The Secret Six

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Base X is no ordinary Government Secret Lab, it is also were they keep The Secret Six. None have names, just numbers. Number 1, 3, 5, 7, 10, and 12. They are not your ordinary human teenagers, in fact they are not human at all. Well at least two of them aren't. You see Many years ago two scientist were instructed to create 6 different artificial life forms for experiments and military use. They were told to make them so real that they should age, grow, eat, sleep, and act like real human beings, but along the way many of them were destroyed during a chemical testing. two remained. Number 3 and 10. Tara, Penny, Matthew, and Jonah were then stolen from there family to pose as the REAL artificial Life Forms and they were named 1, 5, 7, and 12.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Secret Six

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Waking up, I immediately get chills. my thin blonde hair on my arms and legs stick up. I get the feeling something is wrong. Something just doesnt seem right. For some reason I cant remmber where I am. As my memory returns I hold my head until the throbbing sense of thoughts and memories comes rushing back into my head deceases. I am at Base X. I sit up in my  freezing cold silver metal bunk bed and scour the pale gray-blue room for my friends. Its hard to see through the stiff black air but I think I can see the outline of #5s body laying on her bunk with her long dark brown hair draped over her like a blanket. I lean to far off the side of my bunk and the rest of my body weight tips me over and I fall of my bunk. though im on the bottom bunk my fall makes a louder thud then i would of liked but luckily i woke no one up .I carefully stand and slyly walk over to the bathroom and look into the mirrror and stare at my reflection. I splash the cold water onto my face and lean against the sink. I always find myself starring blankly into the mirror like Ive been drifted away to another universe were I think about real kids and what they do for fun, and why I was chosen to be artificiality made on a hard metal table. Ive always wondered what it would be like to have a mother and a father, I bet it would be wonderful to have someone to tuck you in at night and make you breakfeast and take you to the beach. The closest thing I have to a family are Dr. Ombrow and Dr. Smeek and of course my five best friends number 3, 5, 7, 10, and 12.

I stand by the sink and re-think everything I know about this place, like I always do when I get this weird feeling that something is wrong. Noone here has a family, 16 years ago Dr.Ombrow and Dr.Smeek were told by there boss to create 6 artificial life forms using a specfic mixture of chemicals at the site they renamed Base X, So they did, they created us. Me and all my friends, we are in group 1. We were the first group ever made. In each group there are 6-8 artificial life forms. They use us for many different things, many reasons include experiments to test out different things that wouldnt be safe on normal people, others include military reasons, but most things are kept secrets. Why? I dont know, Thats why there secrets and I dont really feel the need to know.

I walk back over to my bed and sit down and just stare into the numbing nothingness and think about my agenda for tommorow. First, breakfest Next, training with Dr. O, then, Testing with Dr. S, Followed by nap, going on to my favorite part of the day, break, I love break time. Its the time where I get to see my friends and talk and laugh about our day so far and eat dont forget eat . Then last but not least Final Day Surgery. After break everyone walks down together to the surgery room ( Which is basically just the experiment lab, its also were me and all my friends were created) then we all sit in the waiting hallway in the 6 chairs with our numbers on them and when our chair lights up we stand up and walk through two tall glass doors into the surgery room. This is my least favorite part of the day. Not becasue it hurts but becasue its so uncomfortable, some days are good and somedays are horrible. It just all depends on what they want to try out that day. Most of my work is done inside my stomach where they usually take out something or put something in.Im not exactly sure on what they are trying to accomplish with the surgeries but i just need to trust them. They say its suppose to be painless but sometimes the pain is unbarable. Number 3 and 10 are always the luckiest they usually say they cant feel a thing, but I definitely disagree.

I finally break out of my day dream and i walk back to my bunk and slowly lay back down and look around the room again, this time I dont see anyone. I whisper "12" no answer "5"? Again no answer "7" Nothing, I didnt even bother trying 3 or 10 they are impossible to wake up. For some odd reason every once and a while I will wake up in the middle of the night and its like noone is in the room besides me. Finally I just decide to go back to bed, I tell myself Im just being paranoid. I lean back into my tiny bed and rest my head on the pillow. I turn my head and look at my head board at the top of my bed that says in big bold letters "Number 1"

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