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Chapter 2 (v.1)

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She woke up earlier than usual this Saturday, she looked at the clock and noticed that it was five thirty. She then looked at the ceiling and started thinking about Lebea.

He was the first and last thought in her mind, she thought about his enchanting smile, his velvety black skin and his handsome face. "I love him more than any other," she thought. "I might walk past his house this afternoon and catch a glimpse of him or maybe I might bump into him along the road and we might chat for a while" she thought quietly to herself. "What if I also bump into his Ntate while I'm with him?"

The thought of being seen with Lebea by Ntate unearthed pain deep within her rib cage and fear filled her heart.

Three broken ribs, a fractured skull, a broken wrist, a twisted ankle and six months in the intensive care unit of the local hospital. Painful memories or was it fear that made her decide to wait until she has fully recovered and is financially stable before she attempts to get her son back from that monster of a husband. "I must get him back before any serious harm is inflicted upon my dear son" she thought in consolation. Silently she prayed to all her ancestors and to GOD, to keep her beloved child safe and happy.

She then continued to thank her guardian angel for supporting, protecting and delivering her alive at the hospital before she collapsed at the front desk waking after three weeks.

Having said her prayers, she carefully jumped into the shower and thanked God for sending her a saviour. She was grateful that she had such a caring and generous employer. Her employer and saviour Mr Bernard Schmidt was a German immigrant who came to South Africa in search of spiritual well being. He decided that the best way to achieve spiritual fulfilment was to help the sick and disadvantaged people in this country. He was visiting the public hospital with a group of religious volunteers on that day. Upon seeing "Mma Lebea" in the under equipped I.C.U ward, he wept; and has been by her side daily. He paid for all her medical costs and listened to all her stories about her abusive husband. He needed a housekeeper; she needed an income and a roof over her head. She was employed and the arrangement suited both of them perfectly.

"May God bless Mr Schmidt and all the saints like him in the world", she rejoiced.

She got out of the shower, slowly put on her uniform, which she wore against Mr Schmidt's approval and slowly limped out of the domestic quarters towards the main house.

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