the love that was never meant to be

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Alex fall in love. Alex never got the love. It was never meant to be...they say. Love was never meant to be for Alex.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - the love that was never meant to be

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Submitted: July 28, 2013




The love that was never meant to be


"Heads up!"

Someone yelled at me and before I can digest the meaning of it, i was already on the floor on my back with my feet on the bench and my vissions blurred. I could hear people calling my name and through my blurred visions I saw my team mate and coach surrounding me waving their hands in front of me. No response from me as I still trying to remember what am i doing on the floor and all i can remember was this beautiful face smiling and laughing across the basketball court caught me looking at her and seem unconfortable by it.


"hey Al..are you okay?I'm sorry dude, you were suppose to catch it.."


I just close my eyes and open it up repeatedly as to try to clear my head and to refocus my eyes so it would be clear. What kind of question is that? Am i okay? Didn't you just throw a ball right to my head? Why?why am I suppose to catch that ball? Just when I was about to blurted all the words in my head the same angel I had my eyes on right before the ball blocked my vision calling my name with the most soothing, a little bit worry in the voice make me smile. She leaning closer to me and what is the most appropriate thing to do at this time?


" I'm gonna need a CPR..." I said as I puckered my mouth towards her.

" Gosh! you jerk!"


Those were the last words I can remember before everything becoming pitch black. Next thing I know I'm lying on my bed at home and Beatrize sitting on my right looking and smiling at me. Her hand on my head and then she kisses my forehead before asking me how am i feeling, what i want to have for dinner. Honestly, I really don't know what am i feeling so I just nod and smile and said "everything" as i am starving like i haven't been eating for a week or so.


Oh no, it's not a week or so but its only have been a whole day since yesterday when i got hit by a ball. I guess i was passed out because of the ball thrown at me by Sam, one of my best friends and my basketball teammate. Oh no...that is not true also. I'm quite embarrassed actually once i know the real reason i have fainted yesterday.

"Hey Alex, you take thousand of punches and survived in the ring but you passed out for a whole day when a gorgeous cheerleader push your forehead! I mean she literally just push your head and you passed out?! Hahahaha. I guess you can't take a hit from an angel." Miguel said and laugh his lung out with his younger brother, Navid.


Beatrize just hush the two boys and came in with our dinner while Electra bring the pitcher to the table. She is Beatrize only daughter and older sister of Miguel and Navid. Just as i lean forward and took a sip of my favourite lemonade, I heard a voice calling "oh my baby" almost break into tears before she give me a warm kiss in my head. You may think that was my mother but..she really is not but in a way yes..That is Mrs. Halloway, my family lawyer abd also my trust holder and not to forget as close a mother to me. Yes. Both my parents are dead when I was twelve. They went for their honeymoon but unfortunately the plene crashed and they were couple of passengers that didnt make it. Well, almost everyone who knows my family wondering why didnt they flew on my father's jet instead of using the commercial flight. I happen to know the answer why because they told me when they were planning the get away. He always told me if its not concerning the business dont misused your power or the money and tried as much as you can to meet new people, trying new things.


I really do miss them both. Anyway, my housekeeper Beatrize and her children have been living with me and my family since I couldnt remember when. My father might have been feeling something as he had wrote in his will if he and my mother passed away she shall be the one taking care of me and Mrs. Halloway as my legally guardian. My family and Beatrize family are close as if we were related and she really don't mind taking care of me regardless the funds that my father gave her. So, that is why she and three of her children were living with me until recently they moved into Electra's house not far from here. She really don't want to moved and i also were reluctant but since Electra married her husband ot wouldn't be nice if he moved in with us in my house. They all moved out but she always stayed up until 6 then go back home. At first, she stayed up until 10 before she leaves but then I told her she should be home early to have dinner with her family. Typical reaction from a mother of course would be i am also her child so how can she leaves me all alone to have my dinner. So as to stop her from crying out of guilt for leaving me all alone, I make a deal with her that she shpuld alternate every other night to have dinner with me and her family. Beatrize were not abput to agree to it but then she knew I was doing that for her. ohh...she knew me that well as she and my mother used to say.."you are all about others".


Mrs. Halloway kiss me on my cheek and started to talk how worried she was,how i was supposed to take care of myself and not to forgot how am i going to drop out of my fighting activities. No fights in or out of the tournament, not even training. Beatrize and Electra both agree with her but I'm glad they didn't just say that to me but to Miguel as well. We both just smile and nodding without any objections but that does not mean we are going to least not for Miguel but I have to stop. Why? Well..when you got four people including your doctor giving you advice to stop then you have no reason to go against it. Yes. My family doctor also came for dinner out of concern about my condition. They are not just professionals doing what they are supposed to do but they are also close friends of my late parents whose feel obligated to take care of me.

We had dinner and I went to bed after all the caring and loving people done with me. Sam called and asking my condition and of course to laugh at me. I stood by my window staring at one particular window hoping the person in that room already there or even had a hunch to go there so i can look at the angel's face before i sleep. Well its just not my luck tonight so as lots of other nights, she is not there. Better luck next time i hope smiling, thinking of what had happen last thursday. Staring at my phone on my well build abs thinking of texting the angel on a friday night..hmmm..


"what have i got to lose?..besides..its not like she can hit me or anything now that we are not in the same room..."


I was mumbled while typing and deleting.typing and finally sending it to the angel.maybe now she can be called angel of death.haha. could not help it but I just smile when the angel of death texted me back. Now i can sleep. Good night.

Me: Good night beautiful.sleep tight.sweet dream. take care.i love you hun.

Angel: too.get some rest youre not feeling well.emm.


"Beatrize...go. Don't worry bout me. I'll be fine. You have fixed my dinner and not to worry i'm not going out tonight." Beatrize still standing still hesistant to leave me all alone tonight while she go back to her house.


She said it would not be right to left me alone with my condition. as we were saying goodbye and Beatrize still hesistantvto leave, giving reasons and ways of possibility of what can be done other than she going home to her family..Mrs. Thompson came with what seem to be my dinner.


"Hey Alex, Beatrize." Mrs. Thompson greeted us and hug me, giving me a kiss on my forehead.

"Are you guys ok?" She asked.

"Beatrize is hesistant to go home to her family tonight. She don't want to leave her baby alone tonight." I explain smiling and winking at Beatrize. Beatrize just smile at me and Mrs. Thompson.

"Ohhh don't worry Beatrize. Let us take care of Alex tonight. Ashley here can stay with your baby tonight. Here..i cooked some chicken schnitzel for you Alex." She said as she handed me the food container and patted Beatrize's arm.

" owh..Ashley is here. I didn't see her. Hey." I greeted Ashley while leaning toward her hoping there might be a kiss on my forehead just like her mom gave me.

I can see Ashley grunted her teeth after she had greeted Beatrize and forced her sexy smooth lip on my cheek. I literally smiled as big as i can possibly stretch my mouth and luckily it didn't torn apart. Beatrize finally went home and Mrs. Thompson stayed about half an hour or so to ask me how am i doing. My head and stuff. She even appologize to me for what her daughter might have been responsible to what happen to me.

"You took punches in the ring, it is impossible that you can't take a push from me." Ashley protesting after her mother's words.

"Don't worry is not her fault. It is nobodys fault. Things happen. Not to worry i'm fine." I assure Ashley's mother and she said sorry nevertheless


I walked Mrs. Thompson to the door and watch her dissapear into her house just in front of mine. She reminded Ashley to look over me and make sure i had my dinner and take my medicine. It's a little bit late for dinner but I haven't got a chance to eat as I was assuring Beatrize to go home and well assuring Mrs. Thompson of its not to be sorry for what had happen. Ashley just smiled at me when I closes the door and she went to the kitchen to set up my dinner I guess. For sure I was right when Ashley asked me what would I like for dinner..Beatrize lasagna or her mom chicken shnitzel.


"Have you had your dinner?" I asked my angel.

Oh yes.Ashley is the angel causing me this pain.The angel of death. The gorgeous cheerleader who literally push me until i fainted two days ago. Mrs. Thompson, my neighbour daughter. Yes. All of the above.


"Yeah. You are the one that is having dinner late. So which one would you like to eat?"


I had half of Beatrize lasagne and her mother's shnitzel. Fair isn't it. I ate while she just sit in front of me. We watched some series on the tv which judging by the way Ash was concentrating on it, she love the series and following it. She even explain it to me when I ask her about it. Finished with my dinner, Ash clean up and do the dishes. I told her she don't have to do it I will do it next morning. Ash just say its okay and went to the kitchen. Hmm..she is a wifey type hah.


Ashley came from the kitchen with a glass of water and pills. She put the glass on the coffee table in front of couch im sitting on and handed to me those pills. I pulled her to me and she wobbled ending up on my lap. Just as I wanted her to. She seems mad but I just smiled at her and open up my mouth gesturing for her to feed me my pills. My hands wrapped around her waist as tight as not to let her get up of my lap. She avoided eye contact with me while she holding the glass of water for me to take a sip just enough to get my pills down my trot. Ashley is struggling to loosen up my hands thatvwraps her waist and as she was struggling i laid on the couch causing her to laid on me. Her hand was on my chest..well its closer to my shoulder then my chest. Tightening my hand around her small waist, keeping her body closed to mine and our lips almost touch. I lean towards her and our lips finally touch. Lightly I kissed her and she was static not returning my kiss. Not for long she kissed me back. feeling her soft, sexy and full lip on mine was so wonderful. As i was tring to deepen my lip onto hers..she pulled back and finally got away from me and sit at the other end of the couch on the tip of it. I pulled myself to sit and look at her.

"I owe you that CPR you asked for before you fainted. I owe you that much and only that!" Ashley said as she fix her sitting now that my legs are on the floor. She lean back and look at me.


"So what do you want to do tonight?" She asked me with a straight face.

"You." I said smiling and winking at her. I scoot myself to her and stop just an inch from her when she gave me the look saying im serious.


Ashley took the remote on the coffee table and start to browsing through every chanels when I finally said classic. She look at me and smile.Ahhh the most beautiful and warm smile that never fails to impress and make me feel wonderful and loved.

"You still do that?" She asked and then giggled a little nodding her haid before placing the remote in between us. That one inch gap now is filled.

"Yes I do. Would you like to watch it in my room?" I gave her the deep sincere look.

"Nice try." She answered and stick her tongue out at me.

" least I tried." I said as I stood up and facing her face when I just kiss her lip and went to the kitchen to get some water.


"What would you like to have?"I ask her when i was getting myself a bottle of water from the fridge seeing what options d i have to give her.

"I'll have what you are having..."

"aa..I'm only having water..

"owh..soda would be fine."


I fetch her soda and a bottled water for me and also a pair of short pants and t-shirt for her to change. She didn't ask me too but I thought she should change as it is nore comfy then what she had on. Oh wel..yes i do hope i can take a peek when she changed.hahahaha. I handed her the cloths and ask her to change and of course im using the comfy reason not the other one..She look at me in a way of asking me seriously? I just took off my pants and don't get me wrong i wasn't naked. I had my boxer on for sure.


"What?! I'm getting ready to bed.I don't think I'll be going upstairs after the movie. Go ahead and change..don't worry about me I'm gonna fix this couch.I won't be looking at you changing."


As promised I fix the couch.Padded it to make it more comfortable I guess and not once try to peek at Ashley behind me. Done with the padding my couch so I sort of jump onto my couch turn into bed. I really like this couch than can be unfold to be a bed cause it has made my like a lot easier when I don't feel like it to climb the stairs. I really think Ashley has done changing but turn out she don't as i lay my back against the couch. Oh my oh my..she is thin..but still the curve is visible. The breast is not too big not too small, can be cupped perfectly by my hand. Silky smooth skin. Ohohoho her leg is long with a little bit of muscular around the thigh..product of years of cheerleading i guess. A round and full bottom.


I don't know if she realizes it or not but i was..well kinda salivate when i look at her. She took off her jeans and i don't if its just me or she really did that in a slow motion, sexy, almost seducing way. She is wearing a laces black panties matching her bra that i have the opportunity to get a peek for not more than one second when she put on my muscle tee i gave her. I though of giving her my white tee but it maybe a little big for her so i gave her that one. Is she taunting me? Pulling the shorts slowly and sexy? arghhh!!!


Both of us lean or back against the couch and i put arms on the head rest so we could sit right nex to each other. She didn't resist or complaint. She lay her head on my chest. Half way through the first hour of the classic movie "Elfie", we lay on the bed. Still in the same position..Ash lay her head on my chest and put her arm on my stomach..well more of my packed abs. I do have six pax cause i worked out and well i boxed..actually more than boxed as i was involved in this multi martial arts thing. My right arm was kind of under her head supporting part of it that didn't lend on my chest and my left was placed on her right one that she put on my abs.


I'm not sure when did both of us fall assleep bit when i wake up I saw the movie has ended and she is sleeping on my arm. I was holding her from her back. Turn off the tv using the remote and luckily we had turn off the lights when we start lay on our back hours ago. Went back to sleep and i tighten my arm around her and she pull my hand to hers. I kissed her neck lightly and whisper to her ear good night. Maybe becausw of the pills i'm kinda sleepy so i closed my eyes but then..I felt Ashley take my hand and put it on her breast.With her hand on mine gently she push my hand onto her breast and gripping my hand so it would grip her breast. She did that over and over again. I just follow her hand gesture on mine and later i heard a soft moan coming out from her. She caressing my hand and fingers..what is this moment call for?Oh yeah..i bet everyone knows the answer to it but i...i didn't do anything.


What?!Why didn't you?I am pretty sure Sam and Monique will freak out and blurted out all those things if they know about this. Wanna know why?Well...i couldn't do it. I'm not going to take advantage of her while she was sleeping and maybe not aware of what's happening. Yes i am fully aware of the sign but just as i was kissing her neck..she kinda murmured Zen or something. So, i didn't know what was it..maybe someone's name or those zen concept of peace...i don't know...maybe i heard it qrong but that was when i kissed her neck softly and closed my eyes and sleep.


I was awake when i felt someone touching, playing with my fingers and caressing my arm before kisses my palm and the back of it. Open up my eyes and see it was Ashley who was still wrapped in my arms and leg..huh when did it get onto hers and intertwined? She was carressing my arms and wasn't aware of me. I let her be for minutes when finally i whisper in her ears..


"Morning beautiful."


She was suprised that she shoved my hand. I smiled as i grab her hand back and hold her shoulder with the one she used as pillow turning her body to be on top of mine. She was facing me with a shy look that she was busted playing with my fingers. I just smile and wrapped my hand around her waist whilst she tried as hard as she can to hold her body with only her hand placed on my upper chest. Well..she did succeed in keeping her face away from mine but her whole body has already lying perfectly on mine. I didn't try to kiss her or getting her to closened the gap between our head instead i just hold her tightly and look into her eyes. Her eyes, her nose, her frown, her lips are all the things that i love so much that i have to look at everyday for me to get on with my life. At last she couldn't take it anymore that she lay her head on my chest with her lips on my collar bone and her nose on my neck. Luckily my neck was long enough that it fits her head.


The air that she exhale through her nose carressing my neck...ahhhh making me crazy but not to do anything to her. We really enjoying this moment. Feeling the warmth of each others body, hearing each others heart beat. It is such a wonderful feeling to wake up every morning with an angel besides you or better on top of you. Uhhhh her hair really smells nice almost soothing me. Its not sweet or fruity smell like most of the shampoo.It's fresh kinda citric or some sort. Hmm..i never realize this well we have never been in this position and I didn't have a chance. She is not much taller than me, she's 1.72 m while i'm 1.71m but she likes to wear heels and she never let me walk behind her and i quote "i don't want you to stare on my ass". Ashley did say that exact words to me when she caught me looking at some girls ass while waiting for her in front of her house. 


My kiss landed on her head and i can feel she is smiling by the movement on my collar bone. We were in the same position for almost 15 minutes now. She lift her head look at me and smile.


"What would you like for breakfast?"

"Some sugar couldn't hurt..."I winked at her.

"Maybe I don't need any..I'm sure i can survive for years if we keep on holding each other like this. Or even better we picked up where we left last night..." I smiled at her..the flirtous way.


She start to get up with a frowned forehead mouth pouted. I pulled her towards me and she haven't got enough space nor enough time to react so again her body on mine but this time I make sure our lips touched. We kissed gently and tenderly for three to four times when it gets interrupted by her cellphone. I just shook my head hoping her to let it rings but no..she took the call. Mrs. Halloway call in to check up on us and ask her daughter about breakfast. She just say yes and something about us having lunch at her house. I think she asked me about it and I didn't quite hear it so i just shook my head. As soon as the call ends she get half of her body up while her hands are holding on my body to support her entire body. Again she ask me what do i want for breakfast and i though i make a point so my right hand reached for the remote under me and slowly hold it to an erect position until it hits her thigh. What do i get by making a point? A hard slap on my arms and torso, nearly my head.


"What?! I just wanna watch some cartoon while you cook me anything you would like to cook for breakfast." I said as she went straight to the kitchen after beating me. hahaha well it doesn't really hurt but more or less kinda playful.


Ashley...she is a love at first sight. My sight not hers. Her long kinda pointy chin but not like a witch pointy chin almost kinda like a diamond shaped. This is actually the first time we ever got that close. I mean that close that we spend the night together all alone and cuddled that much, maybe today is the day. I couldn't concentrate to the tv and keeps trying to get up and go to the angel cooking in the kitchen.


"Hey hun.." I whispered in her ears and wraped my arms around Ashley's waist. I really do like to hug her. I feel like I never wanna let it go.

"This is hot. I'm cooking here!" Said Ashley as she was trying to crack an egg onto the pan.


I know you can do it wifey.Thats what i said to her and i just keep on hugging her from back. She just smiled and keep on moving preparing breakfast for two. Scramble eggs and hotdog. Breakfast from heaven people said if it were cooked by an angel. we sit right next to each other in L position. This is how I like to be seated so I can look at the other person face while eating and talking. I held her hand in mine and our fingers intertwined. We ate with just one hand when she let go of it to answer her phone.

"Hey Mike. No I cant make it. I promised my mom we will have lunch at home today. Maybe at 4 pm. Okay yeah see you there. I love you."

She kept on talking to him for almost half an hour.Talking, laughing and of course smiling. Those smile i love the most. I just sit there and finished my breakfast before i went to the bed and laid down closing ny eyes. Sleeping is always a better option for me.

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