Chapter 1: Laurie's life

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

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Laurie opened her eyes in a green clearing surrounded by a sea of evergreen trees. The sky was a deep grey and yet the clouds didn’t seem like they were ready to let rain fall quite yet. She looked down and found that she was wearing a black dress that she had never seen before in her life.  without warning, Laurie felt a sudden jerk of her shoulder and saw that someone had bumped into her. “Stop standing there like a fool, Lea.” said the tall, thin woman in front of her. She donned a black dress as well though her dress was much more luxurious and had small lines of white covering the neck line.  What really surprised Laurie, however, was the raven feather hat that consumed the majority of her mother’s face. “Your own sister’s union and you can’t even be bothered to come on time? you disgust me.”  Laurie looked up and her consciousness returned back to her.   “I’m sorry mother, please forgive my frivolous attitude on a day such as this.”  Laurie had always been called “Lea” by her mother for five years now, after her father had been exiled from her country due to accused terrorist acts. The country that she had never left in her life was once called Ireland but after the great chaos collapse, all the countries were formed under one flag, the Glassion flag.  The government was also changed into an absolute monarchy under King Greathill who still rules at age 87.   “Well? don’t just stand there! you mindless wench! let’s be off to the ceremony!”  Her mother placed and awkward kiss on her lips and then began to walk again.  Laurie wiped her lips and stood up straighter, playing along with her mother’s apparent attempt to keep a “family connection.” She looked down at the bottom of the clearing to see more black clothed personages flocking like crows in front of a circular platform.  As they drew nearer, Laurie could make out what looked like a priest in the middle of the black platform. She took a deep breath and stepped on the platform, watched by all of the other crows.  Inside of her, a fire was burning. She couldn’t see any way through the trees or out of the crowd and yet she still struggled to quence the yearning inside of her to just run away.  As she stood next to the priest she felt a wave of heat overflow her.  She joined hands with the priest began to chant with me a prayer to ask their god for a long and beautiful marriage. Laurie spoke her lines perfectly and without and stumbling but her mind was beginning to fail her and her vision was starting to blur.  Soon, her sister walked out of the crowd in a black silk dress with a silver veil that covered not only her face but her entire body as well.  she took the priest’s hand and then her almost-husband walked forth and joined hands with her and Laurie. “What a pitiful example of a union.” A voice rang throughout the clearing, making birds fly out from the tips of the barricading evergreen trees.  “Anyone with two eyes and two  ears can tell that that couple is not in love and that other girl is about to faint.”  Everyone turned around in unison except for Laurie who was continuing to struggle with standing up straight and saying her lines.  Everyone now was looking for the source of the rude voice, stopping the union, except for Laurie who was perfectly reciting her lines. All of a sudden, two hands rested on her shoulders.  “The ceremony is over, girl.” In one great burst of relief, Laurie fell to her knees, dazed. “I understand some one had drugged this girl?” the voice still rang through Laurie’s ears.   “Please just let the little wench die, young sir, we all wish her dead and she is in now serious position in her family.”  Laurie now heard her mother’s murderous words and felt nothing even close to surprise.  She was more surprised, however, when her sister’s cries welcomed the rest of the flock for her death. “The girl is just weighing this family down at this point, now I and my husband are the heirs to this family, just snap her neck before the rain starts.” Laurie felt her consciousness slip away from her  and her eyes close into a deep sleep. 

Submitted: March 29, 2012

© Copyright 2022 LeaRockwell. All rights reserved.


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