What Have I Become?!

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A girl loses her pet wolf in Midnight Forest where something unexpectedly happens to her!!!

Chapter 1 (v.1) - What Have I Become?!

Submitted: December 14, 2012

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Submitted: December 14, 2012



"Hi my name is April I'm 16 but I'm very lonely." My family is an average family but my brother makes fun of me for not having any friends when he's popular at school.

My only friend is my pet wolf his fur is light gray,weird right and anyway today my parents are leaving today because of my big brother's dentist appointment.

"April you want to come,"says my mom in a gentle voice. I quickly shake my head because I felt like walking Fluke today.

The walk was okay except from the people starring and thinking your crazy that animal could kill people.

I really doubt that though Fluke is very friendly and never bites anyone so he is very careful and caring about people.

When suddenly he dashes and I lose grip of the leash so he dashed away and made me run after him."Hey, Fluke come back!,"I said while panting from all the running.

Then I see my wolf enter Midnight Forest where they say if you enter terrible things will happen! I then run in the forest my wolf is my closest thing to a friend I have to save him.

When I entered the forest it was sunny and beautiful I don't get why the rumors said it was dangerous it looked friendly.

I found something that looked like a my wolf but when I got closer it growled at me and I found it to be a different scary wolf with black fur and sharp teeth.

I literally ran at top speed to exit the forest but the wolf ran past me and blocked the exit and the wolf slowly walked towards me.

I felt cold chills down my spine and my mind told me to run like there's no tomorrow but my body felt as stiff and still as a tree."Why are you here April!?,"said the wolf in an angry tone.

"You could speak and how do you know my name?,"I asked while shivering from fear. He gave a devilish grin and said"My name is Killer and your little Fluke is in my den he will be my lunch because food is running out."

"You set him free right now please I'll do anything you ask just let my best friend live,"I said desperately. Killer smirked at me and said in a very pleased tone"Anything?"

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