One Voice

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West Brigde high deicides to make a new soccer feild but a 13year old girl named Jane isnt happy.she was always shy and quite.will she overcome her awkwardness and stop the school?

Chapter 1 (v.1) - One Voice

Submitted: August 08, 2009

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Submitted: August 08, 2009



"Can i have your attention please!"boomed Mr.Martin,the principal of the school."the school will be under construction for the next few weeks.we are makeing a new soccer feild.please try to focus on classes and not get may now return to your classes."the school exited the gym.all eccept jane,marhta,othellia and sarah."t-they cant do this!the would have to tear down the forest!"said the long brunette haired thin girl named jane."im sorry Jane.theres nothing we can do."claimed martha twirling her short blonde har between her fingers.Martha was slightly chubby and alitlle short for her age.espacialy compared to Sarah a tall blonde haired thin girl with glasses."its justa forest,jane!deal with it!"screamed Othellia,an emo girl with jet black hair that fell past her knees."b-but thay cant!trees provide oxogen for us!and its ruining the home to many animals!"cried jane."im sory jane..."said Kathy a red headed girl that was slightly to thin."if you really are that upset then tell Mr.Martin."exclaimed Marhta."i c-cant."said jane.

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