Back to Life

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Back to Life

Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



Krain had shooed off all of his brothers so that i can walk through. Thank god. It was very quiet now. I wonder where they've all gone?. The hall had a long burgundy carpet streched out. I walked through and stepped in front of the bathroom door. I knocked and no one answered. I opened it and as soon as I got in, I locked the door, and laid my back against it.

The bathroom had, like the rest of the cabin, logged walls of course. There was a white toilet with it's seat up, a small white sink with a mirror above it,a white bathtub against the wall with no curtain,and on the floor were a bunch of pairs of shoes...Most of them were muddy. what caught my eye was the small window right above the tub. I dropped the sheet that was wrapped around me on the floor, and changed into the clothes Danny had gotten for me.

It was a black medium sized T-Shirt with the cartoon Pepe le pews face winking and a pair of Joe Boxer's,color black and red plaid. Not something I would’ve preferred to wear while getting ready for an escape, but it’ll do.

I looked into the mirror and got spooked for a second. I narrowed my eyes. ’’is that me?..’’ I whispered. I looked so pale. So very very pale. What happened to my natural tan? When was the last time i've gotten sun?. I touched my face with caution. I gasped. My face looked thinner.My jawline seemed more narrow. I have cheekbones??. I traced them with my fingertips and my surprisingly long nails. I looked at them in shock. Since when do i have nails?? I always chewed them off! I I felt something touch my back and I jumped. it was my hair braid… I quickly undid the braid I didn’t even know I had, and let my dark brown curly hair fall in place.Last time I saw my hair, it only passed my ears by a couple of inches, now my hair has reached my back.I tried pulling on it to see if it were a wig or something.. Oww...Nope,nope.It's real. 

 My eyes went wide. I looked…older?? I didn't know if that was the word for it but it seemed accurate. I looked so much like my mom when she was a senior in high school. I should know, I have an old picture of her under my pillow back at the San Patricio Orphanage... She was darker than me by a few shades but still..

Someone knocked and i jumped.''Christ..'' I breathed. 

 ‘’You ok in there?’’ It was Krain.

‘’Um, Yeah, Just fine.'’ I gave one more glance at the mirror, and shook my head in disbelief. What’s happened to me? I don't know if they did this to me or not,but i have to go. I can't let Mrs. Perez hurt Maria because of me. I know she would.She's absolutly evil. I started to see flashbacks. It was midnight,and i'm climbing out of a window and trying to convince Maria to come with me. She shook her head wiping her tears.She didn't want me to go. She wanted to stay even though the adults there were monsters. She was a mexican beauty;long black hair,dark skin and big brown eyes, and she was always a good girl. Hence why she's not here with me now trying to jump out yet another window.

Krain knocked again.. ''Hello? You're really quiet in there..''

''Yeah,Ill be out in a minute..'' I went towards the tub, and put one foot on its edge. I reached up, and held on to the windows handle to help pull myself up. I pushed off the ground with my other foot, and stood on top of the tub.

I laid my hand on the wall to steady myself, and tried to lift the windows handle up, but my foot slipped for a moment, and knocked down a bottle of shampoo that was nearby. Krain knocked ‘’Are you going to take a bath?’’  I got the handle up, and gently pushed open the window.

‘’Yes, I am. Mind giving me some space? ‘’ I said, breathing heavily. I had a good grip on the windows edge while standing on the tip of my toes. I got my upper arms outside, so I put my feet on the wall, and climbed. So far, my head and arms were out.great! I looked down and saw the ground about 7 feet high. Not great!

A knock again ‘’is there a problem turning on the water?’’ He asked. I couldn’t answer him, my face was outside, He’d of heard me more distant. I climbed myself up on the wall again and embraced for the fall.

‘’UUFF!’’ I did loudly when I fell on my shoulder. I heard the knocking from outside. ’’Hello? Hellooo? What’s going on in there? I’ll open this door if you don’t tell me what’s going on.’’ He said. Knocking over and over.

 I got up & swept off the dirt from my side ‘’It was nice meeting you.’’ I said and ran off through the trees. I have no idea where I’m going. I have no idea where i am. Doesn’t matter. Just got to get far from here. I had to leave before it was too late.Too late for what? I don’t really know... I’ve been lost the entire day.

I was barefooted. I stepped on every pebble, rock, leaf, and twigs there was.Normally,I'd be bothered by them because of my embarrassingly sensitive feet but no. Didn't feel much. I ran through mud,jumped over rocks and didn't stop. I ran so fast i could barely see where i was going. The closest mountains nearby San Patricio's place are the ''Rosa-Rosa mountains''. So i'm just going to assume i'm there because anything farther than that would be ridiculous.and I'm hoping to God that i'm still in the state of Milena. It's a state right in between Mexico and Guatemala. It's not all that small,I don't understand why they don't putt us on most maps..Or any maps for that matter.

Even if I did know what forest this was, that wasn’t really going to help me right now. ''Rosa-Rosa Mountains'' are insanely huge. Well,at least for a young girl on foot. I'm not carrying a compass,and even if i did i still wouldn't know where to go.For all i know, i could be going in circles.

What I have to find is a trail. If I find a trail, then I can follow it all the way to its exit. Tourist come here to hike. But they close down the entrances at night. It’s way too dangerous to be here at dark. So I had to hurry, and watch out for slippery steps. The last thing I needed was a broken arm or leg in the middle of the forest.

I stopped for a moment, and looked back. No sign of anyone. Good. I took a moment to catch my breath & I heard a distant sound of water splashing. Water! Thank god. I’m so dehydrated. I followed the sound of the water through the trees,pushing away the leaves and branches,the sound was getting louder and louder as I got closer. I was stepping on hard rocks now. The sun hit my face and right ahead, was a waterfall and a pool of crystal clear water surrounding it.

So high up, with its stream falling off the cliff. It looked amazing. I would’ve love to have time to sit back, and enjoy its beauty. But right now, I was escaping some log house with unknown people in it who just might be looking for me and not ever let me go… Um,maybe some other time I could come.

I had to jump on one rock to another to get to the water… I went towards a big boulder,and sat behind it. I didn't want any surprises from behind.

The splashing was loud,yet serene all at once.The sun felt amazing on my skin.

 I cupped my hands together, picked up the water, and drank. The water was freezing cold, but that didn’t stop me. I drank as much as I could. I wet my face, hair, and arms. The feeling of pure water straight from the source is just incredible. 

I sighed and envied other people in the world who can just come and chill at some river and have a good time instead of worrying all the time.

I heard leaves ruffling harshly up above. I raised my hand over my eyes to block the sun. I saw the branch shaking,but i couldn't see past the leaves. What’s moving the branch like that? I know there’s no monkeys in Milena.

Suddenly, a guy with no shirt drops from the tree branch, and into the water. I froze, dripping wet from the water he had splashed .He rose from the water, flipping his honey blond hair back, and laughed with amusement. ‘’Whoooo! ’’ He shouted. He then looked at me with a big smile, flashing all his teeth. Suddenly,another teenage boy appeared and walked passed me. He sat on one of the rocks looking at the guy in the water.

‘’I think I should go now’’ I said. ‘’Have fun’’’ and flashed them a quick nervous smile, but when I tried to walk away. The boy got up from the rock, and grabbed my wrist. I looked at him, and he shook his head.  I gulped.

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