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As Alice sat on the couch reading her book, she hears a knock at the door. "Hello?" she said. Then she heard from the other side of the door,  "ALICE LET ME IN!" It was Ella. Alice's best friend. As Ella walked in, she stared at Alice. "Still reading I see?" Said Ella. "More then ever." Alice replied. "Anyway girl, do you know what just happened to me?!" Ella said excitedly. "No? What happened Ella?" Ella started jumping up and down in excitement, "I got a dog!" she chimed. "Really? You did? Where is it?" Said Alice in surprise. "Outside, I'll go get him, his name is Prince by the way!" Ella ran outside to the end of Alice's driveway and untied the small brown puppy's leash. Alice stood by the door, watching Ella come back with the small brown puppy. "He's so cute Ella!" Said Alice. "I know!" Ella replied. Alice and Ella walked inside, "My mum isn't home right now, do you want some snacks?" Alice said smiling. "Sure Alice, I'll stay here with prince." Alice got up to go to the kitchen, Ella stayed on the couch. Ella waited and suddenly heard Alice scream. Ella ran with the small puppy in her arms. "Alice?! Alice?" Ella opened the fridge, thinking maybe Alice was pranking her. As she opened the fridge, all she saw was a Purple portal, Ella got sucked into the fridge with the small puppy in her arms as the fridge door shut behind them.

Submitted: January 11, 2021

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spookity the ghost

i wanna live in a fridge it sounds....... c o o l

Wed, January 13th, 2021 4:32pm

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