Im Different

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Esme`e Holmes life is turned upside down quicker then she has been able to put all her favorite parts together ,she soon discovers that being the daughter of the Devil himself can have its good times but more bad then you'd bargain for.
Leaving the only place she knew as home to go live in Satan's Glory she discovers that he has been secretly grooming her for the perfect murder weapon Esme`e gets drawn in to deep from her fathers nice and almost to caring gestures.
Will Esme`e find the Ark Angel in her soon enough to save herself and the Holmes family?
Can she betray her father enough to save her dignity and soul?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Im Different

Submitted: May 26, 2011

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Submitted: May 26, 2011




I could int take it anymore , the family I grew up thinking was mine had turned into nothing more but another lie I had grown up with I mean first I had thought my real father had died, now I learn he was just the twin of my Devil like father ,only this time around I was the only innisent one in all this mess , now Im still growing up with the woman I had once called 'mother' ,a sister I was bought up calling 'Ali' instead of 'Nale' ,and a younger brother who had always called me 'Sam' just  like GranpaMax always had done even though my name was Esme`e.

I could not tell weather the entire truth had come out or if there wre still some lies ,lieing low behind the truth.

'Esme`e'mother began'lets just please talk about this ,where would you good either way?. . .you cant just leave now its way to late for that now'

 I was rudely ignoring her , pacing up and down my room throughing what I would need into a small bag ,she was right it was late so I could not take all my humanly possessions with me I would not need them much knowing what I am either way they would just do a good job at reminding  me of 'home'.

'Sam' Justin came waltsing though my room , he stool tall and manly something I would particularly miss little of him'you cant just leave - that man cares little for you .' he was refuring to my real , biological father .

'He's my father , would you not do the  same ?' I turned to look at the the three of them - Mother , Nale and younge ,now thiteen Justin.

He stood and shook he's head , a bearly visable tear crincled up under Nale's eye.'Sam-'

'My name is Esme`e ,damn it!' I yelled , my  facewent blood red as the dry A laskan winter winds blew my bedroom windows open.

'Esme`e,' he sounded ,the name sounded unfimiluar to he's tonge as it roughly rolled out of he's mouth out into the open 'your real father doesnt need to be married to your blood mother , or to be the sperm donar for you to be firtilized. . .He just needs a heart like yours .He needs to love you,'

'He'll learn to love - he's daughter -'

'That Devil has no heart. . .He  cares not .'Nale said this . 

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