Becoming Ash

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“Umm, a cheese sandwich please,” I said. She looked at me funnily a moment. I know what she was thinking. Why come to a music café just for that? Or she looks shady. Or even, only cheese!

Follow Ash in her love life, new life but also when she kills life.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Smile like you mean it

Submitted: April 15, 2013

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Submitted: April 15, 2013



“Oh smile like you mean it…” a band was singing acoustically. “oooohhh!” I arrived at the music café. My face unreadable and hidden as the lights cast dancing shadows. I was here for food. I walked up to the bar not expecting service straight away so I watched the band for a bit. Deciding they weren’t human looking I studied the four of them. The bassist seemed the most human but to call him such would be a lie. All pale looking but that’s where the similarities stopped. “Excuse me miss?” The bartender asked, with a polite smile on her face. I turned to look at her and shook my head as if to shake my thoughts away.


“Umm, a cheese sandwich please,” I said. She looked at me funnily a moment. I know what she was thinking. Why come to a music café just for that? Or she looks shady. Or even, only cheese! I just shrugged as if to answer all the questions in one simple action. The bands song changed to an Arctic Monkey’s song ‘Dancing Shoes’

“Get on your dancing shoes. You sexy little swine. Hoping they're looking for you. Sure you'll be rummaging through.” The singer looked across at me. His long brown hair fell in his eyes as he sung. His lips played with the lip rings he wore.


I took my sandwich from the girl and went to find a seat. I remember how he could have looked at anyone but picked me and swallowed uneasily. Hoping they’re looking for you. It was a weird line to stick out considering I should just think he called me sexy… but. What can I say? I moved here so that I wouldn’t stand out as the orphan who saved a family.


This wasn’t the way to go about it. I had to hold on to this thought. A group of teens walked in all wearing a smile or laughing. How good for them, hmm. I studied the group and was drawn to a peculiarly handsome adolescence man. He seemed to always have some tie to the jokes that were constantly being cracked. “Oh, but it's oh so absurd. For you to say the first word. So you're waiting and waiting.” The husky singing distracted my attention. I looked back at the band and felt lost completely in the music. The chords floated around me, teasing my eardrums.


I finished my sandwich and stood up only to see the very same boy I had earlier wished would visit me. He was very Hollywood handsome. I almost expected him to say, hey have you seen that movie I’m in? However he did not, reliving or not I felt happy he had come to see me. He had perfectly groomed hair; you could tell hours of staring into the mirror had gone into the hair do.


“I saw you over there and me and my friends were wondering if you were from here. And I wanted to say you are the prettiest girl in the world,” Okay he might not have said that last bit. I could live with him and his friends noticing me though. “Come on I will introduce you to them,” He led me to the table and half way exclaimed “sorry I forgot to say, I am Lee.” Lee, well it could have been a sexier name but alas.


I got to the table and told them to call me Ash. “That your real name, that is so awesome!” A guy whispered. Others nodded in agreement.

“Umm, no, but you can call me that.” I said. The guy who said it was ‘awesome’ wore a Pokémon t-shirt so that should explain it all. They invited me to sit down and I caught up with conversation quick. They were talking about how girls always say pride and prejudice is their favourite book, or something similar. A timid looking girl said “Well mine personally is the bible but…” she let her words drop off. I grinned.

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