The Lost Soul Alexi

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A girl's parents die from cancer and she sadly becomes homeless.She builds a tree house for shelter and meets 5 teens.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Lost Soul Alexi

Submitted: November 15, 2012

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Submitted: November 15, 2012



Most teens complain about how their parents are lame or embarrassing their the lucky ones my parents died from cancer and I enjoyed them to the fullest.My name's Alexi and my parents rose to the heavens when I was only 10 and I grabbed my bookbag and put clothes,food,shampoo and body wash,my iPod and took 350 dollars from my parents wallet which was all the money.I then became an orfan and saved my food which was candy,fruits,pudding,chips,salad and sandwiches.I then built a tree house by buying materials from a construction store for only 200 dollars.Once I had the materials I built the tree house at the age of 15 and its become my home.I didn't notice that I built my home in someone's backyard.The only way I could shower was going into lake and I kept myself clean.

One beautiful summer day I woke up and it was my birthday and I turned 16 but unlike the lucky girls who got sweet sixteen parties all I did for mine was eat a 3 cupcakes,chips and soda that I bought at a store for 6 dollars.Then I heard voices and I bent over to look at what was outside and found 5 teens talking and looking at the tree house but didn't notice me and they began climbing and I freaked out and accidentally tripped and my skinny jeans ripped and turned into daisy dukes.They all stared at me they looked like they were my age and one guy asked"What are you doing here." I looked at them and then stared at the floor nervously."I live here,"I responded.They all looked confused and then they smile at me except for one guy."My name is Mike,"said Mike and he has black hair and has brown eyes and wore a orange sweater with a hoodie,shorts and orange Converse."My name is Jack,"said Jack quietly he has dirty blond hair and has blue eyes and wore a head band,dark blue sweater with a hoodie,jeans and dark blue Converse."Hi I'm Dawn,"said Dawn with a friendly tone she has bleach blonde hair and bangs that cover a little bit of both eyes that were pale blue and she wore a a light blue polo under a green sweater with no hoodie,grey skirt,purple tights and black Converse."Hi my name is Scott,"said Scott rudely he has orange hair and wore a black sweater,dark blue jeans and brown Converse."Hi my name's Kyle,"Kyle said as he smirked at me he has black hair and wore a red sweater with a hoodie,gray jeans,and red Converse.I noticed Dawn was squinting at me weirdly and I was getting nervous as she started walking towards me."I'm sorry for your loss,"said Dawn with sympathy."How did you know about my parents death,"I ask."I can see people's auras and it looks like yours is full of sadness and sympathy that's why your aura is green,"replies Dawn.I then start to cry because of my parents death and everyone was concerned except Scott."Were all sorry for your loss of your parents,"says Kyle.I then turn to look at them and say "Could I be alone please?" They all nod and go down the stairs and into a house.I grab my iPod and listen to sad songs like Goodbye and Nobody's Home by Avril Lavigne.I then decided to fall asleep because it was getting dark and I've cried a lot so getting some sleep could help me feel better.

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