The Life Of A Teenage Latina !

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - Not Cool?

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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Submitted: February 28, 2012




Well it's Friday today and also the second day of school I just can't wait to get this day over with most of my classes were exiting but I was more excited for the end of the day because imam going to hang out with my cousins and party some gangbangers which I know is not a good idea but they pretty cool to hang out with except for the using drugs part & driving very fast away from the cops they find it scary but I kind of find it very fun for some reason I guess when you feel that rush that you are about to get caught with the wrong people is such a rush to me plush everybody in the car are stoned except for me because I don't do drugs and that’s a fact.

So when the school day is over me and Heidy get out of the buss we start walking towards my house “So what day is it today?" Heidy says “Umm Friday duhh!" I say “I know that “Heidy said " Then why you asked what day it was?" I said with a confused look, "It's our 2cnd year annersary being friends!" Heidy said looking mad “Ohhhhh I knew that, happy 2cnd year annersarry Wifey!” I said with a smile " Happy Anniversary too you too, but it's too late now!” Heidy said "Okay mahh bad , but you would've forgot too if you had a lot going on in your head " I said " ohh yhea like what " Heidy said " Drama , stuff at school , problems at home " I said " Ohhhhh , so how you feel about your cousin going to live with her boyfriend ?" Heidy asked " I think it's unfair I don't even get those benefits & she's my age “I said starting to get worked up

” Okay girl but don't take your anger at me, I aint the one leaving!” Heidy said “I know girl and you how you feel with your sister getting pregnant at 16 and moving in with my cousin?" I asked " Girl I feel good , shoot I have a room to myself now except now that she left I have to do a lot of chores , but I’m still aight thoo " Heidy said "okay Heidy " I said laughing at her .

When we got to my house no one was home so I knew my mom had worked today , the first thing we always do when we get to my house is go to the kitchen and wondered what my mom cooked or what's in the fridge.

“What did your mom cook?" asked Heidy “Umm some chicken with red mole sauce on top" I replied” Is it spicy?" Heidy asked “What chu think! With you white Mexican self." I said laughing " First of all I’m not Mexican , I’m Hispanic get it straight and I don't eat spicy food like that " Heidy said annoyed " Yes , I'm aware of that " I said still laughing .

We both continue laughing then we just got our plates and served our self’s some food and heated up some tortillas. Then it was time for Heidy to leave when she left I had to stay outside and wait for my brothers bus to pass, when his bus did get here he got out and screamed "Lichie” said my brother “Hey Jeovani, how was your day at school?" I asked "It's was good, but we don't have school tomorrow " Jeovani said sounding disappointed

“Yhea I know “I said we both walked inside the house and we just sat down and watched some TV.

Then the phone rang “Hello" I respond “Aye Lichie” said the person on the other line and I recognized who it was, it was my cousin Lorena “What Lore?" I said "Start getting ready at 7 so we can go pick you up " Lorena said "Okay I’ll start getting ready now then " I said eagerly " Aight bye " Lorena said " Bye " I responded back.

When we hung up on each other I looked at the time it was 5:23 in the afternoon as soon as I saw the time I got up took a short shower and put on a red mid way shirt and some very tight ripped pants which I loved and my black baby doll shoes , then I did my make up just my winged eye liner and some mascara and on my lips CarMax , now my hair was a big challenge I don't remember what I did to make it stay down I know that I put globs of gel on my hair then I brushed it until it was down and put a head band on and that’s all I was ready for the night.

While I waited for my ride to come pick me up I also was waiting on my step-dad to get home soon but I thought he was going to get here before my ride did and I was quite impatient about it, while I was busy being impassion I heard a honk outside my house and I’m thinking "ohh, no my ride is here". I went outside to go tell them that my step-dad wasn’t home yet and that I guess I wasn’t going of course I felt embarrassed about that but I had no choice but to tell them I wasn't about to leave my brother all by himself so I walked out to the car "Aye mah bad but my step-dad aint " I said embarrassed " Hmmm , so you just made us come all the way over here for nothing just wasting' gas " said the driver I didn't even know him but I knew I wasn’t talking to him I was talking to my cousin Lorena " Hmm, well Lichie next just call me before I get to your house ok " she said sounding mad " Aight I will , bye " I said rushing back to my house . When I got inside I looked out the window and I actually felt a little happy that they were waiting for me.

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