The Life Of A Teenage Latina !

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Chapter 4 (v.1) - Well What Do You Know! Surprise, Surprise?

Submitted: February 28, 2012

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My step-dad pulls over in his white car and I’m thinking " Were the hell have you been , I bout to go off on you " I thought  ,  Yes I was pissed because he made me look like an idiot in front of some homeboy I didn’t even. When he walked inside the house he said “Who are those people outside?"  " My ride , there waiting for me because you got here late " I replied mad " Well I had to stay a little longer at work , but you can go now and Where Yaritzi?" he asked worried " I don't know I thought she was with you , but she's probably at my uncle's house " I said  " As you can see she's not & okay ima going to go look for her " he said  , then the people outside were beeping for me to come out  " I'm coming " I yelled at them " Don't forget to take Jeovani with you and I gotta go bye " I said to my step-dad as I headed out the door. When I got to the car we left my house, "What took you so long?" asked Lorena " Mahh bad I was telling Felix were Yaritzi was at " I replied " Ohhhhh, If you told him she at my house you wrong" Lorena said laughing " Hahahaha, naww I told him she might be at mi tio Mingo's house" I replied " ohh, okay just making sure" Lorena said.

The whole ride to the party no one was talking we were just listening to some gangster song in all volume so if our car was passing by another car beside you could hear what we were listening to. Then we got to our destination we were at skyline some apartment where there's always a party non-stop , We got off the car and went inside the party we greeted everybody there specially the leader of the gang which to mention me and my cousin where in , yup we are CholasI guess lol , " Was gud Sandra " me and my cousin said "Nothing much , pero are ya gonna get drunk today or what ?" she asked " Hell yhea " Lorena said " And you Lichie?" asked Sandra " Naww , ima get tipsy thoo' " I said " Mmm ,ok , at least you drinking that’s all that matter" said Sandra then we headed inside Sandra handed out beer to everybody we started drinking then the music got good so boys started asking girls to dance but we don’t dance facing each other we dirty dance that’s what most people call it but in our language is called  Perreando  (it's mostly girls grinding on boys ) 

Then this boy that I us to go out with , (Which by the way I hate) was just looking at me the reason I hate him is because when we went out he cheated on me with 2 girls ever sense I found out I despised him I couldn't stand him , every time I saw him I just got so mad that I felt like if he ever came near me I would just punch him in the face. So when I saw him I just got mad and I could feel his eyes staring at me then my cousin Anna got to the party with her boyfriend Trucho and they had bought some weed to the party, then he asked a couple people if they wanted to smoke and they followed him outside, then my cousin came over to me.

" You okay Lichie?" Anna asked " Yhea, I’m straight" I replied "Ora, well do you want to smoke so you can relax a bit " Anna suggested, I don't smoke but I have tried it before but I didn't like it as much because I kept coughing but I said yes just to get out the apartment and away from that boy (BTW: his nick name is Blackey). When I was getting out the apartment I felt him following me out and watching me I kind of felt creep me out but I just ignored the feeling and continued following my cousin. When we got to where her boyfriend was He said " Hey Lichie" , "Hey Trucho" I said " I didn’t know you smoked" Trucho said with a confused look " I don't but I just had to have an excuse to get away from Blackey" I told him " Ohhhhh , that’s mest up what he did to you thoo' " Said Trucho " Yhea I know , but I don’t want to talk about it " I said quickly changing the subject.

" Let me hit it" I told him , he passed me the blunt and I just inhaled one sip and to tell you the truth it did relaxed me but I wasn't coughing as much like the first time I tried it , then I felt arms around my waist and it was Blacked I don't remember much but I know that we started fooling around and then we got somewhere quiet and dark we were beside the apartment where the cars were and we were alone outside. We started talking “So, you go with that Karen girl?" I asked him “Yhea I do " he said I was surprised he didn’t denied it because when we went out he denied me all the time when people asked him do you go out with Lichie, he would always say "NO" that actually got me mad just by thinking of it " ohh, Why did you have to mess things up when we were going out?" I asked.

“What chu mean?" he said with a confused look” Dude, Don't act stupid you know exactly what I’m talking about" I said with anger in my tone “No I don't know what you’re talking about, DUDE! he said laughing " It's not funny Blackey , I’m serious" I said sternly "Okay I’m sorry " he said " Hmm , You still haven’t I answered my question " I said sounding annoyed " I never cheated on you , idk who told you that " he said.

" My cousin told me duhh , you and her are best friendKe noo' I aint never  (right) " I said  " yhea , but she was lying though' I would never do that to you and I’m sorry baby if I ever hurt you in any kind of way" he said in a sedusive way , when I heard him say baby I felt little butterflies in my stomach and I blushed " Okay sure" I said trying to hide my blushing and out of nowhere we kissed , I felt weird kissing him because I never did when we were going out and I was surprised how he kissed and I felt stupid the way I was kissing him after that we just continued our conversation like nothing happened and then we kissed again I don't know how many times we kissed I think like 4 or 3 I didn't count because I was simply living the moment.

When we finished doing that we headed inside the party when we entered my cousin Lorena looked astonished at me I just blushed and sat down beside her , then this good reggeton song came on and Sandra started putting girls with boys to dance she was deciding which girl would dance with which boy she choose , then she pulled my hand and stud me up and then she reached her to Blackey and I was a little nervous dancing with him but when I got into the rhythm I was grinding on him we were just going by the beat , when the song ended it was time for me to leave home so as soon as the song ended I walked straight to the door following my cousin we got into the car and we headed to my cousin Lorena's house because I was going to spend the night at her place when we got to her house we said good bye to everyone .

Inside the car and headed inside her trailer house and she went straight to the bathroom and I went to her room I had slept over many times so I already had sleeping clothes and party clothes there and my cousin always kept my clothes in a stack inside her closet , so I went straight to the closet picked out my pajamas and changed then I got some toilet paper and some make-up remover and removed my make-up , When my cousin got out of the bathroom I went in and used it , when I came out she was already laying down the light were off , I just layed down beside her

" So you was making out with Blackey?" she asked even thoo' she already knew the answer

" Yhea , I was " I responded

" Hmm , just don't fall for him again

" she warned me " don't worry I won't" I said in a annoyed voice then I rotated to the other side , and all I did was think about what had happened today I also thought of what Lorena had just told me I knew she was right but I al knew she had warned me to late , I had already fallen for him HARD to I couldn't take him off my mind I dreamed with him that night.

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