claudia clark : my true love story

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Chapter 6 (v.1) - OH NIALLER!!!!

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Submitted: June 20, 2013



niall and i walked up the stairs into his room. 'are you sure?' niall said biting his lip. i nodded and span round and asked him to undo my top as it has bottoms on the back. he stepped forward and placed his hands on my shoulders slowly undoing my top and tugging it over my head then kissing my neck. i shivered as his cold hands went to my bra strap and took my bra off. i span round to him and pulled his head down to me and kissed him wild and hard. he pulled back and grinned. hehe. he then trailed his hands down to my jeans undoing them also. i stepped out of them 'niall, your overdressed' i grinned as i stripped him. he walked forward intill my legs hit the back of his bed and i fell down grapping him on the way and he fell on top if me. 'im new to this-' i was cut off by niall kissing his way down my chest amaking his way down. i bit my lip wishing he would hurry it up.he then ripped my thong off with his teeth and i gasped as i felt his tongue in my inner core. wow. i then grapped his head pulling him up to face me as he grins and nods as if he understood. he felt him rest on his right and grap a coil packet then he was back on me. 'ill be gentle' he whispered as he eased into me. god it hurt like fuck. grrrr. i started to cry and niall lifted my head and stared in my eyes as he slowly started to move. god. now the pain has turned to pleasure. mhhhh. 'oh god your so tight' niall started to move faster and faster. i moaned and bit his shoulder from trying to stop from sceaming out. 'sceam for me claudia' he whispered as i grinned and let it go. i felt this pleasure bulid up with no were to go. 'come for me baby' he nibbed my ear going faster. 'i will' and finally we fell on top of each other panting.'wow' i giggled. as he layed down next to me and we started to spoon. 'night my little rose' i giggled as he just called me by my middle name. 'night nialler' he giggled in my ear as we fell to a peaceful sleep.


i woke up to niall sceaming to harry  'why the fuck harry did you do that?!" i ran out of the room to the kitchen not realising i was naked. hehe. harry was pissed off. 'well im sorry i felt loney so i fucked a random in a alletway' niall was pissed off. they both turned to me just noticing me. i felt my whole body blush. harry's eyes scanned my body and wheni looked down he had a bluge. awkies. well. niall walks to me kissing my lips quickly standing in front of me. 'wow. thanks for the sight' harry winked at me still drunk. niall growled . he actally grrred. hahahhahaha. 'y-y-you wel-c-c-come' i statted and and giggled as niall run his hands up my legs while giving harry a dealth stare then turned to me lifting me up andi wrapped my legs around his waist 'this girl is mine' niall growled as he kissed me walking off as i watched harry punch the wall., whats up his arse. i dont care i have niall. i giggled as niall took me back to his room and we made love one more time.












sorry but i had a project due. and claudia and i finally got over ourselves and made up YAYAYAYAYAYYA!!!!

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