Chapter 5: Addictive Bad Habits

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

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He was like a drug, you only had to try it once or twice and before you knew it you were addicted.

He became just another bad habit.

They say it takes an average of 21 days, three weeks, to break a bad habit.

And you tried other drugs, didn't you?

But they never satisfied your needs like he did. He's the alcohol you could never put down.

You only intend to take one sip. One swallow becomes multiple and all of the sudden you're hooked.

It caused most of your problems and pain. Yet, somehow, it was the only remedy that could

numb the aching. It had the way of making you forget, even if only for a while.

He's the cigarette you could never go a day without.

Smoking is a nasty habit, but it seemed worth it at the time.

You didn't mean to make it a normal thing. But one puff turned into seven,

And the next thing you know you're putting yourself at risk for a toxin.

He's the bad habit you always go back to, no matter what. All of a sudden,

Everything is okay again. But somehow, you only needed it when things were falling apart.

He's not good for you, he never was. You knew that already though.

Bad habits only end up backfiring in the end. But for the first time in forever, you seemed happy.

Some would kill for these habits, sell their soul and put everything at risk, forgetting everything but them. In a way, you did too, didn't you?

But there comes a time when no matter how much we don't want to or no matter how hard it is,

We have to break what seems unbreakable.

It's time to cut the cord to the poison veins running through your body.


Submitted: April 25, 2016

© Copyright 2020 Lexi Zimmermnan. All rights reserved.


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