love by night

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Chapter 2 (v.1)

Submitted: April 05, 2010

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Submitted: April 05, 2010



The dreams wouldn’t stop.

When Jack bit me, my world turned black and everything around me began to spin. I suddenly felt weightless, and for a moment thought something had gone wrong and that I was dying, on my way up to heaven. I may do a lot of bad things in my life, but I’ve always believed in God.

I wasn’t so sure if vampirism contradicted that, though.

It was all dark. I couldn’t see, and my mouth felt like someone had dumped a load of coals inside. I screamed, and the pain was so fierce that I couldn’t even cry. I opened my mouth to scream again, but then the wind hit my mouth and it exploded in pain. I almost lost consciousness from the pain, but then the pain roused me again.

Then the dreams started.

All these weird abstract objects began to float around, and I sat in a grassy area, underneath a tree. There was a sundial next to me, but the sun wasn’t out. It was all dark, but for the light of a bright full moon and I was surrounded by trees, silhouetted by the moonlight. The pain in my mouth had dulled while I was there, but I could still feel it which made me question whether or not I was dreaming.

Then I thought of Jack. Jack . . . Who’s Jack again? No! I thought to myself. I know who Jack is. From somewhere I couldn’t see, I heard his voice. “It’s okay babe, I’m right here.”

His voice soothed me but did nothing to qualm the pain. “I’m not leaving. Just stay with me. It’ll be over soon.”

Then the vision changed. Another pale moon, but in a different place. A city, but there were no lights as though it were abandoned. My stomach felt hollow, as though I’d never had a meal before in my life. I cried because it hurt so bad from hunger.

Then there were bodies. Hundreds upon hundreds of bodies. All of them had my name scrawled across them in scratches and I averted my eyes, crying harder. Their necks were savagely ripped apart and the blood seeping out called to me. Not in actual words but the smell was intoxicating.

I walked up but before I got to one, it changed again. Something howled and I was in the middle of a forest. Night again. I called out, “Where’s the sun?”

A hundred voices replied, “It’s gone forever.”

I turned around and the bodies I’d seen were now lined up behind me. It scared me and I closed my eyes. “Why is this happening?”

Only one voice replied. “This is your life. This is your choice. This is your night. This will be you, forever. Only night. You will thirst by night, sleep by day. Talk by night. Learn by night. Live by night. Love by night.”

Only night, I thought. Then the pain returned, making me cry out again. Then, it felt like someone punched me in the kidneys and I collapsed, laying on my back. As I lay there, hours passed, and I could feel my insides being twisted and it felt like I swallowed a knife. My heart began to thump rapidly. I lifted my head but now when I opened my eyes everything was dark.

These visions of night wouldn’t stop. Only night.

The crushing severity of what I was doing set in. There were my parents, but they couldn’t see me. It was like a glass wall had been erected between us and now the only thing I could see was the night. They were there, in the sunlight, but I couldn’t reach them. “Help,” I called out feebly.


My chest burned and felt tight as though it would explode. It kept thumping and I called out, “I’m dying!”

“You’re not,” Jack’s voice soothed me. Then, the thumping stopped. All sound stopped. Nothing was there. I wasn’t there. My heart had stopped.

I was dead.

Then, it thumped again. A second passed. Thump.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

It beat regularly again but now I felt like I’d just run a marathon or something. All my muscles ached but I felt relief wash over me because the pain in my mouth had stopped. It was replaced by a strange tingling feeling, like my teeth were on the verge of falling out. I ran my tongue over them, and felt razor sharp fangs.

My stomach still felt hollow too. Empty.

I breathed in, finally, and gasped a few times, only now realizing I hadn’t been breathing before.

“Babe?” I heard Jack’s voice over me. I opened my eyes.

“Where are we?” I asked. I looked around me and noticed we were in some abandoned house. Then I knew where we were. The abandoned house on Clarke Street. Jack repeated my thoughts to me as I realized this.

“What day is it?” I asked, wondering what my parents thought happened to me.

“Wednesday,” Jack replied. I sat up straight, stunned.

“Wednesday? It’s been five days?” I clapped my hand to my forehead. “I am so dead.” If my parents weren’t already from worry.

“It’s okay,” Jack assured me. “I called them and pretended I was you, asking if you could come with me to the city for a few days. Your parents said yes, but one question.”

“What?” Oh great, I thought. He talked to my parents so this may not be good.

“Did your parents know you were, uh, gay?” My stomach dropped. “No, why?”

He coughed nervously. He didn’t need to say it, his face said it all, but he did anyway. “They, uh, do now.”

“Crap,” I whispered into the dark. This wouldn’t be easy to explain, but at least they “knew” where I was. “Where’s my phone?”

Jack took it from his pocket and handed it to me. I flipped it open and turned it on. As soon as it fired up, I was bombarded with seventy-three texts and forty-nine voicemails. “Great,” I said, closing it and resolving to check them later.

“So where we gonna eat?” I asked Jack. He looked around, then started sniffing. “There’s someone nearby.”

I sniffed too and then smelled it. Oh my goodness, it smelled sweet but had a little tang to it. I thought of warm turkey dinners with gravy and stuffing, but also of cheeseburgers and ice-cold sodas. Every food I loved came to mind as I sniffed the air.

I’d wondered for half a second before he bit me whether I’d have trouble drinking someone’s blood, but now it didn’t matter. It smelled too good.

“Let’s get to it,” I said, standing up.

My hunger far outweighed any morals I had to deal with about drinking someone’s blood. I didn’t like it, but I knew I needed it.

But then, I thought. This is a person. Someone’s life I’m taking. My heart dropped. Jack was walking to the door and then stopped, either from sensing my thoughts for because I didn’t move. “We don’t need to do it from a person.”

“Can we do animals or something?” I asked, hopefully.

“Ew, no,” said Jack, smiling. “I meant, we’ll just, uh, kind of need to rob a blood bank.”

“Oh,” I said, wondering if I’d feel better becoming a thief than a murderer. Yes, I decided. Yes I would.

“Okay,” I said, rubbing my hands together. “where is one?”

“Right down the road,” Jack replied. “I thought this might be a problem, so I made sure we were near one.”

“Can we . . . Survive on blood banks?”

“Oh, sure,” said Jack. “from what I hear, lots of vampires do.”

I nodded. “Okay, then. Let’s do it.”

He smiled again and started walking out the door. I followed and stepped into the night and noticed the first thing that was different. I knew it was still winter, but the air felt nice and comfortable. It was night, but I felt that warmth only felt during the day. It was as if the dark was only an illusion, and the sun was really out. Nice.

We walked up the road to an imposing looking brick building, lit only by a single yellow streetlamp. I stopped at the corner and turned to look at Jack, but he wasn’t there. I felt a tinge of panic in me, then turned the other way and there he was. “Oh,” I sighed.

“We’ll go in through the back, I guess,” Jack said, looking up at the building. He seemed . . . Disappointed.

“Did you want to do something else?” I asked. His face lit up. “Yeah, like actual humans?” His tone suggested he’d been hoping I’d see reason this whole time. Sighing, I decided I could at least try.

I’m a vampire, what else should I do, I guess.

“Come on,” Jack said, pulling me after him. “there’s nothing like it on earth. You’ll love it.” I walked after him and suddenly felt winded. Gasping, I asked, “What’s wrong with me?” Jack slowed but didn’t stop.

“It’s because you’re hungry,” he responded. “you’ll feel better right after.”

Fat chance, I thought. Jack let go of my hand and kept walking ahead of me. His stride was like a cheetah’s. I could tell that at any moment, he could zip off and be gone in a heartbeat, but he kept slow so I could keep up.

“There,” he said, suddenly stopping. I stopped too, and looked where he was pointing. My head felt fuzzy from all the walking and I hadn’t paid attention to where we were headed, but noticed we were at a park.

In the distance, I could see a man jogging on a path, holding a leash where a dog ran beside him. “Him?” I asked. Jack nodded. I could see fine in the dark, but my vision was clouded by dark spots. I felt faint.

“Let me take him down,” Jack whispered. “then you come drink. You need it.”

I could only nod as I sat down. I felt like I’d suddenly gained several hundred pounds and tried to run a marathon. I could smell something like a turkey dinner on the air, mixed in with something sweet. Delicious. I looked around, groggily, trying to gauge where the smell came from but so far all I could see was park, and trees in the park.

“Greg,” Jack whispered. I jumped because I hadn’t heard him come up behind me. I turned to ask what, but he wasn’t there. “Jack?” I called into the darkness.

“Over here,” his whispered voice came again, but I couldn’t see him. It sounded like he was right next to my ear, though. Am I going crazy? I wondered.

“No, come over here, through the trees,” Jack’s disembodied voice said. “I’m talking to you with my mind, man. Keep up.”

I grunted way more than necessary getting up, but I felt even more exhausted. Somehow, I lumbered through the trees to where I thought he might be when Jack was suddenly right in front of me. “Hey,” he said.


“I just want to warn you,” his voice was careful. “you might not like this at first.”

“Why?” I felt the panic coming back. “What is it?”

“Well, he’s,” Jack scratched his neck. “he’s alive, still. Paralyzed.”

“Oh God,” I mumbled but let him lead me through the trees anyway. I didn’t expect it, though, when we came out and there was the man who’d just been jogging. Full of life not five minutes ago, now he lay here on the ground; a feast for us.

“Oh no,” I said, my human instincts to live and let live kick in. “shouldn’t we call someone?” Jack was there, in a flash, holding my hand again. “Come on, you need it.”

I walked over and now my legs felt like jelly. When I got to the man, I realized the turkey dinner and sweet smell was emanating from him. I looked down and couldn’t help myself, now, I leaned in and bit down. My fangs punctured the skin easily.

I felt like I’d just bit into a Capri-Sun pouch with a straw, and now I could suck up into my mouth as easy as if there had been a straw. The blood came rushing out and when his heart beat, more gushed inside. I let out a moan of pleasure; it tasted so good. Better than anything I’d ever had, and I drank fast.

Until I saw the guy’s face.

His eyes were wide in panic and distress, but he couldn’t move. Why, I wasn’t sure. I felt like a monster in that moment, and wanted to throw up. I stood and then noticed I didn’t feel shaky anymore. I felt, well, better.

Jack caught my arm. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay, but can we let him go?” I asked, hopefully. Jack shook his head solemnly. “He’s gonna tell,” Jack whispered. I looked down at the guy. I’m sure if he could move he’d be shaking his head.

I tried to push those feelings of humanity away. I’m not a human anymore, I told myself until I felt better. Than, I leaned down and sucked the last ebbs of life out of his scared body. I felt him go limp, and stopped.

I leaned back on my heels, wiping my mouth and cried.


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