it. As discussions go along, trust become stronger and they can predict the reaction of each of them.

Despite bad language is not allowed some will use slang because no other words can be used when they are angry or they consider that an event is repulsive. They are coming from various horizons, and their views make the discussions more interesting and vivid.

Here are the best stories and dialogues told by the regular customers and the visitors.



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