The Life Of A Teenage Latina !

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Chapter 5 (v.1) - Not A Word

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



The next day i woke up to my cousins phone ringing.

"Lorena answer your phone" i said

"Hello" Lorena answered

"Tell Lizbeth to get ready to come home i'm going to go get her in 15 minutes" my mom said

"Ok bye" Lorena said and then hung up the phone.

"Lichi your mom said to get up and get all your stuff ready cause she coming to get you in 15 minutes" Lorena told me

"Ok" i said

I got up to go to the bathroom and i used it brushed my teeth and then got out and put on my shoes and jewelry that i had worn the night before and waited for my mom outside the porch. When i got out the summer breaze hit me it felt good not to hot and not to cold just right i stood there just looking down the street until i saw a gray durango truck.

"Hey" i said to my mom while getting in the car

" Hey , did you have fun yesturday at that party?" my mom asked

"Yhea it was okay" i said with a smile remebering what had happened that night 

"Ohh good to hear" she said

"Yhea , soo why you came to pick me up so early didn't even let me sleep well" i said 

"Because i need to go to the store and do some other things also" she said starting to get annoyed

"ohh okay but i'm going straight to my room and sleep" i said 

"ok" my mom said. Whe we arrived to my house i went straight to my bedroom and fell asleep fast i guess i was still tired or just sleepy sence we got home around 3 am. When i woke up it was noon it also was getting a little dark outside.

I got up and looked at the time 7:53 pm Wow i sleep a lot i got home like around 8am anyway i felt dirty and sweaty so i grabbed my towel and headed towards the shower. When i got out and i went to my room and got dressed i had a orange shirt with some white pants that looked like pajamas to be honest they we comfortable. When i got out i saw my mom was in the living room watching Tv so i walked over to join her. 

We were watching this telenovela in spanish we had a good time but then i saw in the tv this lady cooking something yummy and just instantly got hungry so i got up went to the kitchen and just heated up some mole and some rice and also some tortillas and ate some chicken mole. While i was eating my mom came in the kitchen

"Are you going to school tomorrow?" she asked 

"Yhea why?" i replied 

"Ohh, because im going to go pick you up early . I need someone to take care of your sister and i figure you just started school so your probably just going over reviews." she said 

"ohh okay, Why don't i just not go to school that'll save you some gas" i said laughing 

"Alright then" she said 

"Ohh you for real i was just playing put okay" i said with a laugh 

When i finished eating i made the dishes and went to go do laundry so i wouldn't be doing laundry tomorrow so i filled the washer machine and let it do what it do lol. Then i went to bed and i know for sure that my mom did the rest because she had to so laundry also. 

My mom woke me up at 6am

"Wake up and get dressed to go to school" she said 

"What i thought you said i wasn't going to go" i said confussed

"Well your aunt is taking care of Yaritzi so now you can go to school" she said 

"uhh okay " i said mad 

I got up took a shower and put my uniform on and headed towards my bus stop while i was walking i was thinking "Omg he's going to be at school and he had told me he was going to break up with his girl and stuff Yay! i thought im so courny i said to my self.


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The Life Of A Teenage Latina !

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