The Life Of A Teenage Latina !

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A young Latina who is walking in the wrong direction of things she has Drama at school , home , even in the streets. She gang related and when she tries sticking up for her friend ... Read to find out !

Chapter 1 (v.1) - The Life Of A Teenage Latina !

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012




It was the last day of summer vacation, I was getting my uniform ready for the first day of school and my friend Heidy came over so we could go to the park and hang out and enjoy the last day of summer vacation.

"You ready to go to the park?” Heidy asked , "Yhea , Just let me finishplanchando(Ironing) my pants and we can leave" I said , so as soon as I was done I went to the bedroom next door to tell my mom that I was going to the park with Heidy that I’ll be home later.

*We start walking to the park*

"So you ready for tomorrow?" Heidy asked “I don't know I'm kindanerviosa (nervous) what if no one remembers me?" I said worried, "Hahahaha, Who can ever forget you Lichie (that’s what they call me it's kind of like a middle name) you always making people laugh, But I'm ready you know me!" Heidy said "Yhea I do know you lol!” I said. So when we get to the park us just listening to music on my phone.

We and sit on the swings “Do you think this year is going to be crazy like last year? All the fights, people talking smack about each other never watching their mouth and stuff?" I asked " I hope so last year was fun as hell , girl you know people always talk smack they never stop not even if you give them a good whopping they still aint gonna shut up ! " Heidy said " You never know >.<!” I said with a annoyed expression ,

"Yes I do watch , How much you wanna bet that at least one person tomorrow gonna start drama with someone and there might be a fight " Heidy said , " Girl I’m broke , but if you want to okay I’ll give you a penny " I said laughing " I don't want a penny , I find too much of those under my couch " Heidy said laughing " Hahahaha , wow you lame for that " I said still laughing

" Whatever , well lets go cause it's getting dark and I gotta go to sleep early , but I doubt I’ll get any sleep no one ever does because there so excited that the next day is the first day of school " Heidy said " I know right , that happens to me every time imam excited , like the day of my 5th grade graduation I was so excited that I couldn't sleep " I said with a chuckle " Hahaha , Lichie you just couldn't wait to get out of there ! " Heidy said " I know I was you aint gotta tell me!” I said playfully so she wouldn't think I was being mean “Hmmm “she said annoyingly.

*We started walking back to the parking lot where we speared and went the directions to our homes*

"Aye" I shouted, "What?" Heidy shouted back " Come by my house in the morning so we can go to school together “I shouted back, "Okay, I was gonna do that anyway “Heidy said laughing “Hahaha, okay bye!" I shouted back.

When I got home my brother was in the living room with my sister watching cartoons and I went straight to my room to get other stuff ready for the first day of school I had my earrings ready my shoes my uniform and I couldn't decide what color nose piercing I should take back to school so I just went with the regular blue. :D

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