Amy's First Year at Hogwarts

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Amy was looking forward to a relaxing school year with her best friend, Callie. But soon strange things happen to her and she's pulled into a world you could only find in dreams or fairytales.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Hogwarts Letter

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Submitted: December 07, 2012



Amy smirked at her best friend. Callie just rolled her eyes and said "It's not good."

But, truth be told, the painting was amazing. Callie was born to be an artist, in Amy's eyes. The strokes of the painting were perfect, the color cordination flawless... It almost made Amy envy her.

Amy said "Who knows; may you'll get into that school for artists...?"
"Nope," Callie rolled her eyes. "It's not going to happen." It was like she didn't want it to happen! Amy was sort of annoyed, knowing how much it would mean for her friend.

Amy shrugged "Let's go,"

The two girls walked outside and went to the front yard of Callie's house. "Wann go-"
"MAIL'S HERE!!!" Callie little sister screamed. Kayla jumped off of the driveway, throwing down her chalk, and running to the mail man's truck.

He smiled and handed her the letters. "Good day to you, miss."

"Bye!!!" She giggled and looked through the envelop as Amy and Callie ran over to her.

Kayla ripped open one letter. "EEEEEPPPP!!!"
"You got into that school!!"

Callie's mouth opened. "I...I did?"

"Yeah!!" Kayla nodded.

Callie grabbed the paper and showed it to Amy. "I...I can't believe it," Callie exclaimed. "I'm an artist, Aimes!! I'M GOING TO BE AN ARTIST!"

Amy and Callie hugged, jumping up and down. Down the block, however, Amy's mom screamed "AMY!! THERE'S MAIL FOR YOU!"

Amy and Callie dashed down the street, Kayla crying that she wanted to go too but their parents wouldn't allow her, and they found her Mom holding an envelope with a frown. "Sweetie," she said. "You don't need to..." She looked at Callie. "Callie, I'm sorry, but this letter is a little personal-"
"What?" Amy asked. "Why can't she-"
"It's about her father,"

Amy froze. Callie nodded. "I-I guess. It's fine, Amy. See you later?"
"Sure," Amy nodded.
Callie ran back down the block and Amy looked at her Mom. "What about my dad?"

Her Mom smiled hopefully and handed her a letter that was opened. "Sorry, I peeked."

Amy didn't mind; for years she'd barely known anything about her own dad. She stared at the paper, let down, yet confused, by the words.


Headmistress: Minerva McGonagall

(Former Prefect; Former Head Girl; Won Transfiguring Today's Most Promising Newcomer Award)

Dear Miss Amber Jones,

We are pleased to inform you that you, Amber, have been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry. Please find enclosed list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins on September 1st; we expect your owl no later than July 31st.

Yours Sincerely,

Professor Longbottom

Deputy Headmaster

"Mom," Amy said. "What does this mean? This is a joke, isn't it?"

Her Mom shook her head. "Sweetie, your father was a wizard. He...I got mad at him when he finally told me. We had you, he told me a while after we married and we fought about it. And he left. Y-you may go to Hogwarts, dear. You are a witch. You're like your father so much..."

Amy fidgeted awkwardly. "But...what about school here?"

"Never mind your schooling here," she shrugged. "You can be in the Wizarding World, if you wish, or in this world."

Amy cleared her throat. "Would I see you?"

Her Mom smiled brightly. "Yes, dear. Every summer and vacation. Your vacation is most likely the same as here; Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter-you get the gist?"

Amy giggled and nodded. "M-Mom...?"
"You want to go, don't you?" Her Mom gave her a pained smile.

Amy looked down. "I...Is it real...?"

"Completely," her mom promised. "And it's where you are meant to be."

And that was that; Amy was going to a new school. As a cover, she told her friends that her Dad's old school was trying to get her in, which they were actually succeeding at. Callie was devastated, and so was Amy. Sure, she was ecstatic to be a witch, but...she'd miss Callie. After all, they'd been best friends since they were toddlers.

But her only problem;They didn't know where to go to find Amy's supplies for Hogwarts.

One day there was a knock at the door and a man answered the door. He had a bright smile and greeted me in awe as Amy answered the door. "May I help you?" she asked him, chomping into what was left of the chocolate chip cookies Mom had made.

The man smiled wide. "I'm one of your new proffesors, Amber."
"I prefer Amy," she admitted, a little shocked to see one of her new professors.

The man smiled wide. "Right, sorry, Amy. I'll be your Defence Against the Dark Arts Teacher; D.A.D.A, for short."

Amy smiled. "Cool."

"I'm here to take you to Diagon Alley," he said. "To get your supplies."

Amy tilted her head. "Really?"

He nodded with a pleasant smile.
Amy bit her lip. "I still don't know your name, though."
He chuckled. "Professor Charles Goodley."

Amy stared at him and she stopped chewing her cookie. "Whaaatt?"

He smiled. "Hi, Amber."

Amy blinked. "MOOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!"
"Wha, what's wrong-" Her mother ran over to the door and froze when she saw Charles. "You!" She yelped.

Goodley smiled. "Hello, Sara,"

Amy's mother gulped. " your father-"
"And D.A.D.A. proffessor," Goodley smiled. "Don't forget that."

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