Pokemon fanfiction: a new life

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - summer camp again.

Submitted: July 24, 2014

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Submitted: July 24, 2014



pokemon fanfiction a new life.

chapter nine:summer camp again.




before summer camp stated up again both i found three more freinds and mating season came.and of course i mated but we wont get into that now shall we.the three new friends was a yvertal zygrade and zoura.they were all in the same state as the xerneas that bit me i told them i had three people in mind for them to bite....summer camp started up again and drake rini and leana came and they had diffrent friends with them.they must have had made new friends while i was living in my paradise with my friends.rini had two new friends so did drake and leana.so that make nine people i could be friends with.the next day the went out for fire wood rini secretly look around for me.i steped out of the bushes.i told rini about the zygrade yvertal and zoura.she nodded and said i can make that like a legend if you want.i nodded in approvement.so rini went of sessufully making the thing i told tini about a legend in one day.the next day again rini set off to find me i told her tomarrow your going on a pokemon safari then meet up with drake and leana and come to the place we saw that xerneas called lucas.she nodded.



to be contenued


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