Pokemon fanfiction: a new life

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Chapter 7 (v.1) - midnight escape pt 2 the secret water fall and two new friends

Submitted: July 23, 2014

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Submitted: July 23, 2014



pokemon fanfiction:

chapter seven:secret water fall and two new freinds



after 3 hours of walking we finall reached the camp.we noticed that there was a light still on so we looked through one of the windows to see mr,birgaty packing up.then he started to go to the door and he got in his car and left.then we set back out for the secret waterfalls.on our way we noticed the forest was greener and there were alot more flowers than normal and all the water was crystal clear.when we got the the waterfall the clearing was alot bigger and pretter than ever.and it looked like the land had sunk into the ground and the water fall was a bit skinner and it went down farther since the land had sunk in to the ground.then we saw a mew and celebi down there playing togather.me and lucas snuck down there.the way we got down there was a path it was perfectly made.i called "who are you two" the celebi and mew looked at us.the celebi had a kind and sweet voice.the celebi said "im ada and the mew over there is nia" nia said "hi" she had a chiper voice almost like a little girls voice.ada then asked "i was wondering if we could stay here".i said "on one condition you must never tell a human or pokemon about this place unless i tell you to ok".ada said "ok sure i can do that.".i lead everyone to where we will sleep.we went to a cave that was behind the waterfall.the cave was super big now but we all went to sleep.



 to be discontenued whoops i meant contenued...



btw i will be adding voice colors and what i mean by this is for every charater they will have there very own color so that when they talk i dont have to write ? said/asked.so here are the colors for each charater. lylea/blue rini/red drake/lime leana/dark grey lucas/medium blue nia/cyan ada/a pinkesh looking color called #ff99ff ?/yellow ?/violet ?/navy ?/turquoise ?/a hotter pink called #ff33ff



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