The Life Of A Teenage Latina !

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - The First Day of School!

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012




My phone alarm woke me up at 6:30 am , I hardly got any sleep with me being excited and I was already us to sleeping late , so of course I was very sleepy but I had to suck it up and fight it .

I got up went to the bathroom used it brushed my teeth and splashed some really cold water on my face to wake me up. I was looking at myself in the mirror of the bathroom to see if any pimples had come up from all the stress and nervousness I had but nothing was there and I was glad , then I was trying to figure out what to do with my big black bushy hair which is complicated to do anything with by the way lol but I had to think of that while I was getting ready for school I went back to my bedroom and put on my Black collar uniform shirt and my Kacky skinnies and my black baby doll shoe. When I was about to go to the bathroom to do my make-up I heard a knock at the door and I instantly knew who it was Heidy there she was in a White collar polo shirt and some kacky caprices.

“Your gonna wear skinnies for the first day of school, Girl it's hot outside put on some caprices or kacky shorts!" Heidy said, " Okay dam, you sound like my mom when say that “I said laughing” Well ima just telling you, and I am your mother " Heidy said sheepishly while laughing to her joke.

I went in to my bedroom and opened my closet and started searching for some shorts or caprices which ever I see first I was going to put on. So I found these cute caprices with cute butterflies coming up the leg and put them on then when I was done I got out and went straight to the bathroom. Heidy came behind me and followed me inside.

" You going to put make-up on , we gonna be late for the bus and I don't feel like going walking it's too hot ." said Heidy " Don't worry I can make my step-dad give us a ride to school so calm down and let me at least do my eye liner " I said impatiently. While I rushed doing my eye liner I saw my step-dad walk by the bathroom door and I shouted at him " Felix " I shouted he turns around and walks back " What do you want?" he asked " Can you give me and Heidy a ride to school please ? " I said with a nice face " Aye Liz , I gotta get to work on time why didn’t you just ask me earlier " he said trying to rush threw the conversation " Because I didn’t think we weren't gonna be in time for the bus , and before you say that why I didn’t wake up early I did I just had to go change and stuff and you know me I get distracted easily in my own thoughts " I said laughing " Okay , well hurry up you got 2 minutes " he said looking mad . So I rushed to do my other eye and I was surprised that it came out perfect then I ran to my bedroom got my back pack and me and Heidy went running outside to the car.

When I got outside the hot wind hit me in the face and I go like " Ohhhhh hell no it's to fucking HOT!, hold up let me run inside again were its cool " I said " No we don't have time for that you step-dad is about to leave and were going to have to go walking" Heidy said and grabbed me by the hand and took me to the direction to the car. When we got inside it was cool in there and we both let out a sign of relief. When we got to the school parking lot we didn't want to get out the car for 2 reasons 1. It was cool inside the car, and 2. We were both nervous. But we got out anyway and headed to the school lobby.

Once we entered the school lobby a gush of cold air hit us right in the face , Then we headed straight to the office to see if we needed excuse notes but they said to go right on ahead and go to homeroom , We got out of the office and starting walking towards the 6th grade hall .

"Lot's of memories in this hallway " I said " I know right, that's where the officer arrested Kanaya and slammed her to the ground because she swung at him " Heidy said laughing " Hahaha I know right and that’s when everybody started running to come see what the fuss was all about " I said " Yhea we had some good ass memories here " Heidy said. I didn’t reply back because she knew I agreed with her then we made a right turn to the stairs and started walking up to the second floor of the school it all looked weird to us because we barely spent time up there when we were 6th graders we only passed by just to go to our electives . When we went through those doors reality hit us and it finally sinked that were 7th grader "whose homeroom are you in?" Heidy asked “Mr. Goodman and you?" I said “Mrs. Templeton" Heidy replied” Ohhhhh, well I guess I’ll see you at lunch okay “I said to Heidy and walked away.

When I got to my homeroom door I opened it and walked in , everybody stared at me I hated when they do that I had some old friends from my homeroom last year in my homeroom again and that made me feel great. As soon as I saw my best friend Mizraim sitting in a nearby table he had an empty seat beside him I figured he saved it for me sense we already knew we had the same homeroom. " What's your name ? " said Mr. Goodman interrupting my thoughts " Lizbeth Noyola " I said

" Nice too meet you Lizbeth , now would you please pick a seat and sit down " Mr. Goodman said . I picked my seat and sat down next to Mizraim " Hey , Lichie " Mizraim said " Hey , Mizra " I said annoyed " Why you late ?" asked Mizraim curiously " Because I had to do my make-up and I had to change my pants " I said " Why you had to change pants? " said Mizraim with a confused look " Because I was going to wear skinnies and Heidy told me that it was hot outside so I went back to my room and put on some caprices" I said still annoyed by all the questions he was asking me

" ohh " said Mizraim " Yhea" I replied " Shaking my head at chu Lichie " Mizraim said laughing , and I just looked at him and laughed too. Then we shut and payed attention to what the teacher was saying we did our work and then handed it out to the teacher while walking out his classroom.

We mostly went thru the same routine with all our classes just review work and such. Then finally lunch period came we went down to the lunch room got our lunches and sat down in a table. The people that sat down with us were mostly people I already knew and was good friends with except for this one girl who kept talking to Mizraim I actually got a little jealous because I liked Mizraim at the moment and this girl just appeared out of nowhere with her pretty hair and stuff and then sat down on our table Mizraim introduced her.

“Everybody this mi prima (cousin) Tamara” Mizraim said, we all waved at her and of course I felt slow because I thought she was just a girl not his family. So we all just ate our food and conversated on how our vacation was and who went to the beach and stuff , and while we was having that conversation I notice a few things about this girl Tamara she was cool and she acted an awful lot like Mizraim and that is cool to sense they cousins. When we were finished with our lunch we went to go throw it to the trash and we used the restroom and all that stuff our next classes passed by quickly then the end of the day came. They called my bus same from last year 101 and I headed straight to the buss lobby but on my way there I saw Heidy I cached up to her and we talked “So how was your day?" I asked “It was AWSOME! And yours?" Heidy asked with a smile " My day was GREAT " I said and I told her about what had happened at lunch and stuff she just listened while we were walking towards our bus and we sat down next to each other " It sucks that we have homework thoo'" Heidy said " I know right but we already knew they was going to give us homework, the 6th graders are so lucky " I said " Yes, yes they are " Heidy said laughing. The bus took us home and we went straight home I was so tired that when I got home I went straight to my room and took a long nap ^_^ zzz

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