Confessions of a Bookaholic

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Entry # 2

Submitted: February 05, 2013

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Submitted: February 05, 2013



Entry # 2- SEPTEMBER 3RD 2012

Sorry I haven’t written in a while; I’ve been occupied by a book that had the most AGITATING and ANNOYING ending ever: A Farewell to Arms.

I mean, REALLY!? THAT’S how you end it, Ernest Hemingway!? L …I thought we were friends in my subconscious!

Well, anyway, Fillie’s horse show last week went well. She rode on her favorite horse, Diomedes, and she won second in the jumping portion of the competition. Yes, I too have little knowledge to what that actually means. Sometimes I feel like I spend too much time reading to even pay attention to what my sister really thinks and cares about.

You people don’t know who my best friend is yet! Sorry, I’d almost forgotten that...His name- to you people-is James. Oh, right, and before you imply a single thing, I’m going to let this out; he’s not even straight. So, do yourself a favor, and shut up. *I’m not TRYING to be pessimistic, it just gets annoying*

Anyways, James came over today and we played Scrabble. I kicked his ass at the game within a half hour. He needs to work on not sitting in front of the mirror. After I won at Scrabble, we both talked about our school classes for the upcoming year: NINTH GRADE *Que the creepy music*. To my dismay, James only has one class the same as me, and that’s chorus. Can’t wait, right? School begins next week, on the 5th. Yay.

After James’s mother came to get him, I relaxed. I took my favorite book, The Fault in Our Stars, and I skimmed. The one thing TFiOS lacks: the lacking of giggly moments. EVERY FIVE SECONDS I WAS ECSTATIC!!!!! Even the fourth time I was rereading it was forcing me to giggle about Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus’s experiences with Isaac at the Night of the Living Trophies (READ THE BOOK!).

I enjoy skimming through the books I love in order to relax. That’s part of my problem, according to James and some people. Don’t get me wrong, James is my best friend. But he doesn’t understand me. No one does, really. Being a geek is not my only problem. James is a geek, after all. He understands me there. But in bookaholism? Nope.

I have no one when it comes to being a bookaholic. Why should I? I’m like Arya Stark after she’s forced to leave King’s Landing: always alone, and pretending to be part of something she’s not a part of.

In the middle of skimming TFiOS, James called my cell. We had a conversation that went like...

Me: Hi. What’s up?

James: Nothin much. Just chillin with Trevor.

Me: Oh, really? Tell him I said ‘hi’.

James calls ‘TRINITY SAYS HI, TREVOR!!!’ to his older brother. I hear Trevor call back “HI, TRINITY!!!!”

James: He says ‘hi’.

Me: Cool...

James: ...

Me: ...

James: Ready for ninth grade?

Me: No. Who in their right mind would be ready to go back into a hellhole where kids act stupid?

James: Yes, kids can act very stupid.

Me: ...James, I didn’t mean that.

James: Whatever, Trinity...I’ll see you later, kay?

Me: James!

James: *sighs* Leave it alone, Trinity.

Me: Okay, okay. I didn’t mean to bring it up, though-

James: I have to finish the summer reading packet, okay? It’s due on the second day of school, and that’s about a week away. Bye, okay?

Me: Okay, bye...

After James and I stopped talking, I reflected on how idiotic a person can be when they don’t think about what they’re saying. I shouldn’t have brought up the ‘who could be ready for idiots’ subject. After all, those idiots make James’s life torture.

They’re always calling him names. And for WHAT, you ask? Oh, right, he doesn’t have a crush on a girl, he likes guys better. WHO THE F CARES!? So he’s gay, what’s the matter with it? ...Sometimes people agitate me a lot.

Oh, well. Yet another flaw with society: acceptance.

Gays are looked as freaks, even though they’re actually quite normal, and geeks are thought as weird, and over-weight people are thought as inferior...

Which brings me to my favorite book quote:

“I have a realistic grasp of my own strengths and weaknesses. My mind is my weapon. My brother has his sword, King Robert has his warhammer, and I have my mind… and a mind needs books as a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. That’s why I read so much, Jon Snow.”

Ah, George R.R. Martin...someone gets me.

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