Enveloping darkness.

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Chapter 4 (v.1)

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Irritation and fatigue radiated through Evelyn's weakened frame as she waited for Alexander's return. His domineering attitude and harsh threats had left her feeling shaken, but she was determined not to become submissive and agree to his every whim. Six hours was all that was left of this nightmare she gently reminded herself. As she softly cupped her stomach, tears stung at her eyes as the baby rolled beneath her fingers. She realised in that moment that she loved this baby with everything she possessed and she would do anything to protect it, including defying Alex. Evelyn winced as the pain in her lower abdomen became evident once more, with each passing hour it was slowly getting progressively worse. Elliot offered a worried glance in her direction, but continued to say nothing.

"When can I leave?" Evelyn breathed.

"When the money is paid, you know that." Elliot replied, shifting on the spot.

Evelyn exhaled deeply as she tilted her head back "Only a few more hours." She whispered to no one in particular.

A loud banging chorused around the room, signalling Alex's return as he threw the door ajar. Alex entered the room with such confidence it made Evelyn immediately nervous. He circled the room quickly, offering a glance in Elliot's direction before presenting a plate of food from behind his back.

The sight of the food made her nauseous, and she immediately put a trembling hand to her lips. She began to wretch as the scent filled her nostrils "I'm not eating that." Evelyn stated.

"You'll do what I say. You need the energy, think about your baby." Alexander smirked.

"I won't eat it. I would rather starve than give into you." Evelyn spat as she placed a hand to her stomach, she was starving but there was no way she was going to give into Alexander's demands. He didn't control her, she wasn't a submissive worker, who would comply to his every beck and call.

Alexander saw the determentation in her eyes and lowered himself to her level "You will eat it on your own, or I will force feed you. The decision is entirely yours."

Evelyn's eyes widened with fear "You won't touch me." She snapped.

"If you think a hunger strike will get you home any faster you are wrong. As for not touching you, if the bruise on your cheek isn't evidence enough, I will clarify, I will do as I please." Alexander uttered as a triumpht smile tugged at the corner of his mouth.

Elliot ushered to Alexander's side, turning him forcefully to face him. They spoke in a hushed tone but it was still remotely audible from Evelyn's distance.

"You said you wouldn't touch her again Alex!" Elliot flustered, before shaking his head and carrying on regardless of Alex's plee for him to listen "You won't touch her, have I made that clear? You cannot just force feed someone because they refuse to eat, what is wrong with you." Elliot spoke, anger penetrating his every word.

Alexander pushed out his chest with a heavy breath before lowering his tone to a vicious snarl "In case you didn't notice, I am the boss here. It's because of me she's here, and it's because of me you are getting your damn money! So don't you ever question me."

"You cannot force her, she's in a vulnerable enough state as it is." Elliot replied as he protruded his chest outwards to match Alex.

"I can do as I please in case you haven't noticed. She is defying me and that is not the way things happen around here." Alexander spat.

"Scaring her into it isn't going to achieve anything, it will only make her more defiant. Maybe if you leave the room, she will eat. I'll talk to her." Elliot replied as he pushed Alex's solid frame towards the door.

Once he had made his exit, Elliot turned to Evelyn and softened his eye "Please Evelyn, you must eat. Think of your child."

Evelyn grimaced as guilt consumed her, her baby needed her to eat, but she wasn't going to give in, she needed some control in this situation. "As I said to your brother, I won't eat it. I'm not hungry." Evelyn lied.

"You know I'm powerless to Alexander, he can and will do as he pleases." Elliot responded, his brows furrowed into a thick frown.

"I won't be bullied into anything, especially not by the likes of him." Evelyn whispered as she nodded her head towards the door. Evelyn knew Alex was eavesdropping, and she was treading on very dangerous ground.

"Then what choice do I have?" Elliot muttered as he rose "You have five minutes in which I advise you to start eating, or Alexander will do as he pleases." Elliot added.

Fear crept up Evelyn's spine, she knew both Alexander's and Elliot patients were wearing thin, but she would not give in, she was holding out the hope they'd let her go. 

The five minute deadline came and went before Evelyn had even blinked. Alexander returned, a harrowing look etched on his smug face. He strode in confidently, medical bag in hand. The emotion in his eyes was hot and volatile, anger formed a prominent line across his lips, leaving Evelyn petrified. He was really going to do it.

"You've left me no choice." Alexander muttered "I can't allow you to become ill."

"But you can kidnap a pregnant woman, and her hold her hostage against her will, your morals are impeccable Alexander." Evelyn replied viciously.

Her words had cut Alexander deeply, and it was abundantly evident by his clenched fists, which were now white.

"Hold her." Alexander barked in Elliot's direction. He moved towards her, sadness and guilt were equally displayed on his face as he forced her head backwards to the appropriate angle.

Alexander removed the tools from his bad slowly and menacingly, allowing Evelyn the time to consider her choice.

"Get off me." Evelyn whimpered, tears rolled down her cheeks as she thrashed and writhed, fighting against Elliot's iron grip.

Suddenly a sharp jolt of pain rocketed up her side and she let out a ear deafening scream. Something was wrong. Something was wrong with the baby. 

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