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“Nicole looked into Travis’s piercing blue eyes and gasped upon seeing the flames of passion and desire reflected in them. With a moan, Travis’s mouth came down possessively upon her soft yielding lips. She sighed and molded her body into his, letting go of her self control.”

Head Nurse, Nicole Danley RN, has no intention of permitting herself to fall under Dr. Travis Anderson’s spell, but her job demands that she work closely with him on medical matters. She finds herself becoming extremely conscious of his virile appeal. Every time his gaze meets hers, Nicole’s heart turns over in response. A war of emotions rages inside her as she finds his constant nearness disturbing and exciting. Serious hospital scenarios, a world of wealth and prestige, and current relationships shed doubts and uncertainties that send this gripping tale of romance into many intriguing twists and turns


Submitted: June 16, 2007

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Submitted: June 16, 2007






Leeanne Marie Stephenson




Ron's gaze swept over Nicole with a hunger, as if he were a cat and she was the mouse he was about to devour.  Her long chestnut brown tresses hung in ringlets that cascaded down her back to her waistline.  Her shoulders were bare with only a gold chain covering her neck.  Ron's eye trailed down below the neckline where her satin slate grey dress began clinging to her rounded breasts, her slender waist and hips, and then flowed down to the floor.

Ron swallowed hard.  "You are breathtakingly beautiful Nicole!  Simply exquisite!"  He appeared to be in a trance like state as he stared at Nicole.

Nicole felt truly beautiful.  Ron's comments caused her high cheek bones to flush with color and set highlights dancing in her large violet eyes.

They then left to meet Jane and Robert at the entrance of the Grand Amway Hotel.

"I do believe we have the two most gorgeous women in the world by our sides tonight Ron," Robert exclaimed as he stared at Jane as though hypnotized.  The pale yellow chiffon gown Jane wore was cut daringly low in the front accentuating the luscious curves of her body.

Jane giggled excitedly at Robert's compliment.

"I most definitely agree with you," Ron said with enthusiasm as he grasped Nicole's arm possessively.

Upon entering the hotel, Nicole was overcome with the luxuriousness of the décor.  Huge chandeliers hung from the ceiling.  The walls and floors were filled with dark woods and marble, brass and gold leaves, adding to the palisade of richness.

The four of then made their way to the glass elevator that rode them up the outside of the Amway tower, which was also glassed in and boasted twenty-nine floors.  At the top was "Cygnus", a most upper class restaurant type Night Club, said to match New York's finest.

The atmosphere of the restaurant was sheer elegance and Nicole reveled in it.  After being seated, Nicole glanced around, noticing the stares she was receiving from the male population in the room.  Suddenly she locked stares with a pair of piercing blue eyes from the table beside theirs.  Travis lifted his eyebrows in recognition and smiled causing the all too familiar crimson color to creep onto Nicole's porcelain complexion.  She quickly glanced away as her body trembled and her pulse raced at the sight of him.  Hoping that Ron had not noticed Travis or her reaction to his presence, Nicole dared to glance back again to find out whom he was with.

As beautiful as she felt tonight, Nicole knew she could never compete with the young woman seated across from Travis.  So this must be the Southern Belle Mrs. Beadley had been talking about.  She was very petite and feminine with thick ebony hair that fell in rows of curls at her shoulders.  The peach evening gown she wore, ruffled over one shoulder allowing the creamy complexion of the other shoulder to be admired.  Her light tinkling laughter seemed to float across the room as she happily conversed with Travis.

Nicole felt a great sadness spread over her.  Her top of the world feeling was gone.  She did not know if she would be able to smile again this evening.  Why am I feeling this way, Nicole asked herself.  Then she realized that she did not want to analyze her feelings.

"What's wrong darling?  You look like you just lost your best friend," Ron stated worriedly.

"I just have a little headache Ron.  I think I'll go to the lady's room and freshen up a bit."

As Nicole was leaving the table, she caught Ron glancing at Travis and his beautiful companion.  His face distorted with rage.  Oh no, Nicole thought.  Here we go again with his ridiculous jealousy.

When Nicole returned to their table, she held her back rigidly, and stared straight at Ron, not allowing her eyes to slide to Travis.

Appearing concerned, Ron seated Nicole and asked, "How are you feeling now darling?"

"A little better thank you.  I took a couple aspirins," Nicole said managing a weak smile, though the irrepressible sadness was still there in her voice.  "I think the excitement of the evening just caught up with me a little bit."

"Yeah, I'll just bet it did," Ron mumbled under his breath.  ""Say Nicole, did you notice that Dr. Anderson is here?  He's sitting across from us with Rachael, his latest conquest."

Robert gazed over at Rachael and exclaimed, "Wow, she's a looker!"

Jane quickly slugged his upper arm in mock anger at his statement.

Nicole looked over nervously over at Travis.  Her voice trembled as she spoke.  "No, no I didn't realize he was here.  What a surprise."

"We'll have to go over and say hello later," Ron casually remarked.

Nicole tried to maintain her composure as she said, "That would be nice Ron."

After they finished dining, they moved into the dancing area.  The band had just set up, the lights were lowered, and the dancing began.

"Would you like to dance Nicole?  I'd love a chance to show off my beautiful companion," Ron stated eagerly. "I'd like nothing more than for Travis to see us out on the dance floor together.  Hopefully it will leave the impression on him that you and I are an item."

"Oh Ron, please don't start with your jealousy about Travis.  After all, he is here with another woman.  He is not interested in me and I think your feelings are totally unfounded.  Now please, let's just dance and forget about Travis."  I am certainly going to try, Nicole thought to herself.

Ron did not reply as he grabbed Nicole by the arm and walked her onto the dance floor.  The dance was a slow love song, making it necessary for Nicole to place her arms around Ron's neck while his arms encircled her slender waist.

Nicole began to feel a bit uncomfortable at the closeness of their bodies.  She could not recall them ever having been this close before, and Ron was starting to act strangely.  His breathing was becoming more rapid as his grip on her body tightened, trying to pull her even closer to him.  As Nicole was about to protest Ron's actions, she caught site of Travis and that woman in an intimate clench.  In a hurt daze, Nicole snuggled closer to Ron trying to wipe out her feelings for Travis.  She closed her eyes and let the music take over he senses, as she allowed Ron to lead her around the dance floor.  In Ron's arms, she felt safe and secure.  She could almost pretend that she had not seen Travis tonight.  Pretend that she was not attracted to him in any way.  Nicole realized she did not have the intense feelings for Ron that she had for Travis, but those feelings scared and confused her.  She enjoyed the warmth and security of Ron's feelings for her.  He had been so attentive all evening and not once had he glanced at another woman.

As another slow song stared up, Nicole opened her eyes and looked around the dance floor.  It had a tropical atmosphere with palm trees placed here and there.  The lights were off to the sides, framing the floor's darkness.  It seemed all too familiar, as the scenery and atmosphere brought on memories of the passionate dream she had had about Travis.  She closed her eyes quickly, trying desperately to block out the train of thought her mind was wandering to.

While her eyes were closed, Ron steered Nicole over to where Travis and Rachaelwere dancing.

Taking a deep breath, Nicole opened her eyes again only to be gazing into those familiar deep piercing blue eyes.  She gasped and was unable to utter a word.

"Hi Travis, Nicole and I noticed you earlier and decided to come over to get an intro to your "friend"," Ron said somewhat sarcastically.

Ignoring Ron, Travis locked his eyes onto Nicole and said, "Nicole, you look gorgeous tonight.  I did not recognize you without your uniform on.  It's great to see you enjoying yourself away from the hospital."  His eyes searched Nicole's, trying to see if she was truly enjoying herself with Ron.

Nicole cast her violet eyes downward, her long dark lashes sweeping her high cheekbones, so Travis turned to Ron and continued, "Ron and Nicole, I'd like you to meet Rachael Deyoung.  My sister and her husband invited Rachael and her father to stay with them while they are in town and I volunteered to show Rachael around the beautiful sights in Grand Rapids."

Rachael looked Nicole up and down, a smirk appearing on her face.  She grabbed Travis's hand, and then glared haughtily at Nicole.  "Pleased to meet you," Rachael drawled in her southern accent.

Travis explained to Rachael, "Nicole is the head nurse of 4 South at Blodgett Hospital, and Ron is a third year surgical resident there."

"Come on Travis, let's dance again," Rachael whined pulling on Travis's hand, completely ignoring Ron and Nicole.

Travis cast Rachael an annoyed look, then smiled apologetically at Ron and Nicole.  "Well, duty calls.  Maybe we can talk later."  Travis locked his piercing blue eyes on Nicole once again.  "Save a dance for me?"

"Over my dead body," Ron mumbled to himself.  He remarked to Nicole, "Travis and Rachael make quite an attractive couple.  Maybe she'll be the one that ties his wandering soul to a home and family."

Nicole said nothing, closing her mind to any comments about Travis and his women.

"You're looking awfully pale darling.  Would you like to go sit back down," Ron inquired.

"No, I'm fine.  I'd like to dance again if you would Ron."  Nicole took a deep breath and pulled herself together.  I can' let Travis see that he has had any effect on me, Nicole thought, or for that matter, Ron cannot see it either.  I will just concentrate on Ron the rest of the evening and hope that Travis stays far away.  He is probably enraptured with his little playmate anyway, Nicole decided angrily.

She settled herself determinedly into Ron's arms as they danced to a romantic melody.

Robert approached Ron, and tapped him on his shoulder.  "Mind if I cut in?  I haven't had a chance to visit with Nicole all evening."

"It's fine with me, if it's okay with Nicole, Ron stated with an irritated edge to his voice.

"I'd love to dance with you Robert."  Nicole swiftly switched partners and found her spirits slightly lifted as Robert chattered cheerfully to her.

Travis had been on edge all evening, since seeing Nicole here.  She looked absolutely gorgeous tonight and he felt an instant rush of attraction that he tried, not successfully to squelch.  He found it hard to keep his eyes or thoughts off her.

In fact, his thoughts had not turned to Rachael once this evening.  Rachael was a delightful companion, very feminine and alluring.  Nevertheless, Travis felt there was no chemistry between them and frankly, she was becoming a nuisance.  It seemed that he could not go anywhere without her tagging along.  Travis knew he had promised his sister that he would help to keep Rachael occupied while she was in town, but it was becoming a bit annoying.

While Travis danced with Rachael, his gaze focused in on Nicole and Robert dancing together.  He wanted to be in Robert's place, holding her and making her laugh.  He wanted to be the one to caress her silken skin and feel it tremble under his touch.  Travis had never felt this way about a woman before and was surprised to find that he felt so deeply about Nicole.  He wondered how she truly felt about Ron.  Why did she turn and run to Ron whenever he tried to get close to her?  Travis believed, no, he hoped that

Nicole had some feelings towards him, but he was not sure what exactly.

As the dance ended, Rachael excused herself to go to the ladies room.

Robert and Nicole remained on the floor as the next dance began.

Travis decided it was now or never.  Immediately he rushed across the room and touched Robert's shoulder.  "May I take over your turn with this beautiful lady?"

Robert replied, "Of course," and very courteously handed Nicole's hand over to Travis.

Before Nicole could utter a word of disagreement about the entire situation, she found herself being held tightly in Travis's powerful arms as he drew her close to the hard contours of his body.  The touch of his hand through the thin material of her dress was electric, sending tingling vibrations along her nerves.

He quickly whirled her to the other side of the dance floor, out of the sight of Ron.  His voice became low and seductive.  "Nicole, I wanted a chance to talk to you alone," Travis continued on not letting her interrupt.  "I just wanted a chance to tell you how absolutely beautiful you are tonight.  I found myself wanting to hold you from the very moment I saw you enter the room."  His dark blue eyes stared deeply into Nicole's, and held them in along intimate look that was disconcerting, daring her to reveal her true feelings.

Nicole felt the darkness of cold anger wipe all expression from her face.  How dare he hand her a line like that!  A note of bitterness crept into her voice as sarcasm dripped from words, "Where is your Southern Belle Travis?  Or did you forget about her as soon as you saw another woman you could grab onto?"

Travis's head, under its unruly blonde hair, snapped sharply back and his thick dark brows drew together thoughtfully.  A look of pain knifed through his eyes at the stinging words.

"How dare you hand me a line like that when you are here with another woman!  Especially when you make no secret of the fact that you are enjoying her company very immensely."  The blood began to pound in Nicole's temples as she fought for her composure.

"Nicole, just let me explain," Travis pleaded.  "Rachael is just being shown around by me as a favor to my sister.  I have no real interest in her."

"I don't believe you!"  Her fury mounted.  "I thought we had a special relationship at the hospital, and you've just ruined it by throwing me a line that you have no doubt used a million times before!  Well, I am no adoring starry-eyed female fan of yours.  I'm not about to fall into your arms just because you have become bored with your present protégé!"  Nicole's anger became suddenly obscure as she noted Travis's strong arms encircling her waist. It was impossible not to be aware of his powerful male presence; the subtle fragrance of his aftershave lotion teased her nostrils, bringing a sensuous quality into their closeness. It was beginning to spoil her strained composure, her rubbery legs weakening by a racing pulse.  With all her will power, Nicole demanded vehemently, "Let me go now!"

"Nicole stop it please.  We've got to talk," Travis pleaded again.  "I only wanted to tell you that I care very deeply for you."

 "Hah!  You obviously care only about your personal gain as far as women go.  Now let go of me!"

Travis unlocked his hands from around her slender waist, then quickly grasped Nicole's hand and literally dragged her out onto the dimly lit veranda.  Travis grabbed Nicole's bare shoulders in a strong clasp and turned her around to face him.

His touch seemed charged with electricity and Nicole felt warm excitement course through her veins.  Yet her control was now gone and her hand reached up to slap him.  Travis caught her tiny wrist in his large sculpted hand, just before it reached his cheek.  Never had he felt himself so out of control with his emotions.  Deep desire over took his logical thinking.  He groaned as he cupped Nicole's high set cheekbones between his hands and possessively covered her soft yielding lips with his.

Nicole, taken by surprise, was unable to escape his assault upon her senses.  His mouth smothered her lips, and a strange light-headedness possessed her body as waves of explicit pleasure rocked over her.  His kiss was unnerving her, weakening her while uncovering a sweet longing she had denied even to her self.  Her body began to tremble as her lips hungrily responded to his.  Nicole's slender arms reached up and encircled Travis's neck, as if they had a will of their own.  Her body moved closer to Travis, her soft curves melting into his strong solid muscles.  Nicole's mind blotted out all thoughts, letting her emotional turmoil succumb to the desires of her heart.

Travis, surprised and delighted at her response, found himself unable to pull away from the sheer delight of their intimate contact.  He continued his exploration of the

sweet playground beneath his lips.His heart was soaring, enraptured by the sweet wild abandon of Nicole's reaction to this intimate moment.

Travis's gentle touch lightly rippled up and down the silky smoothness of Nicole's back, tracing a pattern of warmth and prompting an immediate explosion of excitement in her body.

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