My Dark Room.

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Meet Elizabeth Scotty. She is a 10 year old girl that had a twin. Her mother loved her twin until she died. After Elizabeth's identical twin, Olivia Scotty, died, her mother began hating Elizabeth with a burning passion. When ever her mother was happy she would call her by her sister's name. Her mother locks her in the "dark room" as punishment. Elizabeth lives in fear for years until the whispers of mysterious creatures begin to comfort her. Elizabeth can not see the owners of the thousands of voices she hears. She think they are angels sent from heaven but she will learn that they are anything but angels.

Chapter 1 (v.1) - My Dark Room.

Submitted: December 20, 2012

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Submitted: December 20, 2012



She grabbed my arm tightly and dragged me down the hall. I tried fighting her but it was no use. Her angry and harsh words flooded my mind. When we got to a black door, she opened it and threw me in it. I could feel steaming tears flowing down my cheeks and onto my knees. It was pitch black. This room had no windows and was completely empty. This, was my Dark Room. I was terrified. I was only10 years old and scared of the dark. I had been thrown into the middle of the room. I could feel my breathing getting faster. I crawled back into a corner as quickly as I could and hugged my knees for dear life as I shut my eyes tight and cried. I tried thinking of something happy that could be lurking in the darkness around me. Nothing. I couldn’t think of one nice creature that would be hiding in the pitch black space around me. As I sat there crying, the voices started. That was the first time they started. They whispered sweet, reassuring things to me. I could feel my heart and my breath calming. I didn’t know who was whispering but it sounded like a lot of people whispering. I could feel their warm, caring presence.
When I finally got the nerve I said quietly, “H-hello?” the whispers stopped. They were gone. The warmth and calm that their presence gave me was now gone. The room felt empty, cold, and ruthless. I wanted them to come back so bad. I started crying again. Alone. I was completely alone and vulnerable. I wanted to get out. But I had tried a million times to get out but I couldn’t unless my mom opened the door. I had never seen this room with light. It had always been dark and black. Empty blackness.
I was still crying when I heard a soothing voice say, “Shhh child. Do not be afraid. You are safe. You are secure. Nothing will harm you.” Then the sweet, calming whispers started again. I swear I almost smiled. I had no idea who they were or what they were but they made me feel safe as their warm presence returned. It felt like they were all around me. I wiped my eyes with the ripped bottom of my navy blue dress. I sat in the warm darkness of the room listening to the whispers.

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