Watch Over My Life

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - What Goes on Under the Table?

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What Goes on Under the Table?

As Jessica quietly closed the door behind her, she felt a sudden pang of guiltiness for leaving again. But she had to. She needed to be in work for nine and Jake, well, Jake did what he wanted. After all, he was the boss. He could stroll in and out any time he liked.

When she woke, she watched him for a few minutes. Her body was wrapped in his as if he were protecting her in some sort of cocoon. She stared as his muscular chest moving up and down with each even intake of breath. He looked consequently peaceful as his closed lids delicately hid his brown eyes; the same eyes she got lost in so many times.

She hated the thoughts of getting out of bed. She just wanted to stay there, covered up in his warmth, but she was lying to herself by thinking that maybe, he wanted the same thing. She wasn't that naive. She knew exactly why he was there.

But that worked for her too. The last thing she wanted in her life right now was a man. She didn't have the strength to deal with it. She didn't need the complications of a relationship. There was too much at risk. She didn't want her heart to get broken, and she definitely did not want to drag someone else into her situation. Making someone's life complicated because of her "issues" was not her goal. That wasn't fair on anybody.

Many times she was told to live her life as normal as possible. Well, that was exactly what she was doing. And she got herself a hot guy to do it with. Life was good.

She hoped he wouldn't be too offended when he woke to the note she had left on her pillow.

"There is food in the cupboards. Eat, and get your ass out my apartment.

See you at work,


In fact, she dreaded seeing him at work. She knew all the emotions from the night before would come swirling back.

Though she had told herself countless of times that she would stay away from him and that she could resist the temptation; seeing him standing at her door last night, daring her to give in, her guard crumbled to pieces, and she hadn't a hope of putting it back together. Even now, the thought of him made her want to run back to the apartment and wake him up with her uncontrollable kisses.

She no longer recognised herself. Jessica was always the girl who never showed her emotions. Somehow, she found a way to hide them so deep, not even she felt them. It wasn't that she had a problem with her feelings, she just hated to let people see them. She was the girl who was always scared to let someone in. Especially now, she didn't need anyone else to get hurt. It was better if she kept everything to herself. That way she protected the people she loved the most. She was still trying to tell herself that she would get through this unscratched, but deep inside she knew it was a lie.

She dwelt on it all the way to her office, where she threw her bag on the floor, sighing heavily when a pile of new paper work appeared on her desk. Today was Friday, and she was looking forward to the weekend. She just wanted to relax and be normal. She also wanted to go out and get heavily drunk.

Bad idea, she told herself. She didn't know where she would end up; probably Jake's bed.

Yes, that was definitely a bad idea.

The paper work seemed to go on forever, but she finally finished it, signing her signature at the end, slipping it into a large brown envelope before handing it to Sophie to post.

She also had a new book to edit. She was looking forward to reading this one. It was untitled, but it was written from a young, up and coming female author, named Elizabeth Harold – an enthusiastic, goofy girl who knew exactly what she was writing about and where she wanted to go with it. Jessica met with her once before and found her highly interesting. She could have talked to her for hours. When she found out that Jessica was a book editor she started sending her work to her.

She leaned back in her chair, and took the thick book in her hand. She read six lines when she heard a light cough at the door.

Her head popped up to see Jake standing there, his body leaning against the door frame with two coffee cups weighing in each hand.

Why does he have coffee? He never drinks the stuff, she thought to herself.

"Coffee?" he greeted her, holding up the cardboard cups as he strolled into her office.

Unfortunately for her, she was dying for a cup of coffee, and thankfully for him, she was going to accept it.

"Thanks," she whispered, taking the hot cup in her hands.

He placed himself in the leather chair opposite her on the other side of her desk.

"People will talk, Jake. It isn't difficult to notice you walking in here with that undeniable bounce in your step giving me coffee. It's very gossip worthy," she teased.

"Let them talk then."

"You know as well as I do, they don't need much to start a story around here."

"It's coffee, Jess. I thought you might need it. I know you have a lot on lately," he said, lifting the cover of the cup and blowing on the hot liquid.

She sipped on it slowly, letting the warmth slide down her throat. "Worried about me, are we?"

"I'm not worried. I'm your boss, and I know when you have a lot on," he stated. The mention of him being her boss brought her straight back to square one.

"What are you doing here, Jake? My table is too small for any funny business and I am seriously not in the mood." She was a bad liar and he knew it. His smirk told her he didn't believe a word of it.

"You have a terrible impression of me," he grinned, and she couldn't help but smile back at him. "You left this morning?" It was more of a question than a statement of fact.

"I had to. I have work at nine," she explained, inhaling the smell of the coffee.

"I don't think I would have fired you for being late."

"I know that, but like you said, I have a lot on. Someone has to work around here," she taunted, meeting his gaze.

He merely shrugged, staring out onto the city. "So what are you doing tonight?" he queried, looking back at her.

"I don't know yet, but it's not you," she replied, knowing exactly what he meant. He chuckled to himself, his laugh making his nose wrinkle. "I am relaxing tonight, and that does not include having sex with you."

"Do I tire you out, Jess?"

"As matter of fact, you do. Walking is a need that I have."

"Thank you very much," he nodded, obviously pleased with himself. She had to bite her jaw to stop herself from giggling aloud when he began to yawn.

"Do I tire you out, Jake?" she mocked, repeating his words; moving forward, leaning her elbows on the desk.

"I bought the coffee for a reason, Jess. I never drink this crap, but it keeps me awake."

She could feel her cheeks get hot with embarrassment.

"Don't you have work to do?" she questioned, making random notes on a page. "You could be doing better things with your time besides bothering me."

"That hurt, babe. That scarred my heart," he played, dramatically holding his hand over his chest.

"Get out!" she droned, throwing a pen at him. "Go on. Get your ass out of my office. I have work that needs to be done."

"Fine," he threw up his hands in surrender. "See you at the meeting later," he winked before he left the room.

She hated those meetings. It was an hour of nothing. It was basically a meeting of about twenty executive workers talking about how the company was going and certain issues they may have. She knew Jake hated it too. She often had to kick him under the table to wake him up. He pretended to listen, but he never did. Jessica knew that face when he totally tuned out of something and was in a complete daydream. He always looked too focused when he was off in his own world. His eyes squinted, making it seem like was doing maths in his head.

With that, her phone buzzed to life on the table. She picked it up quickly, scanning over the caller id before answering. It was her sister, April.

"Hey baby sis," she answered happily.

"Hello," April replied sceptically. "Why are you so cheery? Who have you been screwing?" she blurted.

"Am I only happy when I am screwing someone?" Jessica grunted loudly. "I am allowed to be happy. Would you prefer if I was a depression case?"

"I suppose not," April answered. "Anyway, I am ringing to tell you that you have to come over tonight. Mom is cooking dinner for everyone because Pete is home," she explained.

"Great. What time?"

"About seven. And tell, Jake not to forget my DVD. He borrowed it a few weeks ago and I haven't seen it since."

Jessica blinked a couple of times, letting her sisters words digest.

"Please don't tell me, Jake is coming tonight?" Her mouth suddenly went dry.

"Jake, is coming tonight," April stated dryly. "Get over it, Jess. Besides, you know the way Mom is with Jake. If she wasn't married to Dad she would try and make him her toy boy. He is like a brother to Pete, and me for that matter," April went on. "Anyway, I don't really care how you two work together, or why you two are so bitter towards each other; just tell him not to forget that DVD. I will personally strangle you if you do."

"Fine, I will tell him," Jessica huffed, feeling defeated. "I have to go, April.," she said before they both said their goodbyes, and Jessica rushed off to that hell hole of a meeting she needed to get to.

Thirty minutes later, there he was, doing it again. He was sitting next to her in the conference room with his eyes squinting, his nose wrinkling and his mouth set in a hard line. He looked hysterical, but she promised herself she would not laugh. She would end up looking like an idiot because she was sure she was the only one noticing the expression on his face. Obviously, there were other women staring at him, but it wasn't for the look on his face; it was for his face in general.

Jessica tried to tune out as Mr Johnson, another partner in the company, rambled on about how they could do more to safe energy in the building. She really despised these meetings. She never saw the point of her being there.

Starting to scribble in her notebook from boredom, she looked back at Jake, who still had that stupid look on his face. She wondered what he was thinking about.

Was he thinking about her? Was he thinking about the night they had spent together?

Of course he wasn't thinking about her. Why would Jake think about her? They may have slept together, but that meant nothing to him. He slept with women all the time and he never gave them a second thought, so why would she be any different?

She wasn't, that was the point. He had better things to think about than her.

But that didn't stop her from wanting to be her mischievous self. She bit down on her lip to hide the smirk that was tugging at her mouth. Her hand twitched with the want to touch him. And for once, she gave in to what her body wanted.

Slowly, she placed her hand under the table, gently dancing her fingers on his thigh before squeezing it tightly.

"Whoa." Jake jumped, automatically trying to compose himself.

"Are you OK, Jake?" Mr Johnson asked, looking slightly worried.

"Am, yeah, I'm fine. Just hit my knee," he explained, swallowing hard as she trailed her fingers up and down his thigh, smiling innocently in the process.

"OK," Mr Johnson nodded slowly, looking unsure as he went back to rambling on about energy saving, or at least that was what she thought he was talking about. She wasn't really paying attention.

She pinched on her lip playfully with her teeth as she watched him stiffen in his seat, his body rigid as her hand grew closer and closer to the area she knew he was dreading, but yet, longed for her to touch.

"Jess," he leaned closer to her ear, and she knew it was killing him to quiet the moan that was playing on his parted lips. His breathing was becoming heavier by the second. She tried her best to suppress the giggle that was bubbling in her throat. "What?... Wh..."

She continued to look straight at Mr Johnson as she began rubbing her fingers closer and closer.

"Jess, we are in a meeting," he breathed, stuttering over his words.

"Yeah," she turned to look at him, her famous sparkle glinting in her eyes, "revenge is a bitch," she whispered, moistening her full lips with her tongue.

As she continued, she finally reached the one area she knew would send him over the top. Her fingers massaging him softly, her palm playing along his suit pants. She watched him in amusement as he moved around in his seat, his hand constantly rubbing over the beads of sweat on his forehead.

"That is it for today. I will see you all Monday," Mr Johnson announced.

She didn't stop when people began packing away their belongings. She wanted to see him sweat a bit more. She slowly pressed against him, unassumingly pressing her lips to his ear. To anyone else, they were sharing a private conversation, but to Jake, he just received Jessica's moist tongue around his neck.

"Sweet Jesus," he let out and God forgive her, but she burst out with laughter. This was brilliant entertainment. "I'm sorry everyone," he apologised to his colleagues leaving the room who had now turned around to see what all the commotion was about. "This damn table is really low down for my knees."

When a sexual act was involved, he was a miserable liar.

But all of this did not stop his quiet moan sending thrills through her as she removed her hand. He looked extremely disappointed as she stood up. She positioned herself, leaning over his shoulder so that she could whisper in his ear. "Oh the sweet joys of revenge. I don't think you should stand up for a while, it might be a bit obvious what we were up to under that table, and I don't think you would want everyone to know that you are having sex with one of your employees," her voice was serious.

"Everything OK down there, Miss Connors?" Mr Johnson asked, narrowing his gaze.

She straightened up and smiled. "Everything is just fine. I was just making sure that, Jake was okay. He was looking a bit pale. But everything seems to be looking up now," she smiled, biting down on her lip to stop herself from laughing at the private digs she was sending to Jake while everyone else was oblivious to what she was talking about.

"OK sweetheart, I will see you Monday," Mr Johnson always seemed to use loving names towards his staff. Well, the young girls at least.

"See you later, Jake," Jessica said as she walked away. "Oh and April said not to forget that DVD," she smirked, parting her moistened lips.

She couldn't help but laugh at she walked away; the image of him sitting there in his chair, unable to stand up with his mouth hanging open in shock, played over and over in her mind.

Wow, she felt evil, but when it came to that man, she really didn't mind.

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