The Prime Minister's Daughter

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Anastasia Hyacinth L. Ehlrich, the daughter of the current prime minister, is not an average person. She hadn't smiled once even in her childhood. She's a scholar and a secretary of her school as both a student and faculty member. She spends a lot of time reading books, fencing, and studying. Of course, she's beautiful. In fact, she was even given a name of the Glacier Maiden, because she always has this expressionless face everyday. Having been captured by some hooligans, the Ehlrich House will be left without a successor, leaving her servants one choice: find a replacement for her absence while searching for her. What will happen if her replacement finds out that Anastasia needs to murder of her family members because of her grandfather's, the late prime minister's, act of genocide towards an noble enemy family, the Lionhearts, 18 years ago?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Prime Minister's Daughter

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The Prime Minister’s Daughter


Chapter I: Meet the Prime Minister’s Daughter


“Do you believe in curses my boy?” says an old man with dark blue eyes.

“Unfortunately, I don’t….What about it?” replied his son while caressing his black hair.

“Well if you give me some of your precious time, I’ll tell you an old story of our family’s curse…Interested?” the old man said as he puffed huge smoke from his cigar.

“You got me…Help yourself.” His son sighed and massaged his temples.

Chapter I: The Prime Minister’s Daughter

“Here is your tea my lady. It’s newly brewed chamomile tea, a perfect combination for a day in the greenhouse.” The maid said while she gently pours tea on the ceramic tea cup placed on top of a cream colored cloth.

“Thank you Magnolia, as always you never fail to keep me relaxed in the mornings.” The rose-pink toned young maiden with long silky black wavy hair said while typing in the holographic pages from the small yet thick lavender colored pocket book with no title.

“What are you typing my lady?”

“My latest entry.” She takes a sip of her tea “I plan to make a group that will prepare us for the upcoming attack of the Common.” She then continues to type some more. “I’m also updating my memos and schedules for today.”

“Your father might get upset Lady Anastasia.” A scruffy voiced old man wearing a tuxedo and white gloves said as he walks right inside from the greenhouse entrance and paused beside the sitting princess.

“Head Butler, I didn’t expect you to finish your chores so quickly.” Magnolia said.

“Then let him be. As a matter of fact, I, Anastasia Hyacinth L. Ehlrich, can even pay you a huge compensation if you could convince him to try stopping me if you can. After all, the blind old fool’s a blind old fool ever since.” She finishes her tea with a huge gulp.

“Well, you could at least smile while you look down on the prime minister…” the old man said sarcastically.

“Don’t start Claudius… And as you already know, I hadn’t smiled even in my childhood days until today…You can say very well that I’m as grumpy as a granny.”

“It seems that being a grumpy granny had always been your habit…” Claudius said and excuses himself.

“Ah, I have almost forgotten.” She said “Claudius, do tell the maids to prepare my things.” She then turns to Magnolia. “And you shall accompany me in my bath.”

“Yes my lady.” The two servants said with a slight bow.

“When will you like the chauffeur to fetch you from school my lady?” Gretchen, the head maid, had said as she walks with Hyacinth on the red carpeted hallway with chandeliers and famous paintings and antique pottery display towards the mansion’s entrance over viewing the circular driveway.

“About three in the afternoon, and make sure he will park blocks away from the Academy. I wouldn’t dare being a cynosure to eloquent students.”

“I will make sure that he is informed my lady.” Gretchen bows.

As Hyacinth walks towards the driveway, she spots the chauffeur opening the door for her. When she walks closer to the floating silver limousine, she gave the chauffeur an informal salute and went inside. She then opens her lavender colored book.

Finally, the limousine makes a complete stop. “We are here my lady.” The chauffeur said as he unbuckles his seatbelt.

Hyacinth raises her hand and says with a carefree voice “You don’t have to be that formal when it’s just you and me Richard.”

“My apologies, I just got carried away. That’s all.” He shrugged

As Richard drove off, Hyacinth walks toward the academy’s gate. The academy’s ten foot royal blue colored gate has the nameplate Wainwright Academy of the Elite attached on its walls. Hyacinth then sees her best friend, Katherine, sitting above the white eight foot tall walls waving at her.

“Get down from there Katherine.” She said as she lifted her chin and glares at the girl above her wearing a red checkered scarf on her forehead. “Or else you will get hurt if you fall down and lose your footing!” she added nearly shouting this time.

IF I’m going to fall!” Katherine said as she smiles bashfully.

“The Laconian Dialect, the most used excuse to cover up dangerous stunts… Anyways, you better get down there Katherine Mariel Roland or else I’ll be late for my supervising.” Hyacinth turns around and starts to speed walk.

“Hey, wait for me!” she then inhales, jumps off the wall and lands on the ground with balance just like that of a cat.

As Hyacinth went upstairs, students began to greet her warmly, although she would greet them back with her eyes focused on the white circuit board-like floored hallway without making any eye contact. It’s alright, I’m in a rush. Surely they’ll understand. She thought .Then a young man wearing a red ruffled long sleeved shirt with a black buttoned vest and black slacks and pointed shoes purposely blocks her path and says “You’re as cold as ever Glacier Maiden.” He leans his shoulders on the wall.

“Oh it’s just you Henry. Do you have something to discuss with me or do you want to start calling me names instead?” she said irritated.

“Yes, it is I, Henry Louis Ruxemburg VIII, who is always reminding this young and beautiful maiden in front of him that her suitors aren’t going to wait forever for her hand and marriage!” he said. Henry had been Hyacinth’s enemy over the years. He is seventeen but looked older and was already mature and knows life. He also had brown thin hair that reached the back of his neck and green eyes that shined whenever he looked at grass and trees. “Do I need to repeat myself again Anastasia?”

“Out of my way Henry, you are already making me late for my supervising assignment! Besides, I’m far busier to be distracted with such impediments such as showing attraction to the opposite sex.” Hyacinth said and excuses herself then pauses and turns again and glares and points a finger at him. “And don’t you dare call me by my first name, we’re not even that close!” she added.

Henry sighs. “When is she going to learn? She’s about to become 17, with strong pheromones, tall height, and mysterious eyes like that, I can’t even imagine why she hadn’t had accepted a single lover over the years.” He said as he puts on his glasses on. “But you already called me by my first name—and twice…” he sighs again.

The class’ professor announces Hyacinth’s arrival and signals her to enter. She was first annoyed at them at first for they were all noisy even when the professor was still talking to them but her mood changed when she entered the classroom. The students fell silent and the air was still. Hyacinth thought that this would be the perfect chance to introduce herself. As she stood behind the desk she said with a carefree voice “My name is Hyacinth Lisbeth, and I will be supervising this classroom on behalf of the principal for this day only. And also note that what I observe will be immediately reported to him after classes. Does anyone have any questions?”

Silence arose. The students all looked at her shining baby blue eyes. What’s wrong with them, are they deaf or something? She thought. Well she was wrong; she knew that, of course. They were just shocked by the beautiful girl the same age as them with wavy long black hair going with the flow of the breeze that went inside the room from an open window standing in front of them wearing their school’s uniform. The only difference was that she wore a bracelet around her rosy pink wrist. She watched the students as they stared at her even during their classes. They’re all the same… She thought after a deep sigh. After hours of observing, she excuses herself. And while she was walking away from the classroom, she heard loud murmurs from the students. Am I that rare to the eye? She thought as she felt another weight put onto her shoulders. “I need to find Katherine. I’m already 20 minutes late for lunch break.” She said and starts speed walking again.

† L †

After finishing her chores, Magnolia decides to breathe the fresh air from the garden filled with artistic topiary. “What is my lady doing right now?” she said while she stared at the blue sky as she sat under the shade of an oak tree. “Do you want to know?” Claudius said as he places a tea set tray and a wine bottle and glass on the outdoor table. Magnolia quickly stands up and fixes herself and still shocked at the fact that Claudius overheard her. “Come, my dear,” he said as he places his hand on the table’s flat surface. “let us have a chat while we relax from a day of chores…” he added. Magnolia hesitated at first but completely changed her mind after seeing the old man place a tower of pastry on the middle of the table. Besides, I think he wants me to know. She thought.

“Have you been curious all this time, Magnolia?” Claudius said as he pours tea on Magnolia’s cup and wine on his glass. “Yes, because I always notice her doing something and the only time I see her doing nothing, is when she sleeps. I mean, she asks me to wake her up at six in the morning, prepare her tea while she updates her memos and schedules, and accompany her in her bath. And at seven she goes to school, then attends student council meetings, and is fetched back from school at three in the afternoon. And when she gets back, she immediately puts on her fencing uniform and practices for hours and bathes again. And she does her assignments in the study but if she finishes it early and has free time, she reads a book. At eight in the evening she dines with us and praises us for the meal then she excuses herself and goes directly to her quarters and sleeps.” She pauses for a while to breathe “That’s all she does, every single day of her life! Even on weekends!” she pauses again and takes a huge bite on a slice of strawberry short cake from the tower. She then notices Claudius’ smile as he stares at his glass.

“What’s funny?” she said while she finishes the cake and gets another from the tower.

“Oh it’s nothing really. I’m just amazed that you were curious to know from the start.” He replied with a scoff “How about we make a deal. I will tell you the story of her childhood after you fetch her from school.” He said

“How about Richard, will he get upset or something?”

“I’ll inform him about our deal, if you’re interested.”

Magnolia thinks for a moment then displays her suspecting eyes after but her intrigued soul commanded her to accept it. “Alright, you got me this far, why not make the best out of it right?”

“Well said, you are beginning to remind me of someone I’ve known a long time ago.” He said as he finishes his tea in one gulp.

† L †

Hyacinth looked everywhere in order to find out Katherine’s position when she heard that some students saw her eating lunch at the campus’ grounds. After hearing the update, she ran swiftly to her office, took her bag, and ran to her friend’s location.

“Oh there you are!” Katherine said sitting on the outdoor café table. Hyacinth notices her and walks closer. “I’ve been waiting for you for ages now!” Katherine said as she waved her hand. “So how did your “sudden encounter” with Mr. Ruxembourg?” she added in a teasing way and smiles.

“Look, I’m tired… I propose we should order something and have lunch. We’ll talk afterwards…” Hyacinth said and takes a seat and unfolds one of the menu folders. After their orders arrived, Hyacinth noticed Katherine’s eagerness to know what happened earlier while she was away.

“If you want to say something, just say it.” Hyacinth said in monologue.

“You know, you’ve always been like that Anastasia.” Katherine said as she narrows her eyes at Hyacinth. “You know the whole monologue thing whenever you get all stubborn or play hard to get and the expressionless face. Those were the kinds of signs that you’re either hiding something from me or just too embarrassed to say it…” she said as she pushed one-fourth of a steak inside her mouth leaving sauce on her lips. “Continue being like that and you’ll end up being an old virgin woman…” she added while chewing.

“No I’m not hiding anything! I’m just a little tired and all…” Hyacinth said and drinks her tea then her cheeks slowly turn from rosy white to red.

“You—you’re blushing! I knew something happened between you two.” Katherine said while squeezing Hyacinth’s face with her two hands.

“You know what? I think I’m starting to get cross with you…”

“I don’t care. In fact, why should I even give a thought about it when I now know your little silly feeling right here?” She said as she places her pointing finger on Hyacinth’s chest.

“Will you please stop that?” Hyacinth said as she forcefully removes Katherine’s hands away from her face and stands up and looks at the café’s holographic wall clock. “Since lunch time will be over soon, I think I should end this unnecessary conversation.” She added and excuses herself.

“There you go again! Fine, if you want your little crush to give up on you the hard way, then so be it!” Katherine said nearly shouting and runs after her speed walking friend.

A few minutes after the bell rang; Hyacinth took the path that leads to the garden while Katherine secretly follows her from afar. When she reached the academy’s eight foot tall water fountain located at the center of the campus grounds, Hyacinth saw Henry standing in front of the fountain and notices her.

Henry stands up and greets her a pleasant afternoon and says, “Where have you been?”

“It is none of your concern.” She said as she walks past him without pausing.

“And the Glacier Maiden strikes again… Great.” He thought and inhales the cold wind that the falling water from the fountain makes.

† L †

“Excuse me, may I ask for some directions? I seem to have lost my map of the campus.” A young maid with white hair said.

Katherine flinches and turns to look at the girl with a soft voice at behind her.

“Well if it isn’t Anastasia’s personal maid, Magnolia. What brings you here?” Katherine said as she stood up.

“Ms. Roland. A pleasant afternoon, may I ask where my lady has gone to?”

“Oh, you’re looking for Anastasia? She’s just over—” Katherine said incompletely with her thumb pointed at Hyacinth’s last location: at the fountain. “Oops… I guess I lost her. But I’ll be happy to find her for you.”

“That would be nice Ms. Roland.” Magnolia said with a bow.

“You needn’t be too formal all the time. Just call me Katherine.” She then hurriedly looks for Hyacinth.

“Of course, Ms. Roland, thank you.” Then she walks toward the academy entrance and leans her back on the wall. I’ll just wait here I guess… she thought.

She sure put a whole lot of effort in learning to be formal at all times… Katherine thought.

† L †

Hyacinth finds herself walking on the campus gardens. “That’s funny, why did I go here for?” she asked herself. Hyacinth hears a twig snap and expects someone. “Whoever you are, you best reveal yourselves…”

“Relax. We would like for you to come with us Ms. Ehlrich.” The younger one said.

How does he know my last name? Hyacinth thought.

“Look, just turn around so that we can like, finish the quest and go home with lots of money in our pockets…” the older one said.

“Keep trying, you’ll need a good supply of ammunition if you wish to kill me. Who sent you? Why would your master send only two men to take me?” she said

“Shut your fucking tongue you fucking daughter of a whore!” the older one said. How did she know that I have a gun pointed at her? The older one thought as he steps closer to her.

“I wouldn’t really do that if I were you…” A girl with a scarf on her head said as she grinds her teeth and glares at the older one. “Look, my friend, if you want to die that much, you’ll want to kill me rather than her…”

“We’re not going to kill her, we were asked to only kidnap her…” the younger one said.

“Shut your shitty mouth! I’ll deal with the feisty one and you on the—”

Hyacinth rushes towards him and kicks off the gun he was holding with a 360 degree roundhouse kick. The younger one, after seeing their target’s face, was mesmerized by her shining baby blue eyes that were followed by a cold expression of her face. “Katherine, dispose of them!”

“That’s the command I was waiting for! Perfect timing, my fists are already aching to beat the shit out of these assholes!” Katherine shadow punches and extinguishes a fighting stance.

† L †

“What’s taking her so long? 10 minutes already passed after she went to look for my lady. Where is she?” Magnolia said and noticed a van driving closer to her direction at high speed. She narrows her eyes to see whose inside but unfortunately fails to recognize the faint images of the driver and his passengers.

She suddenly felt like the time had stopped for she thought she heard a cry for help when she was standing parallel to the speeding van as her long silver hair flowed from the sudden freezing breeze. As the van made its way passing Magnolia, Magnolia saw Katherine running towards her direction shouting; “BRING HER BACK YOU SONS OF BITCHES!!!” while she struggles to keep her balance with her bloody right leg. Magnolia quickly ran to help the injured girl and began to ask what happened.

“Let go of me!” Katherine said as she continuously punches Miranda’s shoulders and arms struggling to break free from Miranda’s grasp. “Did you find her?” Magnolia said. “They…got her…” Katherine said as she broke into tears.

“Who got her?”

“I…don’t…know…” Katherine says as she finally rests her red face on Magnolia’s chest.

What…happened? Magnolia said as she gazed at the road where the van had made its escape.

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