Im Diffrent

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esmee moves 'home'. . .

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Im Diffrent

Submitted: June 15, 2011

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Submitted: June 15, 2011



Once you move home

I walked into the house , my father leading me into the lounge . He was tall ,masculan ,he's eyes were a dark crisp ,fairly large and they were indulging.He's hair was a light rusty blond colour and it reached just to he's shoulders,his voice wasnot warm but it was it had some form of affection in it. . .I just could not figure what it was there for or who it was there for. 'I suppose you've been on the road for hours?'he began as I sat down on the black , leather couch accross of him. 'Im from New York , in Miami Vice. . .So, yes I think so,'I replied rudely 'Well I'll personaly be showing you to your room,'he began understandingly ignoring my rude reply'then we can have dinner together.' 'I'm not intrested in anything but a couple of answers.Understood?' 'Like you told your mother-' 'Cut!'I yelled standing up'That woman is any witch but a mother to me. . .Now please, start again.' 'Umh , Leonet ,umh yes Leonet.Like you told her I happen to be your father that stands for something in this house. That means you cannot raise your stem at me in my own house- am Im understood?'he asked now with a thick and instructive vioce. 'Are you acturely asking me to show you the lousey father that you've been my respect?'I laughed'You must be kidding me-you were serouse?' 'Yes Esmee, I am serouse this is my house , my room under it my voices say'swhat's-what. . .Understood?' 'Whate-' 'Are I understood?' '. . .Perfectly!'I agreed rolling my eyes at him as I sat back down 'Im not hungry can I maybe go straight to bed . . .I'll leave tommorrow morning.' 'You are not going any where. . .I instead will give you you're answers.'

The house was a mansion. My room was wonderous.My bed was a king sized , the pillows were still big and puffy , the electric blankets never got to warm but they never went cold. The underfloor heating was set at the most perfect tempuratur that I had ever found it in my entire fifteen(15) years alive. I slept like a baby, not a nightmare just longing for my now ex bed an d my once was family!

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