Back to Life

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Back to Life

Submitted: June 10, 2013

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Submitted: June 10, 2013



I was standing here looking at two very opposite looking people. I looked up, and down at the guy who just jumped off from the tree branch. He was tanned, and muscular. He stood there dripping wet with nothing but ripped jean pants, and a six pack that would make your jaw drop. Or was that just me?

 He had shoulder length honey blonde hair. His eyes were sparkling, warm brown. And his facial features were anything but soft. He was just so masculine.

I looked at the other guy who stood beside him, & he looked so delicate next to jungle boy. His skin was much paler, with ashy blonde silky hair that reached to his neck. His eyes were baby light blue. He was skinny, boney actually, yet he wore a long oversized grey sweater that covered up his hands.He wore soft pajama pants, and black slippers with socks.

 ‘’I’m not going back.'' i said. '' Tell Krain that you couldn’t find me.’’ I turned and I hopped my way back towards the trees.

When suddenly, A loud voice spoke, echoing through the trees surrounding us. ‘’Don’t you have questions that need answering?…’’ Dozens of birds flew out of the trees.

I gasped in shock. I slipped and fell flat on my butt in the water. ‘’what..was..that?’’ I whispered. i was too scared to get up.

The big voice laughed. It was a young dark smooth laughter. ‘’I didn’t mean to frighten you, kitty. Or the poor animals around here. I just needed you to listen.’’

I looked around to see where he’s talking from. But his voice came from all around. Just everywhere. I scrambled to my feet, and went to go stand by the boys by the boulder. They weren’t bothered by the voice, they were just looking at me.

‘’Do you guys even hear that?’’ I asked them nervously, searching around.

Innocent boy nodded. I haven’t heard a word from him since he got here.

I looked at the other guy,who was dripping wet ‘’what about you?’’

He smiled. ‘’Yes, Ape hears voice’’

Huh? ’’Who’s Ape?’’

‘’I am Ape.’’ He smiled again.

I blinked. No time to play 20 questions now, Ivy. We’ve got a bigger problem.

I looked around, Not sure where to speak to ‘’who are you?’’ I asked.

The big voice was now a small whisper by my ear. ‘’Jinx’’

I jumped & yipped.

He laughed again, and putt his arm over my shoulder. I looked at him, he was young. I’d say older then Innocent boy, and younger then, um, Ape. He wore a top hat, White gloves, and oh, a black cape to go with it all. He had on a white dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, and a small black bow tie on his neck collar.

His hair was a dark chestnut brown, with bangs that almost reached his big midnight blue eyes. He smiled at me, and I shot him a look. ‘’Aaw, Don’t be that way with me. I didn’t mean to make you angry.’’ He pouted.

‘’How did you do that?’’

He smirked. ‘’a good magician never reveals his secrets’’ and he tipped his hat forward.

I narrowed my eyes at him, & took his arm off my shoulder. It didn’t seem like a ‘magic trick’,it was real. I heard it from all over the place. Even the birds got scared. And how did he end up by my side so quickly? He sure didn’t swim. I don’t know how he did it, but that was not just a trick up his sleeve.

‘’It would be wonderful if you could come back with us to the cabin voluntarily. There is plenty we must talk to you about. Things have changed. Big things have happened. Plus,we have food. Something you won't find so clean out here in the forest.’’

‘’Can’t you just tell me yourself here and now?’’ I asked impatiently. 

He gave me an apologetic look ‘’I would if I could, Kitty. But I do not have the honor to do so. Krain must explain everything to you himself. Besides, your clothes are wet, you’ll catch a cold if you stay out here too long.  We can give you hospitality.’’

I looked at him hard, and spoke through my teeth. ‘’I woke up naked in a strangers bed today. I’m deep in the forest, completely away from where I should be at right now.  I don't even look the way i did last I remember. Your brother told me I wasn’t allowed to leave. Excuse me for not being more understanding, but the little facts that I know right now gives me enough reason to stay away from you people.’’ I turned and walked away. No one stopped me. Good.

‘’Please, this is for your own good. We are the good people. I know it doesn’t seem that way to you right now, but if you could just listen to us. You will understand. ’’

I got to the trees, and started making my way through them. I was freezing. A nice hot bath would be awesome right now.

As I was walking, right before my eyes,dark grey smoke appeared around me. ’’What the....’’ I tried walking through it, but it felt as if it were pushing me back, like some kind of force. I tried pushing myself through harder, but I just couldn’t. It was like a wall. ''What the hell?'' I asked,struggling to get pass it. 

‘’You can fight it all you want, but you won’t be able to pass’’ said the magician boy. He was standing on a branch right above me, leaning on the trees trunk. His arms crossed, watching me with sadness.’’ I’m sorry I had to do this, but I have to take my orders.‘’

‘’Get me out of this!’’ I shouted, pushing every side of the smoke. It was surrounding me. ‘’What is this thing anyway?’’

‘’It’s Metallic fume.Father created it.’’ He said with proudness in his voice.

‘’Oh well that’s just dandy, Could you turn it off?’’

He flashed a small smile ‘’There’s no ''on'' or ''off'' button to this,Kitty.’’

‘’So you can’t stop it?’’ I yelled.

He cleared his throat ‘’Metallic fumes are for protecting harsh blows,much like a shield. Anything with strong forces will not get by it. Not even a speeding truck.But the fumes are what determine your side of the fight. If you are friend or foe. The metallic will not let a foe pass but will to a friend.''

''What do i have to do?! I'm not the foe here!'' I shout while trying to jump over the wall of smoke. I can barely see him now. The smoke is all around me.

''It stops when you stop struggling and give in.’’

Oh,it stops when I do the two things I least want to do.

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