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Triple Sage


Its cold and dark i can barely see in front of me. The only thing I can hear is the sound of my heart pounding, Its so loud its shaking my body. All i know is i must save her, we must save the three we have left, they cant face the same fate as us. I wont let it happen. that's all i could think of.. those were the only thought screaming at me in my head. i must save her i must!!"

They ran from the evil dark place were they were trapped for most of there lives. Finally gone from that dreadful place. they wouldn't let there children go thru the same fate they had to face. the women came to a stream "Were almost there a little further, Lets go before they catch us HURRY!!" Melinda screams out. They started to cross the river, the water was so cold. it felt like a thousand needles racing up there bodies but they kept moving.. they got to the other side and ran as fast as they could. And there it was.... the Tree of Secrets.. the only ones who knew of its exesctance were witches, they were the only ones who could find it. they knew it would keep them safe for just enough time to do the spell and set there children free..

The three young children were the last of the witches left after the master hunter took over there land. the master hunter gathered all the suups up and forced them all to do his evil and dirty deeds, and since he bared the mark of a hunter none of their powers worked on him. so he killed and slaughtered most of the suups until he found the strongest of the strong and caged them all. He then started breeding the wolves.. next he made his witches kill and take the essence of other witches and harvest there powers.. the masters plan was to create the strong of all and bare them as his own children and he would have more power than everything. he left the other suups live as low peasants.. until he found use of them.

The mother witches knew there baby's weren't going to be slaves they wouldn't allow it.. those powerful children were going to grow up and come together to take all the evil out the 2nd world. They were scared of what the master hunter would make there children do. They had to bind there powers and send the children away far away, until there 16th birthday. Then they would regain there powers and decide for them selves it they shall use them for good or evil.

we got to the tree, Isabella took the mask spell down. All three of the mother witches ran in and and slammed the door and locked it. they put the mask spell back up.Rubyetta lead the way as they ran down a dark hallway and down a  spiral stair case. the wood of the stairs was so soft and silky and but had a glossy marble look to it . the stairs seemed like the were never ending. Once they got to the bottom, they were in the large room built of stone pepples. the light was dim but they had to manage. there was a triangle in the middle of the room with three moon crescent in the middle of the triangle. it was the mark of there coven.

they knew they needed to hurry it was only a matter of time.. they got everything in place. they rushed knowing if the hunter came before they cast the spell he would kill them all. there power couldn't stop him. They each put each of there children on all three sides of the triangle. Isabella bent down and removed a stone from the floor. she reached in and grabbed out a old book and opened it to the right page. the book had dust all over it and the pages look brown and ripped from its age. they get ready to do the spell . the children wouldn't be able to have there full powers back until they un bind the spell as a whole. but as soon as the children come to age and come together to unbind the spell there powers will increase with all the harvest powers there mothers passed on to them.

The mothers knew if they were to grow up with there full powers they would kill hundreds of innocents. they wouldn't be able to control the power. they knew this was there only choice to keep there children pure and safe. they started to chant and channel all there powers. they were almost done, they felt him coming. his dark presents was on the way, the feeling was death and horror. they all felt the shivers run up there spins.

The spell was complete. the young children lie there as each one of them let out a red and blue light that intertwined and blended the energies together. The children's powers joined as one and took of into the night sky.That mad him mad he filled up with fury he screamed out in anger and the mothers hered it and they knew this was it. the hunter picked up speed with his army of supers. now he was out to spill blood.

They quickly grabbed the children and ran deep into the tunnels as fast as they could. They knew the worst part wasn't over. they knew that they needed to get the children to safety so the hunter wouldn't get them. They finally seen the dim candle light at the end of the tunnel. there almost there. the witches planned this out for months to give the children there best chance. they arranged to have someone to take the children the rest of the way they knew the needed to stay and hold off the hunter. it was there only choice.

They got to the end of the tunnel and handed the children of to two pesant and also handed them 5 lockets made of blue and red gold.All 5 necklaces were made of magic and the pesants were the only two mistys who could use them. the pesant mistys grabed everything and ran into the dark night never looking back. the mothers watched as the mistys disapered into the night. they turned around and sealed the door behind them.. And they walked right into there fate  knowing this was the only way.


15 years later .........


Submitted: July 23, 2013

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I really loved this writing! It's amazing and maybe you should be more descriptive. Other than that it's perfect. If you have any time, can you please check out my work ? Thank you :)

Tue, July 23rd, 2013 6:43pm


thanks and i will

Tue, July 23rd, 2013 12:04pm


sounds mostly like video game,,,,u need put more life in ur characters...

Tue, July 23rd, 2013 6:56pm


i posted the rest of the parts so can u check those out

Tue, July 23rd, 2013 12:23pm

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