Dark Heaven : 01

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Where do you go when you die?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Dark Heaven : 01

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Submitted: April 04, 2013




Chapter 1

The world of Liezearth was created between Heaven and Hell, a purgatorial place of the unjudged. A terrial planet as large as Jupiter with numerous planet-like moons and revolves around a triad-star system. Liezearth was intentionally made as a temporary world for human souls waiting to be judged or to be reborn into the real world, but soon it became a battle field for angels and demons away from their mother realms. Angels who lost their grace, their peace of mind, and demons who seek more greed journey to this forsaken world.


This world was mythical and harbored different creatures, plants, vegetation and even paranormal beings. With the vast amount of spiritual energy left from its creation, this world soon materialized human souls to their physical form, made out of flesh and blood humans tried to live as they once did. Bodies made out of spiritual energy it had absorbed from prayers and from excess energy spread throughout Liezearth.


This artificial body would only age upon its death. One Reincarnation of a soul would toll five years in their appearance. Immortality with a cruel price, Reincarnation takes three sun-days and then the soul re-materializes again losing a great amount of spiritual energy it had once had. One sun-day is composed of seven straight days without night time; its opposite is the dark-day which is a seven days out of the triad-sun's light.


Dark-days are not that dim, due to the massive numbers of planetary blue moons around Liezearth, it made its night time as half as bright as a sun-day. The only difference is the black color of the sky and the freezing temperature.


Humans avoided unfamiliar territories of other creatures to evade dispute and their own demise. Simple minded creatures who only knew to survive until their time are up. They soon developed tools and raised structures for shelter; their advancement was much faster than any of the creatures in this world. Science and technology grew rapidly with the immortality lifestyle of inventors and scientist. The human settlements expanded quickly as their number increased.


Large metropolitan cities rose up from the ground with space breaking technology. Like mountains of light, these cities had a population of a small country from the real world. The innovations of humans had no limit and they could take over the whole planet as the dominant creature, but it was just their conclusion not knowing what was coming their way.


The peaceful planet of Liezearth soon witnesses a dramatic change of landscapes once the Arc Gates activated one after another. Structures that came along as this world was created, large half circular gates made out of rocks or crystals depending on the surrounding minerals.


Low kinds of demons first arrived and battled against each other for spiritual energy, devouring on each other made them stronger and soon they went all over the land killing every creature with this energy including humans.


Cities and villages fell under the jaws of these demons, this demented creatures slowly begun increasing in number as they found more creatures to devour other than their kind. Areas around demon gates rotted away from the negative energy emanating from this demon bearing grounds, the stench of hell creaks and vibrate the atmosphere into something only a demon would prefer. Black mist from negative energy surrounded these gates, killing any plant and creature it touches.


Heaven soon noticed this holocaust in Liezearth, this world was slowly undergoing its destruction. A few of Heavens High Elite Angels soon fled to Liezearth and activated the untouched Arc gates and made it as their own by purifying it. With these Arc gates linked to the gates of Heaven, it was faster to disperse angels to fend off the demons and return peace in this world.


Wars and battles soon started which had worsened the condition of this behemoth planet. Humans caught in the middle died countless of times making their appearance older and older. The human civilization would have to start from rubble again whenever this beings fought against each other.


Having enough of their deaths, human inventors and scientist went underground and made space transporters. It took them a century or more to perfect a one way ticket away from this war thorn planet and into its blue moons. The technology was spread throughout every human colony and soon they left the planet for good in the year 0945. At least one transport ship landed on each of the dozens of moons and human life started again.


There were a few humans who stayed on Liezearth especially scientist who were trying to understand how Angels and Demons manipulated their spiritual energy. Their existence was unknown and they made their research in the dark. Soon they were nothing but shadows who were watching the battle between Divines and the Corrupted.


Grims, celestial beings born from the shadows of Heaven. Spirit like entity that travels across worlds to bring the dead back to Liezearth. Unranked and unnoticed by angels and demons, they drift everywhere with a watchful eyes. Neutral in state, they could care less about anything as long as they perform their duty.


The real world was created as a paradise for human souls to live away from anything else related to the spirit world. But once this peaceful life of theirs had ended they have to go back to be judged and Grims make sure of it. Grims are considered as a God of death and time in the real world.


Human souls who had came back to Liezearth or on its moons would lose all social memory they had once had. Family, friends, or even strangers they had met in the real world would all be forgotten. They would still know themselves and everything they had learned in the past. Their human form would be as the age they had died, but some who had died quite young or old would often turn back to their teenage years depending on how much prayers are said for their sake.


Humans survive by planting crops or hunting creatures or animals present. In these ways they could absorb more spiritual energy, the more energy they had the harder they would perish away. If a human soul lost all the energy it had before it would be judged it would turn into nothing but as energy found all around, becoming one with this world permanently. Gaining too much energy would attract the attention of other creatures and beings, humans did maintain a safe level of energy they possess for their safety.


The war on Liezearth never ended but it grew and grew as more demons were attracted by the negativity of the killing and fighting. More high ranked demons soon arrived to taste the blood of humans and angels and having a desire to rule this world. The Angels were on the losing side as their numbers were being diminished slowly. Heaven could not send much reinforcement to aid its army on Liezearth, most of the souls here are already peaceful and wouldn't want to be tainted by hate again.


It was soon announced to all fallen angels that they could redeem themselves if they take part in this war. These angels hiding in the real world or among the humans in the moons of Liezearth began appearing one by one. These are angels tainted by any negative emotion or boredom of the peacefulness in Heaven that they were exiled.


Not all fallen angels wanted redemption, they joined this war for just one reason and that reason was to feel needed again. To find a reason for their existence, something they had lost when they found perfect peace of mind. They were born to fight and to prove there is more to it than what they had achieved.


Recruiting human souls with high amount of spiritual energy had also been considered if they accepted their roles as a Divine. Righteous humans quickly accepted the offer, to fight for what was right and to be able to fly was just hard to resist for some who admired the Angels.


It was not the case for some humans who had malicious thinking; their souls would be dragged to hell instantly when their thoughts became tainted and would be reborn as a demon, their left rematerialized body would turn into black ashes. Soon they would journey to Liezearth and fight for their own greed.


For the good and judged, their souls would be transported to Heaven instantly leaving their rematerialized body to puff into white mist. But for those who are to be reborn back to the real world their body would slowly fade away and turn into white ashes.


Humans who are judged would be forgotten by everyone who had encountered them in this temporal world.


The War soon became a battle for balance rather than for a perfect victory of each side, absolute good was unattainable while hell exists and absolute evil will not be allowed by Heaven. The eternal war was nothing but a cycle where Heaven had everything at stake and for Hell it was everything to gain.


Year 1475, number of years since demons and angels started fighting each other.


In the valley of Seonn, a wide plain sea of sand between two mountain ranges, a huge stone fortress was in blaze. Grey skinned low ranked demons covered in black thorn capes swarm at every entrance of the fortress to fend off a brigade of angels trying to infiltrate their fort. The demon held rusted blades and maces as they dashed against rows of marching shield bearing angels.


The formation of the dense armored angels was not broken as every wave of demons attacked. There was just no way for these newly arrived demons could scratch their shiny silver shields, their spiritual energy was not that enough to impact an injury. These demons with red glowing eyes had lost their state of mind that they only know is to kill and to devour spiritual energy, like mindless beings they charged even if they had no chance. This killing lasted for a couple of hours.


Geovanne, covered in gold decorated heavy armor hovered with his quad-angel wings above the battle ground as he watched his men slaughter every demon in their way. Beneath the fortress was a Demon Gate and they had to seal it before a high demon would be born in it. It had been reported two sun-days ago that a high demon was spotted crawling in a nearby field. Geovanne would not accompany his men in such a low ranked missions but the risk of encountering a High demon could wipe out his brigade.


“General, our infiltration team had already entered and is making their way to the Arc under the fortress.” Softly spoke by an angel in silver armor who flew with two white wings at the back of Geovanne.


“Is there a casualty in the assault team?”


“General there is no casualty, we had already surrounded the fortress and there are no more sign of demon activity.” Replied by the two winged angel as his head was bowed.


“I see, activate the cleansing orb immediately.” Lastly commanded by Geovanne and the angel behind him rashes towards the floating cube on the ground. There are four heavily armored angels guarding the cube and as soon as the angel in silver armored arrived they dispersed a few meters away. He placed his right palm against they grey colored cube as large as him and chanted.


“Sy Evange Entra…” After he finished speaking the unseal chant a crack started on top of the cube releasing a strong ray of light towards the sky. Angel troops in the area would notice this signal of cleansing and would reinforce their position not to be blown away by the incoming blast. The silver angel ran towards one of the heavy armored angel near the cube and hid behind him.


The ray shooting out of the cube slowly became thinner and thinner until it disappeared. Silence was observed for a second then a white flash of light broke off inside of the cube covering everything below Geovanne in a white light explosion.


Geovanne did not react but stood there hovering strongly as his cape violently wavering from the impact. He had countless witnessed this cleansing blast that marks the end of an operation. The blinding light disappeared after three seconds and every demon corpse that was on the ground vanished. Even the blood spills and amputated parts were not there anymore. Importantly the leaking negative energy from the corpses was wiped clean.


After everything went back to normal the cube that was once there floating was not there anymore but was replaced by a black orb that soon fell on the ground with a strong impact. It had turned all dead demons into energy and it had absorbed it all. What was left was their rusted weapons and the army of angels who annihilated them.


What was left is the fortress which was still burning in some places, some of its walls and pillars were crumbled a bit. There was nothing more for them to do but wait of the infiltration team to return. The assault team composed of a dozen angels wearing heavy armors and shield and twenty five angles carrying large two handed steel swords. There are also five lightly armored healers and an escort for each of them bearing a shield and light armors, four Orb guards and the silver angel who was second in charge. In command of them was Geovanne.


The infiltration team had five Sealers or Sages along with seven vanguards who would defend them as they seal the Arc. One of the vanguards was just a temporary replacement made before the brigade left their outpost in the western mountains. Geovanne didn't know who this replacement was, his thoughts was on the High Demon.


High Demons have the same energy level as a High Angel and Geovanne was far from that rank. If he had to face such a foe it might take the lives of half of his brigade and it was something he was not comfortable with. It took him months to replace and train some of his men and losing them could make future missions impossible. It was something he was not ready to gamble with.


An angel’s death was same as human, they would be reincarnated after three sun-days and they would lose a huge amount of spiritual energy but when they don’t have enough energy left their body they would be reborn as a human.


The presence of a single High demon could alter the success rate of each mission and if left alone it would grow stronger. Geovanne was stocked in a decision he couldn't make.


Geovanne flew down on the ground where his assault team had formed as they waited for the infiltration team. He looked around to assess his men's condition as his golden boots touched the ground. Their armors are not that damaged the Orb had been sealed inside a white cube once again.


The wind was blowing without the stench of corruption and the dark sky was glittering with blue moons and stars that twinkle. It was a dark-day but the surrounding was bright that he could see all the way to the mountain ranges.


Half an hour later they heard a crumbling sound in the entrance of the fortress, the soldiers raised their shields and swords awaiting what would appear. Geovanne looked towards the large gate and he lifted his arm signaling his men to lower their weapons.


A few shadows emerged from the tall wooded gates and walked towards them, it was the infiltration team. Two of the linen clothed sealers came running towards Geovanne as they saw him.


“General!” They screamed as they went hugging each of his arms. The two girls dressed in white and blue silk clothing looked the same. They were twins and they were a very big fan of the general.


“General it was soooo dark in there… I was terrified.” Myka who was holding Geovanne's right gold gauntlet.


“Yeah! I was about to run back up but none of the vanguards would allow it… it was really creepy down there” Kyla added.


Geovanne could only make a sly face as his brigade was looking at them. “Did the sealing go smoothly?”


“ OF COURSE!!!” The twin replied loudly.


“Who do you think we are? Even if we are afraid we could still do our job properly.” Myka commented harshly with her hands pointing at Geovanne's face.


“ OK… so everything is done, ready yourselves we are leaving in a few minutes.”


“Hey don’t change topic so suddenly!” Myka yelled as Geovanne tried to ignore her.


One of the vanguards approached Myka and whispered. “Don’t talk with the general so openly here." Myka lowered her hand and turned red as she saw everyone looking at her.


Geovanne noticed the vanguard and then counted them. The sealers were complete then when he counted the escorts one was missing. “Kyla, someone is...”


Kyla looked around and counted infiltration team by name. “Wheres Hent?”


“Hent? He was replaced before we left remember?” Myka answered back.


“So it’s the replacement? I don’t even know her name…” Myka was scratching her head as she wondered about it.


“Did anyone of you explain the procedures of our mission to that replacement?” Geovanne loudly asked but none of his men had answered back.


It was the reason why Geovanne never accepted any replacement before departure but that time the replacement vanguard had a recommendation letter he could not deny. He also could not blame any of his men for he was not able to explain it to her either. She was avoiding any conversation after giving him the letter and her face was hidden under the hood of the cape she was wearing.


“What a drag, Vanguard team listen. Go back inside the fort and look for her, two of the healers accompany them. Did I make my self clear?”


“Yes ss…”




A large explosion outburst from the western wall. It was so strong that some of the heavy armored soldiers trampled down to the ground. Geovanne leaped up and flew towards the edge of the front wall of the fortress.


What he saw was a cloud of dust coming from a large hole on the crumbling wall. His men followed running after him.


“Retia!” chanted by the healers, sealers and the angels wearing heavy armors. A sparkling light appeared on their backs forming their dual wings. Angel wings are made out of their energy, the same concept for their halos, it is made up from pure energy and it floats a few centimeters from the back. Their wings can be summoned and be hidden away depending on the situation. Ground combat has no need for wings and a damaged wing could severely cost an angel a lot of energy to heal.


They leaped off the ground and flew to where Geovanne was. They only can see dust, it was quiet and the wind had vanished. The stench of demons soon envelops around them but this time it brought another feeling. The air was dense like gravity was pulling each of them to the ground.


Upon feeling this pull, angels on the ground slowly took a step back while some slowly drifted away. Geovanne was the only one who stood his ground. His men could feel a presence with a hundred times negative energy than all they have slain half an hour ago.


“A high demon…” It was the only thing Geovanne could say.


“Enclo” Geovanne's quad-wings disappeared and he landed on his feet. His body turned sideways as he released his sword from it’s golden sheath.


“Everyone get away from here…” The silver armored angel yelled back as he saw Geovanne unsheathe his sword. It was the sign to evacuate the area no matter what.


His men on the ground could only summon their wings and drift away slowly. It was an emergency command and it should be done without any rejection. Everyone flew far away in a distance where they could only watch what was hiding in the dust.


Geovanne tilted his head to his side to check if all of his men are in a safe distance. He turned to the cloud of smoke satisfied he was alone. It was his first time encountering a demon stronger than him. He was unsure if he could survive it but his pride wouldn't want him to flee. He must stop this demon here.




A shrieking roar echoed inside the mist of dust blowing it away. Soon a dark large figure took place as the dust vanished. Its eyes were glowing red, Blood Lust, Geovanne had heard about it from other generals. It was a trance when a Demons greed for blood had awoken and it would not stop until it’s satisfied.


Geovanne slowly pointed his long golden sword towards the silhouette in the dispersing dust a quarter kilometer away. His eyes were focused on a single target and he knew it would just take seconds for this demon to kill him even at this distance.


The dust settled and a 30 feet tall figure appeared, covered in thick spiked grey skin and it had a large body size. It was not muscular but somewhat obese. It was a demon who boosted by the sin of glutton, its desire in feasting was immense that it had achieved this level. It was also wielding a 10 feet long butchers knife covered in rusting chains. It had dark red blood stains on it and a bit of blue. It was a demon who had already feasted on an angel.


Geovanne could not move seeing such an abomination, a pudge like appearance with dark smogs leaking at every pore in its bulging body. Standing straight it was focused on the hole on the fortress wall than on the golden armored angel. Its crooked teeth grinding upon each other and green like saliva drips upon its wide belly. It had a desired target and it would not take away its reddish blood eyes away from it.


Geovanne could not do anything but to wait for it to make the first move for him to counter maneuver; it was a risky move if he would charge recklessly knowing he had no chance. Watching every inch of movement from the demon, Geovanne's eyes could only tremble as they blink.




The large demon gave out a laud scream as he raised his enormous knife up in the air. Geovanne took a step back and readied himself to counter any assault from it. It swayed his knife to its back and took a large leap and dashed towards the hole. Its speed was not ordinary regarding its weight, like a feather it disappeared from Geovanne's sight.


Not knowing what to do Geovanne pointed his sword to where the demon was a second ago in case it was charging towards him. He couldn't see its movement since it left it sight.




He pointed his sword towards the hole as more dust came flying out the air from the inside. It had charged back to the hole it came from, Geovanne could breathe a little bit for a moment. A small black figure came out dashing from point to point away from the dust covered hole. It got the attention of Geovanne.


The figure stopped after a large distance, it was the size of a person much smaller than the high demon. It didn't waste any time, the figure far away lifted her right arm and pointed her hands towards the hole like a gun.


Geovanne focused his sight at the figure; his perspective zoomed towards the girl’s face. Her tangled hair covered her eyes and her face was full of bruises. He then noticed her lips moving, it seemed she was chanting something he could not hear and read. His vision could not follow the speed of her lips, then for a moment she paused. She then opened her lips saying on syllable sound and he was able to read it.


In his thoughts the word formed as her lips moved. “Bang!”


The sky above them turned white and quickly condensed into one spot above the fortress, with no where else to go the bright light instantly beamed itself towards the stone fortress as a strong gale of wind came along with it.


Geovanne was in awe watching a bright laser like light coming from the sky, he subconsciously stabbed his long sword as hard as he could on the ground. He knew it was a blast spell with a tremendous impact that he unstrapped his golden cape to lessen the drag that would try to push him away.


The beam of light slammed against the fortress in the speed of light, engulfing everything in white. The whole plain was under a blanket of white purifying light, a hundred times brighter than the one from the Cleansing orb. Geovanne's men hovering in a distance were gusted away with nothing to resist the air shock wave. The healers and sealers were assisted by their escorts while the assault angels bearing heavy armors couldn't do anything but to hang on to where the wind takes them.


Geovanne lowered his body to minimize the impact on himself, wearing dense heavy armor he was not worried even though the fortress was just a few meters away. His armor contains recycled spiritual energy that couldn't be absorbed anymore. This recycled energy was harnessed from battle fields by the use of Cleansing orbs, this orbs are then extracted by inventors and blacksmiths to transfer some of the energy to their crafts. It’s defined as Transmutation and it’s the basis of measuring an items strength and durability.


The more energy an item could hold the stronger and tougher it is, Geovanne's armor was tough enough to absorb the impact without him getting injured. The only thing he was worried about was the physical drag that would push him away. Even how tough his armors are it would not protect him from natural anomalies.


He curled down bit by bit as the blast expanded; the pressure from the blast was intense that if he was wearing a light armor like the vanguards and escorts are wearing he would have been wiped out instantly. His shield bearing a huge amount of energy resistance all he could feel was the pressure pushing him down and the vibration around him.


Seconds later everything went quiet, the blasts after effect was nothing but silence. No wind or vibration could be felt, Geovanne slowly opened his eyes under his golden helmet which had a crack on it, it was nearing its limit and the energy on his headgear was practically depleted. A little bit more damage and it could have crumbled into ash. Geovanne seeing the crack above his right eye slowly removed his helmet covered in sand. His boots was beneath the ground and most of his armor had a bit of sand on it. He slowly stood up with one hand holding his defective helmet. The fortress overshadowing him seconds ago was not there standing anymore, what was left was a large crater. His eyes couldn't believe it, the towering stone fort was nothing more but sand and air.


There was nothing left from the bright blast and the high demon’s dense aura also disappeared with it. He could breathe smoothly and the wind came back with clean air from the mountains. It felt like he was in a different place from when he arrived in this demon infested land. But the only thing that reminded him of his mission is when he walked towards the edge of the crater and saw the ivory colored arc gate shinning brightly standing in the middle of the sand filled hole.


He lifted his right arm and slides his wrist guard revealing a silver bracelet with a circular lens center, he used his left hand to press a button at both sides of it. A holographic screen slowly vitalized in front of him, it was a statistical information translator (or SIT) regarding his status and even his equipment. This bracelet was a stolen technology from the humans and the Angels found it very useful because they had no time for technological advancement. Human used this technology to check their spiritual energy level and for medical purposes.


He slides his finger side to side searching for his armor statistics screen, a graph showed all his equipment and his suit. Half of his armors were colored orange and his helmet was red, a sign it had taken severe damage and it was not usable for another mission. His lower armor, boots, shield and his sword on the ground were still in the green status meaning they are still fixable and usable.


He gave out a slight sigh thinking he had to repurchase another set of armors when they get back. He spent a lot of gold coins for his stylish golden armor and he was disappointed it didn't last as long as he hoped for.


“General!!!” From out of nowhere Myka and Kyla came dashing in towards Geovanne and hugged both of his arm. As Myka grabbed his left arm she accidentally knocked of his helmet and it rolled down the crater.


“Ahh! I’m sorry!!! I will retrieve it just wait here.”


“I don’t need it anymore, just leave it.” Myka looked at Geovanne as he said those words. She turned her eyes on the holographic screen on the arm she was holding and saw it was already broken. Of all the brigade members Geovanne had the toughest set of armors and if anyone stayed along with him before the huge blast they would have evaporated in seconds. She couldn't believe their leader barely made it with out any scratch on him, but it made a huge toll on his armors.


From their back a clanging of metals echoed, it was his men walking towards them, it seamed they had taken a huge damage from the blast and their wings couldn't be summoned for awhile. The healers and escorts where still afloat in the air, they were quick enough to fly away but still they took a bit of damage. All his men were more exhausted after that blast than after fighting those low kinds of demons. On the other side he saw his second in command holding a golden cape.


“Accidentally it came flying straight at me.” Muttered by the silver armored angel after giving a big smile.


He handed the cape to Geovanne, the cape had the insignia of the brigade and luckily it was spared.


“General what happened? Where’s the fortress? What had happened?” Questions from his men started to flood him as they where wondering what had taken place.


“That’s the gate we sealed! I know it!” Kyla pointed at the white arc gate in the crater.


“Who knew that something that beautiful could bring filthy demons, if only they could be sealed permanently.” Muttered by one of the sword bearing angel.


Arc gates are indestructible and a seal would be broken eventually, angels have no reserve troops to guard each gate. They also could not purify it once it had been used by demons. Their duty is to seal these gates as they activate, a gate that would be left alone could nourish stronger demons and an angel’s nightmare if a highly ranked demon would walk out of those gates.


Staring at the wide crater where the fortress once stood they could only wonder what had happened.


“Myka use a zooming spell this way.” Geovanne remembered that figure that came out of the hole after the demon vanished from his sight. He pointed his left arm at his 11 o’clock side. Myka looked that way but she couldn't see anything there.


“What are you pointing at general?” she asked.


“Just cast the spell quickly.” Geovanne insisted.


Myka put her feet together then raised her two hands above her head and made a round circle up to her waist.


“Lapis Entre Oz.”


Sparkling light appeared in front of her forming a large glass disk.


“Tadah!” she waved her fingers as the spell was done. Kyla and the others busted to laughter after. “Hey!” she yelled.


“Zoom about 600 meter…” Geovanne instructed. Myka who was distracted by the others soon focused on the circle glass and placed both hands on it. She turned her hand like they were holding a knob each, as she turned her hands the view inside the glass became zooming in at the distance. The details showed by the glass was so clear and numerical numbers soon pop on the upper side showing the distance.


“keep going… more… more…” muttered by the golden armored angel as he focused his eyes for any sign of that figure he saw.


“Turn right a little bit… stop!”


On the screen was a piece of clothing waving from the ground. Myka placed her face in front of the glass like she saw something familiar. She then turned around and saw the same clothing design of the vanguards that assisted them under the fortress.


“That’s her!” Myka exclaimed.


The twins node at each other and they leaped off the ground and flew straight where she is.


“Healers follow them.” Geovanne ordered as he was still looking in the glass left behind by Myka.


“Who are you exactly…” he wondered.


The twin reached where they clothe was and they started digging with their bare hands. Chanting a spell might not help when they had no idea about if she was under the sand and how severe are her injuries. The healers and their escorts arrived seconds later and helped in the digging.


Soon they found her arm and they pulled the rest of her out of the sand. She was barely breathing but she was still alive, covered in bruises she barely made it with only linen clothing left from her light armors.


Th five healers knelled beside her and chanted a healing spell as they raised their hands over her.


“Medi Hanle Estreva En…” A green glow covered each of their hands and the body below them soon was covered in green light. They kept on chanting for minutes and one after another they gave up. Nothing had changed in her and the healers had depleted their remaining energy. If only they were not damaged from the blast they might be able to heal her completely.


“Why is it not working?” Kyla yelled at the healers who just bowed down beside her.


“I’m sorry we don’t have enough energy to spare, if we would use our emergency energy we might not make it ourselves.” One of the healer responded.


“You don’t have to.”


They looked at their back and saw Geovanne standing with his cape back on. “ Kyla look for her silver bracelet.”


Kyla held the right arm of the girl and slowly removed her gloves.


“What? Its… its not silver!” Myka found the girl was wearing a gold bracelet.


“Let me see!” Myka grab that arm and gazed on a more advanced SIT device than what they had. The bracelet had a different material from theirs but the mechanisms and buttons are still the same. Myka slowly pressed the buttons on both side and a virtual pink screen showed up.


The information screen that showed up was the identity sheet.


Name: Nyla Alyn. Age: 18. Gender: Female. Form: N/A. Rank: N/A. Brigade: N/A. Guild: N/A


“Most of her self-information are not available? What?” Myka said in disbelief. They could not find anymore details about her, the virtual screen could only show these details to them. The rest of her status was under lock and she was the only one who could access it.


Geovanne heard what he needed to hear. “You can turn it off, I already know who she is.”


His men looked at him waiting for his next words but. “You two take her back to the stronghold.” He ordered two of the vanguards to transport the girl and half of his men to go along with them.


“Who is she?” The twin asked.


“She will tell you her self when she wakes up, and she owes me another set of armors.” He smiled out of relief and doubts.


“Stingy!” Myka yelled and flew with the rest of the brigade back to camp. Kyla followed Myka still trying to wonder who that girl is.


Geovanne and the rest of his men who could not fly walked back along with the large cube.


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