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I don’t think young should be defined by age,

But rather by knowledge.

For knowing can be much greater

Than number of years spent on earth.


I’ve always loved nature,

I remember climbing trees,

Making pies out of dirt,

Swinging until the sun went away.


I remember some of

The happier times were spent outdoors.

My father and I don’t have a lot of time

To spend together.


But I remember walking around,

Just talking.

You see things differently

When surrounded by something so simple.

I remember no interruptions,

No barriers or walls in between.


I remember feeling the breeze in my face,

The sun kissing my skin,

I felt loved not only by my dad,

But the nature that surrounded us.


And I remember

As I grew up, I became wiser,

And I realized that

Our time on this planet is limited.


Make memories that will stick

With you, even in your darkest days.

Because even if I don’t want to,

I still remember.



Submitted: April 25, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Lexi Zimmermnan. All rights reserved.


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