Is he worth the wait?

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Kayden.

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Submitted: July 23, 2010



Don't break for someone who won't bend for you.

“We don’t wear no miniskirts, all we wear is soccer shirts! We don’t play with Barbie dolls; we just play with soccer balls! We don’t drink no lemonade, we just chug down Gatorade! We don’t fool around with guys, we just say you wish, good bye! We can dribble, shoot and pass. Better what out, we’ll kick your ass!” My best friend Kayden yelled as she stuck her middle finger up to the cheerleaders.

I giggled a little and smiled as Kayden walked up to me, placed her arms around me and squeezed.

“I see my ol’ pal is doing well,” I smiled embracing her back.
“Better than ever Els, better than ever,” Kayden replied with an award winning smile plastered on her face.
“You do realise your sweaty right?” I informed her trying to edge away from her sticky soccer shirt.
“That’s the effect you have on me Els, can’t get better than this!” Kayden laughed putting her arms up so you could see the sweat patches.


“Oi you skank dyke, you nearly knocked us out over here, go take a shower, for the first time in like... forever,” Charlotte Kain, a complete air hair headed bimbo who was also the cliché head cheerleader shouted in our direction.
“Oh Charlotte, oh how I love your wonderful ways. I was just on my way for a shower, how about you’d like to join me? I know you wanna,” Kayden winked grabbing a handful of her own breasts.
“EW, you are gross. Girls, I told you she was a lesbian, I’m so glad we don’t have to share a changing room with her. I feel so sorry for all the other girls on the soccer team,” Charlotte said tossing her bleached hair over her shoulder.

Kayden growled, pulled the hair tie off her wrist and placed her hair up in a bun with it.

“This is going to get pretty nasty,” Kayden whispered deeply out of breath.
“You know she isn’t worth it, right?” I reminded her.
“Hell yeah, this is for my pleasure Elsie. Revenge is sweet!” Kayden spoke in a high pitched voice.

Kayden marched over to Charlotte and I was right by her side. I wasn’t a nerd, I was known by certain people. People wouldn’t touch me because my brother won every football game of last season. And he’s still doing a pretty good job now, they wouldn’t want to anger him. I personally couldn’t care less who knew me or who didn’t. I did a good job to make sure I wasn’t standing out.

“You smell like something died, oh wait, it did. Your hair,” Charlotte fake giggled hi-5ing the other cheerleaders.
“Yeah, I mean, like, you are so totally, like, flat-chested and you’re so pale. You look like a fricking vampire,” Ashlee Yates, another girl on the cheerleading squad snorted.

Kayden smiled to herself and looked in the corner of her eye at me. I knew that look, I defiantly knew that look. Some shit was about to go down.

“Charlotte if I were you, I’d ru-“

Kayden was cut off by the guys on the football team crowd around, some put their arms around the cheerleader’s shoulders, others jumped on each other’s backs. Charlotte looked behind her to see all the football lads grinning at her.

“Hey beautiful,” The most amazing voice spoke making its way next to the slut, aka. Charlotte.
“She isn’t going to be beautiful in a second,” Kayden gritted through her teeth.
“Now, now. Kayden, I’ve known you near enough all my life, your never this violent,” Harrison Jefferies spoke with a hint of playfulness in his eyes.
“Obviously you didn’t get to know me very well,” Kayden said edging her way towards Charlotte.

A few mumbles came from behind the crowd and the last person on earth I wanted to see, showed up.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, what’s going on here?” Eric Greene smiled, then his attention turned to me and he wolf whistled.

Eric checked me out. Eric Greene checked me out. EW! He started by looking at my shoes, which were black converses with a heart on the front, his eyes crawled up my bare legs to reach my denim shorts which I regretted putting on now. His eyes narrowed as he saw that I was wearing an old band t-shirt but his smile returned when he gradually got to my face.

“Hey Elsie, how’s life without me?” Eric winked.

Yeah, this slime ball and I actually have a past. We were together for 3 years, until I turned 16. He was so sweet, charming and he used to be incredibly gorgeous. And then he became friends with Charlotte. Her sick and twisted mind made him change. He suddenly asked me to die my hair blonde, lose 10 pounds, and get a tan... A clone Barbie. And I ended it. Just like that. What’s the point in trying to be someone I’m not, right?

“More than perfect,” I replied with a fake smile plastered on my face.
“You’re looking... yummy,” Eric grinning biting his lip a little.
“I’d hit that,” I smiled towards Eric, “With my car.”

Everyone laughed apart from Eric who was now glaring at me. He took out a cigarette, lit it and blew the smoke in my face. I grimaced.

“Are you ok?” Kayden asked me.
“Fine,” I replied screwing my nose up at Eric.
“Good because now I can actually do this.”

Kayden launched herself at Charlotte with 126 pounds of her body. Everyone stepped back, including Harrison which meant Charlotte was tackled to the ground. Everyone gathered round and I was pushed forward a little, you could call it a front row seat. Charlotte tried grabbing Kayden’s hair but what could she grab onto? Kayden had put her hair in a bun. Kayden sat on top of Charlotte, Charlotte closed her eyes and prepared herself for what was coming next.

You could hear the crunch in Charlotte’s jaw, everyone ‘Oohed’ and some even took more steps back as Kayden kept hitting Charlotte, harder and harder. After Charlotte now had a swollen eye and a busted nose, Kayden was picked up and thrown over Harrison’s shoulder. He walked away from the crowd and off the field. I ran after him, maybe he’ll notice me... Just this once?

“Are you crazy Kay?” Harrison shouted, “That’s my girlfriend!”
“You’re the one who’s crazy! Can you not see? She’s all tits and no personality!” Kayden argued.
“You wouldn’t know anything about Charlotte, Kayden. Keep your mind outta my business in the future okay!?”

Harrison placed Kayden down and ran back onto the field, where the crowd was still gathered.

“She’s such a bitch, can he not see he could do so much better than her? Like you!” Kayden said pulling her hair out of the bun.
“He didn’t even look at me,” I mumbled.

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